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17:31 kados hdl: you around?
17:32 hdl yes : not for a long time
17:32 kados hi :-)
17:32 kados I was wondering if you would think about an idea I had
17:32 kados and tell me if you think it's OK
17:32 kados first, I have refined kartouche for translation:
17:32 kados
17:33 kados I want to change the naming convention for po files to
17:33 kados language_theme_version_interface
17:33 kados .po
17:33 kados[…]hp?lg=en&view=all
17:34 kados so for example, I wrote a way to give the file a 'label'
17:34 kados if the first three letters match the MARC list of languages
17:34 kados
17:34 kados which are listed there ^^
17:35 kados hdl: still there? :)
17:35 hdl yes
17:35 kados what do you think?
17:35 hdl I LIKE it.
17:36 kados cool
17:36 kados I will symlink the files list to CVS
17:36 kados because there is an 'import' and 'export' as you well know
17:37 kados I think it could really help for making translations before an official release
17:37 kados and we can revive koha-translate ;-)
17:37 kados but is it OK with you and paul if I move file names around in the po directory to match this convention?
17:38 kados (for rel2_3 and rel3_0)
17:38 kados oops, rel_2_2
17:38 kados the only trouble might be French
17:38 kados because it's not UNICODE
17:40 kados hdl: ?
17:40 kados k
17:40 hdl not very familiar with name conventions in po files.
17:41 hdl the fact is that we made a distinct file between intranet and opac.
17:41 kados yea, my convention does too
17:41 kados it's:
17:41 kados language_theme_version_interface.po
17:42 kados interface = opac||intranet
17:42 hdl ok.
17:42 kados version = 228|30
17:42 kados theme = npl||default||css
17:42 kados language = a three letter code listed at
17:43 hdl IMO, name convention changes are not so important. One only HAS to be aware of this.
17:43 hdl Often, Kartouche is not enough to translate, one has to get access to a living version of Koha.
17:44 kados is that your experience?
17:44 kados why?
17:44 kados I am curious since I have just played with kartouche this weekend
17:44 kados is it because the translator can't tell what the string means out of context?
17:45 hdl If you donot know the context, translation cannot be very accurate or "sharp" ... adequate appropriate
17:45 kados gotcha
17:45 hdl so either providing a link to living demo or a link to the page context on a living demo.
17:46 hdl will ease the pain.
17:46 kados ahh, gread idea
17:46 kados great even :-)
17:46 hdl Is Kartouche translated?
17:47 rch we need a kartouche for kartouche :)
17:47 hdl Could be helpful for translators...
17:47 kados it's not unfortunately
17:47 kados there is only Welsch and English
17:48 hdl For instance : Koha is trnaslated in Spanish...
17:48 kados but we could make a kartouche for kartouche
17:48 hdl I thought there was a french translation.
17:48 kados in fact, it would be quite trivial
17:48 kados I couldn't find a french
17:48 kados the translation of kartouch is not ideal
17:48 kados it stores strings in the code :(
17:48 hdl Maybe Pascal worked on an English Version of Kartouche.
17:48 kados with if statements for each language
17:50 kados if kartouche is popular and we get more people translating I would be willing to 'skin' it
17:50 hdl + some mistakes in what is code what is template when regular expresions are tricky. (<select valeu=<tmplvar>>
17:50 kados to work more like Koha does now
17:50 hdl ok.
17:50 kados hdl: is that a bug in kartouche? or in our translate script?
17:51 kados because I thought tmpl_var would never appear in .po file
17:51 hdl or translation process.
17:51 kados ok, no prob
17:51 hdl I only know that sometimes, there are problems.
17:51 kados yep
17:52 hdl owed to the nested < < < < > > > >
17:52 hdl for instance :
17:53 hdl <input name=<TMPLVAR> <TMPL_IF> selected</TMPLIF> />
17:53 kados right
17:53 hdl is not easy for Kartouche.
17:53 hdl roundabout is :
17:53 hdl TMPLIF
17:53 kados I think you mean 'its not easy for gettext'
17:53 kados kartouche only deals with a po file once it's created
17:53 hdl yes sorry.
17:53 kados it doesn't create a po file
17:54 hdl So
17:54 hdl I think you did a good job.
17:54 hdl Maybe you should anounce it on koha-devel.
17:54 kados once it's finished and tested I will
17:54 hdl We shall relay information on koha-fr
17:55 kados please wait until I announce it though :-)
17:55 hdl YES I will.
17:55 kados and it will be when it's finished
17:55 hdl SURE.
17:55 hdl But you could ask paul directly... Since he is MUCH aware of translation process.
17:55 kados ok, I will
17:56 hdl He will be able to tell you the problems he encountered.
17:56 kados bye
17:56 hdl bye.

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