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13:13 kyle hey all, is anyone versed in Zebra around?
13:18 hdl hi Kyle?
13:18 hdl Maybe I can help.
13:22 cm kyle:  john wants to meet with us at 1:00.
13:24 hdl kyle: ?
13:39 cm kyle, paul fixed that $1/$i thing in rel_2_2 about a month ago, so it really is a typo.
13:48 kyle hdl, you still around?
13:48 hdl yes
13:48 kyle do you know much about zebra?
13:49 hdl Not much but more than the simple newbie.
13:50 kyle I wrote a script that deletes biblios that have no items, but sometimes when it attempts to delete a biblio I get this message:
13:50 kyle  message: error:  224 ES: immediate execution failed
13:50 hdl how do you try and delete.
13:50 hdl There is a special process for delete.
13:51 kyle using DelBiblio
13:51 hdl You have to get the record and then delete.
13:51 kyle check out the file
13:52 hdl paul : you fixed a problem in Delbiblio didnot you ?
13:52 kyle I'm passing it the required parameters, and for many biblios it deletes just fine.
13:58 owen kyle: we get a similar error when we try to delete records which have a corrupted MARC record. kados could supply you more information
13:59 owen We end up having to manually delete the information from biblio, bibliosubject, biblioitems, etc.
13:59 kyle that's fun ; \
14:00 cm i wouldn't be surprised if we have some corrupted records...kyle, can you tell which record it's choking on?
14:01 owen Yeah, we have a list of about 700 records which are "bad." They're things that will still circulate fine, but they're not searchable.
14:01 cm probably something is missing from the marc that zebra needs for indexing.
14:02 cm we've had problems manually adding records if we forget to add indicators to the title and such.
14:02 kyle cm: run the copy of from cgi-gin, it will give you the biblionumber of the biblio being deleted right before the message.
14:02 cm ok.
14:05 owen biblioitems.marc and biblioitems.marcxml are NULL
14:09 cm i'm looking at one of our undeleteable ones and marcxml is null but there is data in marc.  I don't know if it's correct, though.
14:10 cm kyle, it looks like it's especially choking on the more recent additions to the db.
14:10 cm hope it's not from our marc import script.  :(
14:11 cm there were only 4 or 5 from the earlier section of the database.
14:22 paul what would it mean exactly kyle ?
14:22 paul (what kind of features could it involve ?)
14:24 kyle Here, we have summer reading clubs at the libraries to encourage kids to read over summer break. Basically, it would just involve have a readinclubs table, and another table to connect a borrower with a given reading club.
14:24 kyle basically, it would only really be used for generated statistics about reading clubs, participation, comparisons between libraries and/or different years
14:25 kyle I already have a simple one made, it involed putting a column called summerReadingClub in the borrowers table, and setting it to 1 or 0
14:26 kyle I would like to build something a *bit* more extensible than that ; )
14:27 kyle I can either write it as part of koha-tools, or integrate it into koha. The latter would be far more work, and if nobody would find it useful, it would be better to have it as an add-on anyway.
14:39 hdl kyle maybe it could get integrated with a kind of borrower groups or service subscription.
14:40 kyle ?
14:40 hdl we would have a table of services provided by library that borrowers could subscribe to.
14:42 kyle I think I follow.
14:42 hdl and a field in borrowers listing all the service they subscribed to.
14:42 hdl Could also be useful to have kind of group managing
14:43 kyle you would need a seperate table to connect borrowers to services, but I get it.
14:44 hdl Would a simple field in borowers table not be enough, separating services by comma ?
14:45 kyle it would work, but database-design-wise it would be a poor choice.
14:46 kyle it would be much better to have a table called 'servicesSubscribedTo' with columns for borrowernumber, servicenumber, and any other extra data needed.
14:49 paul kyle++
14:49 kyle columns for dateEnrolled and dateCanceled would be good to have as well.
14:49 kyle thanks paul.
14:50 kyle ; )
15:04 rch_ kyle: i like the 'extensions' approach.
15:04 rch_ it would be good to define a standard way of doing that in koha
15:04 rch_ with a nice one-click install that adds extra tables, etc.
15:05 hdl Could be integrated to webinstaller or extension tools just as in any php apliance.
15:06 kyle I agree, a 'plugins' system would be a great boon to koha. It wouldn't be easy though, because adding features would require replacing template files, and that means one would need to write replacement templates for all available sets and languages.
15:07 kyle but I'm sure we could figure something out.
15:07 rch_ in many cases one could simply add a tmpl_include ?
15:07 rch_ but yes, it would surely be easier to build directly into koha :)
15:08 kyle true, we could add hooks to each page that would call a function embedded in each plugin, and the plugin can decide if it should display something.
15:08 kyle rch, indeed.
15:08 kyle For a good example of a plugin system, trapse through the codebase of wordpress.
15:08 rch_ yep... wordpress++
15:08 kyle A good plugin architecture is built into the system from the ground up.
16:51 spooty i've got a koha metadata question.  anyone around?

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