IRC log for #koha, 2007-04-25

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13:21 kyle hey all.
13:22 kyle Can anyone tell me how to access individual data elements from $data = borrdata('', $bornum);
13:22 kyle I tried $data{'surname'} for example, but perl didn't like that.
13:24 paul $data->{surname} maybe ?
13:24 paul it's not a hash but a hashref
13:28 kyle excellent, thanks paul.
13:28 kyle Also, do the opac perl files not create lines in koha-error_log?
13:29 hdl opac-error.log
13:29 kyle thanks hdl
09:47 paul chris around ?
09:55 chris for a little while yep
09:55 paul hello.
09:55 chris hi paul
09:55 paul i noticed that on koha ml, your signature is, of course ""
09:55 chris yep
09:56 paul but I don't remember reading an official mail about your move
09:56 paul (on koha ml I mean)
09:56 chris ahh, im not sure if there was one
09:56 paul + what does "VP" mean ?
09:56 chris Vice President, its an americanism :)
09:56 paul Very Professional ?
09:57 chris[…]o-acquire-katipo/
09:57 chris i could do a post linking to that
09:58 paul i think it could be a good thing.
09:59 chris ill talk to russ and mason tomorrow and do one for all of us
09:59 paul ok, have a sweet night
09:59 chris thanks, have a good day
10:00 paul time for lunch in a few minuts. nice odors coming to my nose...

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