IRC log for #koha, 2007-04-13

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Time S Nick Message
13:22 hdl kados ?
13:23 dewey kados is just a bit tied up
13:23 hdl Is under attack ?
13:24 hdl Yes.
13:24 hdl It Is.
13:27 hdl See dewasyl mail.
15:28 hdl kados: Is there any way to prevent hacker ?
15:28 hdl on
16:23 owen Don't you have to be registered to add a bug?
16:24 tux hi, is there any Voyager user who migrated to Koha, who can share some of their experience.  
17:34 owen Hmmm... more spam bugs
17:46 chris hmm how annoying
17:49 chris yes, someone has registered
17:50 chris its a person not a bot is my guess, so there really is no way to stop it
18:01 chris i think ive made it a bit harder
21:49 chris hi slef
21:49 slef hi
22:14 kados slef: hey
23:23 chris heh
23:24 slef I need to either uncommit a file or to extend the last log entry
10:44 toins hi #koha

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