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15:35 cm hello... is rch or mason around?
16:22 kados rch should be
16:23 rch hi cm
17:05 Lea hi! any news on a 3.0 release date? thanks!
17:19 cm hi rch, i'm back from lunch.
17:20 cm i think the new issuingrules stuff isn't accounting for holidays correctly;
17:21 cm i've been testing, and my due dates are 2 days off,
17:22 cm and there are two holidays in the two-week issuing period (two Sundays).
17:25 cm also, i noticed that uses Smart::Comments;
17:25 cm is that necessary, or is that for debugging?
17:25 cm i commented it out because my test server complained.
17:26 cm i don't have it installed.
17:30 rch ah, yes, just comment out Smart::Comments
17:31 rch is it counting all holidays when it should only count if the returndate is on a holiday?
17:35 cm i think so.
17:35 cm that's the only reason i can think of why it would be over by two days.
17:35 cm i can try adding a couple more to see what it does.
17:37 rch i recall the original code actually did that... extended loan period by the number of contained holidays.
17:44 rch cm: what's the value of your useDaysMode syspref ?
17:44 cm Duedate
17:44 rch yep
17:44 rch try Datedue
17:44 cm ah.
17:45 rch looks like this was changed when module was moved from Calendar/Calendar to Calendar
17:46 cm hmm.  still two days off.
17:47 rch hm.
17:48 rch ok, i'll take a look
17:48 cm wait!  nevermind.
17:48 cm i guess it didn't stick first time i did it.  
17:48 cm it's okay now.
17:50 rch great - bad typo on my part ... i committed Datedue to rel3 & 2_2 but forgot to fix dev_week.
17:50 rch so it seems to calc correctly now ?
17:50 cm yep.
17:51 cm hey, did you happen to see the bug about the marc editor i reported to koha bugzilla?
17:54 cm ah, here it is:
17:54 cm[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1345
17:54 cm i think you and/or owen wrote the section of code where i think the bug is,
17:55 cm but i couldn't figure out what was happening further than that.
17:55 rch hmm- not me.  I don't remember that ever working correctly :(
17:55 cm it worked in the previous version.  :(
17:56 rch in 2.2.x?
17:56 cm no, in dev_week.
17:56 cm the last update was to fix the problem with replicable fields not replicating.
17:57 cm but something broke the warning about which required fields were incomplete.
17:59 cm it still highlights the incomplete required fields, but instead of telling you which ones they are, it says "tab t"
17:59 cm hi owen.
17:59 owen Hi
17:59 dewey privet, owen
17:59 cm privet?
18:00 rch hey owen
18:00 rch we were just talking about[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1345
18:00 owen dewey just likes to show off. He thinks he speaks Russian.
18:00 dewey owen: sorry...
18:01 rch marc editor javascript mandatory tag error
18:01 rch does that work for npl?
18:01 owen Yes, but I imagine we're behind on updates, unless Joshua has been doing them all along without telling us
18:03 owen ...although when I diff the copy on our server there's only one minor unrelated change...
18:03 rch it reports which fields were missing ?
18:15 owen Weird, I was just looking at the log to see what you guys had discussed before I came in, and there's stuff in the log that I didn't hear just now
18:16 kados weird
18:16 kados hi guys
18:16 owen Ryan: Yes, it reports in fine detail which fields were missing.
18:16 owen cm and rch: I believe it was paul that wrote the javascript validation. I've only tweaked it in very minor ways.
18:17 cm odd.
18:18 cm hi kados.
18:18 rch we'll have to do some diffs on the template and script
18:20 owen Shoot, I'm totally not hearing what you guys are saying.
18:21 cm i just tested with opera, same error.
18:22 cm so it's not a firefox/javascript oddity.
18:22 cm iirc i also tested it with the npl template before, and still got the error.
18:22 owen cm, do you have Firefox set up to show you Javascript errors?
18:22 cm no.
18:22 cm good idea.
18:23 owen If it's the Perl script you may not get any, but if it's the Javascript...
18:25 cm is this helpful?
18:25 cm Warning: Unknown property 'mozopacity'.  Declaration dropped.
18:25 cm Source File:[…]s/marc-editor.css
18:25 cm Line: 85
18:25 cm this is from firefox's error console.
18:26 owen Unfortunately that's not significant.
18:26 cm yeah, figured not.
18:28 rch yeah, i don't recall ever seeing js errors.
18:30 cm all i see in the console are a bunch of css errors.
18:30 cm is there any other way to get javascript errors?
18:31 owen cm, you could make the console more readable by clearing all the errors and reloading the page
18:32 owen Otherwise it's filled up with stuff from your other browsed pages.
18:32 owen But it should be accurate in terms of errors.
18:33 owen It's perfectly possible that there are no javascript errors, and that the script is just outputting something unintended.
18:34 cm i did that.
18:36 cm here's something:
18:36 cm Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "'[JavaScript Error: "this._windows[aWindow.__SSi] has no properties" {file: "file:///usr/lib/firefox/co​mponents/nsSessionStore.js" line: 670}]' when calling method: [nsISessionStore::getClosedTabCount]"  nsresult: "0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/browser.js :: PHM_toggleRecentlyClosedTabs :: line 6352"  data: yes]
18:36 cm or maybe not.
18:37 owen Looks like a Firefox internal error
18:37 cm at least it's a javascript error.  ;)
18:38 rch it's here:
18:38 rch missing_mandatory_subfields.pu​sh(f.field_value[i].innerHTML + " (tab " +  f.field_value[i].parentNode.parentNode​,1) + ")");
18:39 rch i don't think it should be parentNode
18:40 rch owen: what's the previous sibling  ?
18:41 rch i mean, how do you reference prev sibling in javascript?
18:42 owen Do you mean you don't think parentNode is the right way to reference it, or parentNode is referencing the wrong thing?
18:44 rch well, if it's not throwing an error, then it's referencing something, (that starts with a 't')
18:48 owen rch, do you think cm's copy of addbiblio.tmpl is different than npl's?
18:48 cm i'll have a look at it.
18:48 rch yes, i think so.
18:48 cm we're using the one from our template.
18:49 cm we used npl's as a basis for it.
18:51 owen Is it up to date with CVS?
18:51 cm it has a different date than the one in cvs, but it's the same size.
18:52 owen There's barely any difference between npl and ccfls... I wonder if it could be something about your MARC structure?
18:53 cm maybe.
18:53 rch owen: i think you are not up to date with cvs ?
18:53 cm any idea what it could be?
18:53 rch can you check your javascript for the mandatory check?
18:53 owen No, but I have a fresh copy of the files on my local machine
18:56 owen There do seem to be many differences between the update-to-date addbiblio.tmpl and the one on NPL's server
18:59 cm do you have any way to test the up-to-date one?
19:00 owen I don't have access to a testing server right now... One of the unfortunate consequences of losing exclusive access to kados ;)
19:01 owen That line about 'missing_mandatory_subfields.push' is one of the differences between the new file and our old one
19:02 rch and how about this one:
19:02 rch         if (f.field_value[i].parentNode.tagName == "B")
19:02 rch what's the diff look like?
19:03 owen What line for that tagName == "B" ?
19:04 rch it's an if() containing the mandatory.push() es.
19:04 rch but in my templates, there are no elements with that attribute.
19:07 owen rch, that line is the same, but the following line is different
19:07 owen The old file has:
19:07 owen missing_mandatory_subfields.pu​sh(f.field_value[i].innerHTML + " ( is B tab " +  f.field_value[i].parentNode.parentNode​,1) + ")");
19:22 rch cm: i'll get a diff on this and update cvs.
19:22 rch rel_2_2 is broken as well
19:25 owen Wow... a 70 minute lecture on Git from Linus Torvalds:
19:26 cm thanks rch.
19:29 cm yep.  wish i could scp these things to my tv so i could watch them at home.  haven't gotten around to building a pvr yet.
19:29 cm too much like work.  ;)
19:45 owen cm: I wonder if it would be cost-effective to pay a genius 15-year-old to build one for you? :)
20:02 cm it's not a bad idea.  ;)
20:03 cm i could get genius kyle to do it, though he's much older than 15.

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