IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-15

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14:55 rch hi cm
15:02 cm hi rch.
15:02 rch cm: 1) is kyle around ?
15:02 rch 2) see pm
15:03 cm i think he is, just saw him walk past.
15:03 cm i'll tell him to hop on the channel.
15:04 cm he's not in his office.  i'll see if i can find him.
15:07 kyle hey rch, mason.
15:07 rch hi kyle
15:07 kyle you have a question for me?
15:07 rch you see mason's recent dev_week commits?
15:07 kyle no, I haven't.
15:07 rch i think you have a pm or two that still needs commited?
15:08 rch and ?
15:10 rch looks like maybe just in
15:10 kyle I didn't realize I hadn't commited, I'll commit that now.
15:11 kyle I'll remove the references. It was something I was trying for debugging. Didn't work out. I didn't realize I'd left references to it in circ.
15:11 rch cool - thx
15:12 rch I haven't had a chance to look at the new stuff you committed.
15:12 rch does it require ccfls templates?
15:13 kyle Nope, I believe I added all the neccessary templates for ClubsAndServices and RotatingCollections to the npl template set.
15:13 rch great!
15:14 rch and, could the 'book club' code be used as a base for course-level reserves in academic setting ?
15:14 kyle I added links to them on because I couldn't think of a better place to put them.
15:15 kyle I still have a few new pages for ClubsAndServices that are ccfls templates only, but I'll put them in. They aren't required to use it, but are nice to have.
15:18 rch well, mason should have the issuingbranch circ fixes committed later tonight (his day starts at 4-5 pm our time)
15:19 rch also, kyle - you use windows machine for development?
15:20 rch can you set your line-endings to unix-style ?
15:20 kyle I use Linux for development, my main editor is joe.
15:20 kyle There, everything should be commited correctly now.
15:21 cm you can also take out the funky line endings with this:
15:21 cm tr -d \\r < oldfile > newfile
15:57 kyle rch I didn't notice your question about the 'book club' code. Could you elaborate?
15:59 kyle I don't see why not, it's the same prinicple as the bulk e-mail list program I wrote. Use ClubsAndServices to define enrollment, and then write in new module or script that does stuff dependant upon that enrollment.
16:00 kyle I would define an Archetype for classes, then one could create Course 'clubs' based on that Archetype, and then you could check to make sure the borrower is enrolled in the correct class 'club' before allowing a checkout.
16:08 kyle if you need any more info, let me know.
11:08 kados paul: I'm answering your email now :-)

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