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13:32 rch paul: yes, i agree with the 'expected' language for serials
13:32 rch will make other changes as requested,
13:32 rch and get the sysprefs in updatedatabase
13:33 paul great, thanks.
13:34 owen Hi rch and paul
13:35 paul_away (going to see my bank ;-) )
13:37 rch hi owen
13:37 owen rch, are you getting any inquiries as a result of the meeting Tues?
13:38 rch no, not yet
13:38 rch though i did see a post on open-ils list suggesting interest in evergreen
13:39 owen I think Evergreen will get some attention because of the need for consortium support
13:39 owen Have you worked with Evergreen at all yourself?
13:40 rch only preliminarily
13:40 rch it's not too hard to get the system running, but
13:41 rch putting any data in is not so straightforward
13:41 owen I wondered if Stephen's difficulty in getting it to work was typical
13:41 rch definitely.
13:41 rch it takes a lot of effort just to get all the services running and talking to each other
13:42 owen Have you been working on specific functionality in Koha to address the needs of consortiums?
13:43 rch i've read the ncip docs, and have a pretty good idea of how to implement
13:43 rch i'd like to make that top priority, but so much to do... :)
13:44 owen Yeah... Hopefully NCIP can get some $$ thrown at it if we get some more libraries on board.
13:44 owen It's funny--even some librarians at NPL have this idea that we really need NCIP even though we don't really need it for our resource-sharing system.
13:47 rch so how do you participate in MORE?
13:53 owen We have our server open to z39.50 requests, but we don't let patrons place requests themselves
13:53 owen If we wanted patrons to be able to log in to MORE directly and place requests we'd need NCIP support
13:54 owen That's just a policy decision on our part, though. We didn't want to deal with the number of requests that might result if patrons had direct access.
13:54 owen ...just another one of those barriers to service we erect ;)
14:55 rch anyone know if there's a problem in rel_2_2 if you repeat 090 field?
14:56 rch koha will always assume first 090c holds biblionumber ?
15:53 paul rch : not at all. I have some libraries where biblionumber is in 001
15:53 paul you can put biblionumber & bibliotiemnumber where you want
16:30 rch hi toins
16:30 rch how's opencataloger coming?
19:24 owen rch, you around?
19:57 owen Hi cm
20:04 cm hi.
20:04 cm did you get to try out that patch for the expiry date i made?
20:23 owen Sorry... disappeared for a while. No, I haven't.
20:26 cm it seems to be working here, although i don't know if the cause of the problem is the same for both of us.
20:27 owen cm, I'm curious--where are you in the migration process?
20:27 cm i think some of our patrons were imported without an expiry date.
20:27 cm we are almost ready.  Koha Day is May 21!
20:27 cm training is beginning next week....fortunately, someone else has volunteered to do it.
20:28 owen Hopefully your staff won't need that much training. I think most of the search/circ stuff is pretty straightforwad
20:29 cm yeah, it is.  but our staff has been using a dos-based circ for the last 12 years or so, so it's going to be quite a shock for some.
20:30 cm a couple have never used a mouse!
20:30 owen I was about to ask :)
20:30 cm :)
20:31 cm i have a question...what exactly is 'withdrawn' for?
20:31 cm for temporarily pulling something out of circulation?
20:32 owen No idea. Presumably one of the original Koha libraries wanted that status, but we've never used it
20:32 cm i was wondering.  :)
20:32 cm i suppose we could hide it in our template to avoid confusion.
20:33 owen we did a lot of that in our first couple of Koha versions, but it was a pain to keep up with minor changes at upgrade time
20:34 cm yeah, we've been finding that out already.
20:34 cm have a good night!
20:34 owen Thanks, you too
20:41 chris yep withdrawn is for pulling things out of circulation, 1 step before deleting them entirely
20:47 cm i see.  thanks chris.
21:11 chris damn, just sent a mail to the list with no subject
21:11 chris more coffee needed
22:24 atz withdrawn: the step before "burning"
22:32 chris :)
22:32 chris selling usually

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