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13:40 hdl owen cm rch : why is issue_date now in items table ?
13:41 owen Doesn't sound right, though
14:48 cm hello all...anybody here familiar with how the item lost status works?
14:54 hdl hi cm.
14:55 hdl What do you want to know ?
14:55 cm are you supposed to set authorized values for the lost status?
14:57 cm i have set some, but the status doesn't show up everywhere.  i don't think it's getting written to items.itemlost when i set it in
14:57 hdl itemlost is 0 or 1 only.
14:57 cm kind of like the item notes.
14:58 hdl you can set a authorised_value but it will contain 1 Item Lost.
14:58 hdl or 0 (default)
14:59 cm i created authorized values of 0 - 3.  we have multiple meanings for lost.
14:59 cm lost in inventory, lost by a patron and paid for, etc.
14:59 hdl .... item lost is Tinyint(1).
15:00 cm that means it can hold one digit?
15:03 hdl A byte iirc
15:03 hdl could be better if it was a char.
15:30 owen cm--are you still there? At NPL we have several authorized values for itemlost as well
15:31 owen For us it's not 0 or 1 only
15:35 hdl owen : I was mistaken because Tinyint(1) is said to be equivalent to BOOLEAN in mysql documentation
15:36 hdl And My experience was with an o character that was not saved in item.notforloan.
15:37 cm yeah, owen, i'm still here.
15:38 cm so it's working for you on dev_week?
15:38 owen The use of itemlost of other statuses is fairly new, so there may still be bugs to be worked out.
15:39 cm yeah, it seems to work on, but the status isn't shown on or, at least for me.
15:39 owen Is Koha displaying the status correctly in some places?
15:39 cm he he, i answered your question before you asked it.  :)
15:40 cm i think it's not getting saved into items.itemslost, but just in the marc.
15:40 cm we had a similar experience with itemnotes.
15:40 owen I mean: it's not working at all, or it's only working in some places?
15:41 owen (Yeah, we don't use itemnotes, so that was never an issue we raised)
15:43 cm it's only working in some places.  if i change the lost status in, it shows up.
15:44 cm i can't change it at all in  my authority list doesn't show up.
15:44 cm i think your template doesn't have those drop-down menus for the statuses anymore, at least not the last time i looked.
15:45 cm it also isn't showing up in search results, but that might be an indexing problem.
15:45 cm i've only just begun looking at the code to see what's happening.
15:46 cm it also isn't displayed when looking at individual items under  The status column is completely empty.
15:47 owen Our copy of has the drop-down lists of authorized values
15:48 cm thanks.  i haven't tried your template lately.  i think i'll try it to see if it works better with yours.
15:48 cm there could have been an update that we missed.
15:48 owen Like I said, this is fairly new stuff, and we had to do a lot of troubleshooting with kados to make it work right. Our seem to be up to date with CVS, so it's not like we've got a different version
15:49 owen I'm not sure where the difference might lie
15:51 cm nope, doesn't work.
15:51 owen isn't showing you the drop-downs?
15:52 cm shows the drop-downs, but they have no data in them?
15:52 cm what's the name of your authorized value list for lost items?
15:53 cm if it's specified in the template i might have to change it.
15:54 cm oops, i didn't mean for my statement three lines up to be a question.
15:57 owen The authorized value is called "ITEMLOST" In our system it's mapped to items subfield 1
15:59 cm okay, i think i see it in the template.  thanks, owen!
15:59 owen cm, see if you can catch kados for more details
15:59 cm okay, thanks.
21:09 chris morning
21:48 rach morning

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