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12:33 tumer paul:online?
12:48 hdl hi tumer
12:48 tumer hi hdl
12:49 tumer i thought you or paul might be interested in my recent (today) commit
12:49 paul hi tumer
12:49 tumer it speeds up marcdetail and addbiblio by 400%
12:49 paul why could be be specifically interested ?
12:49 paul wow !!!!
12:50 paul so, i'm heavily interested ;-)
12:50 tumer well marcgettagslib reads 9000 lines all the time while we only use abou 100
12:51 hdl CHEEEERS.
12:51 toins tumer:++
12:51 hdl Congratulations.
12:51 dewey congratulations are in order i hear owen
12:51 tumer so i added a flag to it so it only reads used ones. mysql is very fast with that
12:51 tumer my bencharc with marcdetail jumped to 8.9/sec from 2.2/sec
12:52 tumer you have to check and modify it to head
13:37 rch paul / hdl ?
13:37 paul hhi rch
13:37 paul nice to read you.
13:38 rch goodmorning
13:39 rch have a question for you, if you've got a moment
13:39 paul yes, if you have a moment for me as well ;-)
13:39 rch can you explain differenct/status of old_ and ! old_ subs in rel_2_2 ?
13:40 rch s/differenct/difference/
13:40 paul which ones ?
13:40 paul (subs)
13:41 rch well, theres serialschangestatus and old_serialschangestatus
13:41 rch but the 'old
13:42 rch one looks 'newer'
13:43 paul I'm not sure, but I think old_xxx is something of someone from liblime.
13:43 paul ok, it's someone who was not at liblime when he wrote this ;-=)
13:43 paul I check
13:44 paul mmm... can't find it
13:45 paul hdl : do you know who introduced old_xxx subs in rel_2_2 CVS ?
13:45 hdl no.
13:45 paul i think it was bob or someone from katipo.
13:46 rch yeah, i was looking for a big +400 lines or some such in cvs history, but i don't see it.
13:48 rch oh, ok, i see it.
13:48 paul rch : I confirm, bob, nov, 24, 2006 commit
13:48 rch right.
13:48 paul (that's why 2.2.8 don't use this branch, to avoid such surprises...)
13:49 paul my question now ?
13:49 paul dewey : seen kados
13:49 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 6 days, 18 hours, 41 minutes and 22 seconds ago, saying: I'll try to resolve it today [Tue Apr 17 07:08:01 2007]
13:51 rch yep
13:52 paul we are waiting for some answers & directions from our beloved release manager, and he seems to have disappeared. Our list includes YUI directions, ggsoc mail, and some (few) other things. do you know when he will be back and have some time to spend for us ?
13:54 rch kados, i think, will be largely afk for most of this week, as he's travelling.
13:55 paul :-(
13:55 paul so no directions for YUI before 1 more week...
13:55 paul that's a real shame...
13:55 paul we also should speak of next rel_2_2 release
13:55 paul and so many other things
13:57 rch right - as for yui, i think there is members ready to commit
13:57 paul i'm afraid that recent hdl commit to clean will make some conflicts.
13:58 paul shame on me to have forgotten that we were waiting for some kados commit...
13:58 rch ah, likely.
13:58 paul but a commit for members is all i'm waiting for. and kados promised it to me 2-3 weeks ago.
13:59 rch but i think the work is on hold right now, until he returns
13:59 paul could I know where he is/was ? (just curious)
13:59 rch he's in NYC atm.
14:01 rch yes, we spend too much time on travel
14:01 rch but we like it big over here :)
14:01 paul liblime was looking to hire a sales guy.
14:01 paul do you have one now ?
14:03 rch yes, he's working out of southeastern US.
15:40 kyle hey all
15:42 hdl hi kyle
15:47 kyle I just added a new module for handling Rotating Collections, along with npl templates for it and the previously commited ClubsAndServices, all in dev_week of course
15:48 kyle I'd welcome any feedback from everyone.
15:54 owen Hi kyle, what's the workflow like?
15:55 kyle for which module?
15:56 owen sorry--Rotating Collections
15:56 kyle Does anyone know if there is a quick way to look up and itemnumber by barcode?
15:56 kyle For rotating collections, you create a Collection, then add items to that collection.
15:57 kyle Then, you can set the library where that collection *should* be using the Transfer link.
15:57 owen Re: itemnumber by barcode, there's not AFAIK
15:58 kyle After that, if the item shows up at a different library, upon return, a message will appear telling the librarian that the item is part of a collection and the item should be transferred to the library set on the RotatingCollections::Transfer screen.
15:59 owen Sounds really nice
16:00 kyle Thanks, I realized that we for rotating collections, we can know what library 'owns' and item, what library 'has' the item, but not what library 'should have' the item.
16:01 hdl kyle why do clubs and services donot require admin priv ?
16:02 kyle I couldn't decide *what* parts of clubs and services shouldn't have them. I know that the main page and the enroll page should be available to everyone, but I suppose the create archetype and create club/service pages should require admin
16:04 kyle what do you think?
16:05 kyle also, I was wondering if some library systems have system-wide clubs, or if each branch has separate reading clubs
16:05 hdl I think Clubs ans services have to be displayed for a user.
16:05 hdl But he should/could have to ask a librarian to get into a new club.
16:06 kyle I think ClubsAndServices might need to have some extra code for the IndependentBranches setting.
16:06 hdl (depending on a syspref)
16:07 kyle Each club or service has a publicEnrollment field. If it is 0, a librarian must enroll a borrower in said club/service
16:07 kyle But if it is 1 (true), I would like to add a section to the OPAC to list publicly enrollable clubs and services so the patron can enroll themselves.
16:08 hdl Good.
16:08 kyle I did it this way so that if the library were to offer say an e-mail list that sends the borrower a weekly e-mail of new sci-books, then they can go to the OPAC and add themselves to the mailing list.
16:09 kyle I'm going to write a generic list mailer that will send bulk e-mails of new items based on the items itemtype and/or callnumber
16:10 kyle That way, we have a Mailing List archetype, with itemtype and callnumber fields, and we can create any number of mailing lists under it for Sci-Fi, Western, DVD, or whatever you can think of.
16:10 hdl based on overdus ?
16:10 kyle hdl: I don't understand.
16:10 hdl There is a in rel_3_0..
16:10 hdl you can use it.
16:11 kyle What does it do?
16:11 hdl I was wondering if your generic mailer would rely on the script overdues.
16:11 hdl It is a module that was designed to help librarian with information management.
16:11 kyle I've never even looked at the overdues script. Would you reccomend I use that as a starting point?
16:12 hdl It would be better to try and use ...
16:12 hdl But since it is not in rel_2_2 ...
16:12 kyle Do you think I can backport to dev_week?
16:14 hdl then you would have to create new tables.
16:14 hdl If it is allowed in dev_week, then do.
16:15 hdl Otherwise, look at in misc.
16:15 kyle maybe I'll roll a quick and dirty one now, and rewrite it using when we switch to 3.0
16:29 rch paul / hdl : what's the status of code cleaning for accounts, overdues, fines in rel3?
16:29 paul accounts = I won't do any thing, as I don't know well enough how it works
16:30 paul overdues & circulation = some commits to come
16:30 paul (& a mail to koha-devel)
16:30 paul then, i'll start heavy testing & koha 3.0NZ
16:30 rch i have some work to do on fines in next 2 weeks-
16:31 rch i'll work on dev_week, but i'd like to do it so it's easy to port to rel_3.
16:31 paul I don't think so.
16:31 paul it will have to be manual i'm afraid
16:31 paul (many sub renamed & moved
16:31 paul but maybe diff is better as i think ;-)
16:32 rch yes, well i may use rel3 to start rather than dev_week, depending on state
16:33 rch when do you expect to finish on overdues?
16:33 paul I made a mistake, and have to rollback some things
16:33 paul but i'm tuning & re-reading what I did
16:33 paul otherwise, it's done
16:34 rch so all renames & moves are done?
16:35 paul on I did nothing. but on Reserves/Circ, yes, it's done
16:35 paul (on, naming convention was OK)
16:35 paul is really ... un-readable for me
16:45 rch yes, lots of strange code in that one :)
16:47 paul I think chris should investigate that one. as it's a koha 1.0 module, that has almost not be changed iirc
19:59 tnb owen: you there?
20:00 owen Yes
20:00 tnb did NPL do away with the Book Bag?
20:00 tnb (can you remind me... I seem to recall a decision of that sort)
20:00 owen Yeah. 1. Hardly anyone liked it. 2. It was broken for a long time after we switched to dev_week.
20:01 tnb Right.  Ok , that's what I thought :)
20:01 tnb thanks
20:01 tnb also, FYI, there is apparently some weirdness in IE7
20:01 tnb on the NPL homepage (we are doing some testing and happened to notice
20:02 tnb in case you didn't already know
20:02 owen You're talking about the library home page, rather than the OPAC?
20:02 tnb yep
20:02 owen Yeah, I'm trying to pretend it's not there until the new site comes online ;)
20:02 tnb :) Good plan :)
20:46 chris morning
07:01 atol Hi
07:02 atol I'd like to run some tests with Koha on a shared webserver.
07:02 atol PHP: 4.1.2
07:02 atol MySQL: 3.23.58
07:02 atol Perl: 5.6.1
07:02 atol Python: 1.5.2
07:02 atol Java: 1.3.1
07:02 atol Does that suffice as system requirements?
07:09 atol Mmm, not quite sure this works ;-)
07:20 atol Are there any active members at the moment?
08:31 slef hi all.  Should I direct "Date problems adding new members" to bugs.koha?
08:49 hdl slef : which version is it ?
08:49 hdl 2.2.8 ?
08:50 hdl or dev_week ?
08:50 dewey dev_week is rel_2_2 with zebra ... ie, same API as rel_2_2
08:50 slef 2.2.8 - see koha.lists
08:51 hdl I saw.
08:53 hdl bugs. but should be fixed now
08:53 hdl I am checking.
08:54 slef thanks
08:55 hdl yes.
09:00 hdl bug fixed in CVS.
09:04 slef in rel_2_2?
09:05 slef which file fixed it?
09:08 hdl yes.
09:08 hdl C4::Date
09:12 hdl and hav a look at diffs of
09:41 slef thanks
09:41 slef I'll email a patch if no-one beats me to it
09:41 slef along with a link to my patch instructions

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