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12:46 kyle kados, rch you around?
13:19 rch_ hey kyle
13:51 kyle hey rch
13:51 kyle I need a bit of help...
13:52 kyle We need to be able to view items.itemnotes from the returns page. I traced it all the way back to and it's passing everything, including the itemnote but for the life of me I can't get it to appear.
13:53 kyle I'm trying to get a dump from $template->param, but I can't find a good way to do so.
13:56 owen kyle, that's an interesting idea. How are itemnotes being used in your library? Are they being added via the MARC edit screens?
13:58 kyle Basically, our current reserve system is to put a note on an item stating it is reserved, and who it is reserved for. We are going to hold off on using koha's built in reserve system until we make the switch to 3.0
13:59 kyle We aren't using the marc edit screen, we are using to edit notes.
13:59 rch_ kyle: what about reserves don't work for you?
13:59 kyle cindy set it up with the help of either you or kados, I can't remember who.
14:00 owen We couldn't use itemnotes at NPL because we limit who has access to It'd be nice to be able to add item notes from the intranet catalog, though.
14:01 kyle There is a multiude of reasons the librarians find the reserve system currently unusable, first being that it only tells you there is a reserve on checkin, there is no quck way to see a reserve status, and the way  patrons are ordered for a resrve is screwy.
14:01 owen kyle: what kind of reserve status are you looking for?
14:01 kyle We could always create another page the *only* allows editing of an item note.
14:03 kyle So, for now we'll just use our old system, and either someone else will fix the reserve system, or I'll work on it.
14:03 owen kyle: NPL runs an automated script that "fixes" the reserve ordering nightly. It means that staff can't re-order the reserve list, but it prevents other problems.
14:03 owen I'm not sure what Koha would do if you told it that every person in a 20-reserve list had priority 1, but Koha would let you do it.
14:04 kyle I guess we need to be able to reorder patrons, and be able to move patrons so that a particular person is always last on the list.
14:04 kyle I know, that is a very big flaw imho
14:05 kyle do you know if anyone is working on the reserves system actively?
14:05 owen I believe Liblime is... rch_?
14:05 kyle We have homebound patrons who reserve dozens of items and such, and keep them for months, so they get last priority to make it more fair for other patrons.
14:06 rch_ no, it's not big on the list... other circ work is coming, though
14:06 rch_ kyle: i think you want to look around line 450 of ?
14:06 owen kyle: interesting. So for you guys a patron-type-weighted reserve list would be ideal
14:06 kyle If no one else is working on it, I can volunteer some time, but right now we are focusing on switching over.
14:07 kyle owen: somthing like that would work.
14:07 rch_ kyle: you should just be able to add:   $ri{itemnotes}        = $iteminformation->{'itemnotes'};
14:07 rch_ and it should be available in the riloop tmpl loop
14:08 kyle rch: I see, I'll give that a try.
14:09 owen kyle, notice there is already a "notes" field for reserves (in We always ignore it, though, because it doesn't get used anywhere else :|
14:09 kyle owen: that should probably be removed then. It's good to see some real kruft removal being done on Koha.
14:10 kyle rch: it doesn't look like that helped any.
14:10 owen well, my question is, is that a more sensible place to put the notes that you're talking about?
14:12 kyle in our current system, we use the standard notes field, so it doesn't matter to use. Using the common notes field is just find, and extends it's usefulness to other things.
14:12 kyle it's simpler and more convenient to just use item notes.
14:14 kyle rch, I got it working, I put the line too early in the script. My next question is: why don't we just push all the item information wholesale, and let the template designer choose which information to display>?
14:14 owen kyle: I'd encourage you to file enhancement bugs for the changes you'd like to see in reserves. You'll find some from me in there.
14:15 kyle owen: we'll do that.
14:16 rch_ kyle: only reason would be to save a few bytes of memory
14:17 kyle rch: and I think that in this day and age, it's not worth causing so much pain to save a few bytes on servers with 2 gigs of RAM or more.
14:17 kyle Even on a low-end system I don't think it would cause performance issues.
14:18 owen the more people that use it the more useful it will be!
14:19 kyle agreed
14:20 cm kyle:  so what did you want me to explain?
14:20 kyle rch: how do I undo my last commit, I just overwrote with my returns.tmpl ; (
14:21 rch_ doh!
14:21 rch_ :)
14:21 kyle cm: don't worry about it, we'll submit an enhancement request with our suggestions.
14:21 kyle indeed ; )
14:21 kyle I just had a head crash.
14:21 cm ok.   don't forget we have the list in mantis.
14:22 kyle cm: ok.
14:22 cm kyle, you crash your computer about as often as you get stuck in the elevator!
14:22 rch_ kyle: i'm actually not sure... I've just committed over my mistakes...  but i imagine there's a better way
14:22 kyle cm: that's what I get for pushing it too far ; )
14:22 cm :)
14:23 kyle that's a good idea, I can do that, thanks.
14:23 cm at least 7 or 8 times since we hired him!
14:23 kyle rch: *alot* our elevator has it in for me, I think it's been twice as much as cindy's estimate ; )
14:24 cm i've been here almost 9 years and I've never gotten stuck in it.  :P
14:24 kyle cm had better watch out, the elevator knows all and sees all ; )
14:25 cm he he!  i'd better start taking the stairs.
14:26 cm rch_, how are the tweaks to due dates/holidays coming?
14:32 rch_ cm: what's your status on that?   I thought the bugs were worked out?
14:33 rch_ Ah - you needed only to change the due date if it landed on a holiday, right?
14:33 rch_ whereas it is currently calculating loan length as number of non-holiday days?
14:33 cm yeah, exactly.
14:34 cm right now it always adds the holiday to the due date, not just when the due date is a holiday.
14:34 cm i chatted with kados a while ago and he said you guys would fix it.
14:35 rch_ okay - i'll look at it this morning
14:35 cm thanks.  it's definitely something we need before we officially migrate.
14:41 kyle any progress on switching the rules for checkouts from the items homebranch to the logged in branch.
14:52 cm i almost forgot about that.
17:38 rch_ kyle: , cm: committed -> set syspref 'useDaysMode' to 'Datedue', and loan length should calculate properly.
17:39 cm cool, rch.  i'll try it.  :)  thanks!
17:40 rch_ re: the branch thing... if you're around later this afternoon, can discuss it then
18:27 cm kados, are you in?
18:27 cm I just set your demo intranet to our template to show it to someone, and now I can't change it back!
18:40 cm never mind, it refreshed itself.
18:40 cm the ccfls version of the template on there is a bit old, I think.  The Intranet tab is missing from the system preferences so I couldn't change it back.
18:56 cm rch_, are you back from lunch yet?
18:58 cm I updated, and now there's an error when I issue.
19:01 rch_ hi cm
19:01 rch_ what's the error?
19:01 dewey i think the error is not recoverable: exiting now
19:01 cm hi.
19:02 cm ] Undefined subroutine &C4::Calendar::Calendar::Add_Delta_Days called at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mod​ules/C4/Calendar/ line 501., referer:[…]borrower=25199323
19:02 cm [Mon Apr 09 14:52:48 2007] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer:[…]borrower=25199323
19:03 rch_ ah, uncomment
19:03 rch_ use Date::Calc
19:03 cm ah-ha.
19:03 cm it is uncommented.
19:04 cm in, anyway.  Is that where you mean?
19:04 rch_ yep.
19:04 rch_ i'm not sure what the status is of Date::Manip in that module.
19:05 cm it's commented.
19:14 rch_ cm: sorry...  brb
19:14 cm okay.  
19:22 rch_ cm:
19:22 rch_ use Date::Manip;
19:22 rch_ use Date::Calc qw/Add_Delta_Days/;
19:24 cm okay.
19:25 cm  I also noticed that in the docs you have Datedue but in the actual perl you have Duedate.
19:26 cm aah, that seems to have worked.  :)
19:26 cm i'll stick a holiday in there just to be sure.
19:29 cm yep, it's still correct.  Thanks!
09:46 hdl tumer hi
09:48 tumer[A] hi hdl
10:05 sinantena hello!
10:06 sinantena i'm in europe maybe its still to early in new zealand for people to be conected!!!
10:06 sinantena is this the koha help chat room??
10:08 tumer hi:sinantena we are not all in new zealand, i am in cyprus
10:08 sinantena haha i figured that not everybody was in new zealand.. it was just a joke.. to break the ice ;-)
10:08 sinantena anyway i am looking for help with installing koha i am totally lost
10:09 tumer if its on a windows box i may help otherwise wait for others
10:10 sinantena ah ok well the thing is that i wanted to install it on a remote server.
10:10 sinantena not on my own personal server
10:11 tumer youu need root access privileges on whatever server you are installing it on
10:12 sinantena yeah i figured that would be a problem.. its a comercial server that my company contracted i only have root acces to our account
10:13 tumer well already sounding linux box privileges and this is beyond me
10:16 sinantena hehe ok iĺl come back later when more people are online

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