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13:39 kyle hey all
13:41 owen Hi kyle
13:43 kyle I'm working on the services/clubs stuff we talked about yesterday
13:50 kyle I just can't figure out how to print out an array of hash references.
13:51 hdl use Dumper ?
13:51 kyle I've never had much luck with Dumper, I'm trying to write the perl to do it with an inner and outer loop
13:52 hdl map{ map { "$_ : $hash->{$_}" } keys %$_} @mylist;
13:53 hdl for sure a foreach my $elt (@array){map { "$_ : $hash->{$_}\n" } keys %$elt}
13:54 hdl would do the job.
13:55 hdl The problem is that you should not use it as such for printing to HTML page.
13:55 kyle this is just for a testing program, no HTML to worry about.
13:55 hdl But you should use <!--TMPL_LOOP Name="mylist"-->
13:56 hdl and pass $template->param('mylist'=> \@mylist)
13:56 hdl in cgi
13:56 kyle here is a bit from the function :
13:56 kyle  my @results;
13:56 kyle  while ( my $row = $sth->fetchrow_hashref ) {
13:56 kyle    push( @results , $row );
13:56 kyle  }
13:56 kyle  return \@results;
13:57 kyle on the calling side I have : my $enrollments = GetEnrollments( my $borrowernumber = 1 );
13:57 kyle but I can't get the data out, I tried both of your pieces of code, no dice.
13:57 kyle any ideas?
13:59 kyle how would you do it with Dumper?
14:07 kyle Thanks for the help, I just used Dumper straight and it worked for me, much better luck than last time I tried it.
14:16 hdl The problem there is that you don't get an array but an array ref !!!
14:16 hdl so you should  have used :
14:17 hdl map{ map { "$_ : $hash->{$_}" } keys %$_} @$enrollments;
14:17 hdl of foreach my $elt (@$enrollments){map { "$_ : $hash->{$_}\n" } keys %$elt}
14:18 hdl But Dumper is cool.
14:25 kyle I agree, Dumper is an excellent tool
16:53 Mitch Is anyone able to help me out on a school project for Koha ILS 2.2.7?
16:55 Mitch I am able to add marc record and search them from the cataloging but I can not run the Z39.50 search nor can I search the catalog for them. TO my understanding they have uplaoded to the resevoir correctly.
16:56 Mitch I am stuck at this point I may have to scrap koha and build my own system.
16:57 Mitch THe basic problem is that I can not get the Records in to the Catalog which I am not sure if once added to the resevoir correctly should they be added to the catalog>
17:02 Mitch I will be back on in a little while same name Mitch I appreciate any help that you may offer
17:02 Mitch Thanks ahead of time
17:10 Mitch back for a bit if anyone has any info on the prior question
17:31 chris hi Mitch, so you have loaded a record into the reservior but havent added it to the catalogue yet?
17:32 chris you need to go to cataloging, search for the record, find it in the reservior add it (fill in any additional info and item info like barcode etc)
17:32 chris then it will be in the catalogue
17:33 Mitch k I will try
17:33 chris
17:39 Mitch thx for the fast responce it worked
17:39 Mitch I am going to be setting up a documented screen shot guide
22:22 slef hi all.  chirs: you alive?
22:23 kados slef: hey there
22:23 kados chris is around I think
22:23 kados but answering a support question atm
22:23 kados should be available shortly
22:23 slef I should be around for at least 90min
22:24 chris heya slef
22:24 slef listening to bbc radio 4 programme for 30
22:24 slef chris: the first URL in the bugzilla 7+ days email is invalid
22:24 slef chris: bet you're glad you said hello now ;-)
22:25 chris lol
22:26 chris ahh we will be shifting the bugzilla at some point, but if you forward me the mail ill go sort it
22:28 slef ah... I just deleted it and I just dealt with the triggering bug
22:28 slef but the URL is
22:29 chris ahh ill go take a look
22:33 chris ah ha
22:49 chris whine email should be fixed now slef
22:50 slef chris: thanks.  Do you have any public details about the marc merger?
22:51 chris i have some screenshots of how its supposed to word
22:51 chris work too
22:51 chris and its almost working
22:51 chris its just mushing tags together
22:52 chris ie if yu have 2 650 tags each with an a and b subfield
22:52 chris you end up with 1 650 tag with 2 a's and 2 b's
22:52 chris less than ideal, so thats what im working to fix, then i should be committing
22:52 chris heres the screenshots
22:53 chris[…]/Workflow_screens
22:53 chris ill take some shots of it in action today, (if i can get it to play nice)
22:55 slef What do the two checkboxes under Select mean?
22:55 slef in the Comparing... screen
22:56 chris ahh thats changed to radio buttons
22:56 chris you toggle which record you want the info from .. and it appears in the text input to the right
22:56 chris (which you can of course edit too)
22:57 chris originally i was gonna try to merge the two (hence checkboxes)
22:57 chris but 1 its not practical, and 2 its not useful :)
22:58 slef would it be difficult to add an intermediate step that can handle >2 records at once: list of checkboxes for each field, then click submit to bring up the editable textboxes
22:58 chris hmmm shouldnt be too difficult
22:58 slef (and so avoid adding more javascript dependency where we should be trying to reduce it)?
22:58 chris yep
22:59 chris i have to get this version out the door for a client who specifically wanted to do it all on one screen
22:59 slef I guess the big problem is trying to decide when to contactenate two records' fields (eg 245$a) and when to repeat the field (eg 650$x)
22:59 chris but then could fix it
22:59 chris yeah
23:00 chris the cataloguers at kapiti basically want to use this more as a replace
23:00 chris so what they do is order a book say, and make a small record
23:00 chris as part of that process
23:01 chris and when/if it arrives replace that record with the full MARC either from national library
23:01 chris or the publisher
23:02 chris so they have a select all toggle at the top, and just select all of one record (then maybe switch a few over)
23:02 chris and at the moment its only working with a record in the catalogue and a record in the reserviour
23:03 slef I think this is a generally-wanted feature. I've got a little money from cataloguers at one of my libraries to generalise the marc merger - either we can do that at TTLLP, or I can pay liblime.  Maybe we should chat off-channel?
23:03 chris righto
01:02 kados hi paul_
07:38 hdl chris around ?
08:16 chris hi hdl
08:16 hdl you work that late ?
08:17 hdl I was not aware that you worked on merging records.
08:17 chris ahh yes, its in testing at the moment
08:17 hdl I have some libraries that would love that feature. This could also be used for z3950 researches.
08:18 chris it has some 'bugs'
08:18 chris but is getting there
08:18 chris yes thats the idea
08:18 hdl But checkboxes are realy helpful.
08:18 hdl Indeed.
08:19 chris you can fix, and add to your existing record with one from the reserviour (which you might have got from z3950)
08:19 chris[…]ator=start&value=
08:19 chris try that url
08:20 hdl Imagine I have Harry Potter in my catalogue with 610$a and bothe want to keep it and take up the values from outer catalogues. This wouldnot be possible if you use radio buttons.
08:21 hdl (I have a 23 libraries network. That would LOVE that feature with checkboxes.)
08:22 chris yeah the checkboxes werent working that way
08:22 chris they were combining
08:22 hdl If both checkbox are chercked, then one would have to create one field for inner library, one field for outer.
08:23 chris not adding a new tag
08:23 chris yeah
08:24 chris the library who are paying for this want a way to basically replace incomplete records with complete ones
08:24 chris so thats what ive nearly finished
08:24 chris phase 2 will be to extend it
08:24 chris to allow for the checkbox feature
08:26 hdl the library who are paying for this want a way to basically replace incomplete records with complete ones
08:26 hdl This could be automatic.
08:27 chris it could be
08:27 hdl with comparing tags and subfields.
08:27 chris but they decided its too dangerous
08:27 hdl But maybe they didnot want that.
08:27 chris they like to see whats happening
08:27 hdl OK.
08:27 chris the other thing they have been doing
08:27 hdl But having all the information displayed is quite uneasy.
08:27 chris yeah
08:28 chris it is tricky
08:28 hdl I think it could be hidden in spans titles or in boxes one could open.
08:28 chris yep
08:28 hdl Most of the time, cataloguers know which information they want.
08:29 hdl and from which catalogue.
08:29 chris basically the bits that count on the merge page are the input fields on the right
08:29 chris thats what the new record is built from
08:29 chris that allows for them to get records from LOC for example, merge and fix the spellings :)
08:30 chris in one go
08:30 hdl this surely is your problem when it comes to "merging fields."
08:30 hdl (checkboxes.)
08:30 chris yep
08:31 hdl Do you think your system could be extended to more than two records ?
08:31 chris potentially yes
08:32 chris in that case it would be adding another step
08:32 chris one page where you choose the fields
08:32 chris and the next with the input forms kinda as a confirmation page
08:34 chris i think i need to draw up some more storyboards/screenshots
08:35 hdl would you put it  on wiki ... Or on a private page  ? so that paul could have an eye on that some day ?
08:35 chris definitely in public
08:36 chris the more suggestions the better it will be :)
08:36 chris as soon as i have kapiti happy, then ill get to work on that :)
08:36 hdl Maybe your album is OK. But some legend would help too.
08:36 chris yep
08:38 chris have you seen
08:38 chris ill probably put it up there
08:38 chris or on the wiki
08:40 chris or both :)

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