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13:03 kyle kados, you around?
13:04 kyle paul?
13:04 dewey i heard paul was preparing to issue a release while the NPL templates are not working for the record editor now.
13:04 paul yep
13:04 paul hello kyle
13:04 cm hi paul.
13:04 paul kados should still be sleeping i think
13:04 kyle hello paul, I have some questions about and
13:04 cm i bet kados isn't around--it's 5 am in NZ.
13:04 kyle oh, yeah ; )
13:04 paul mmm... i'm not sure at all i'll be able to answer, but throw your question ;-)
13:05 hdl dewey: forget paul
13:05 dewey hdl: I forgot paul
13:05 hdl you nasty bot.
13:05 kyle first, the documentation in for makepayment and recordpayment is incorrect.
13:06 kyle both functions state that they store the branch code where the fine was paid, but neither do.
13:06 kyle We need that functionality for our libraries.
13:06 kyle I can even understand when recordpayment is called from,
13:06 kyle can't understand, that is.
13:08 kyle really, what I need to know is how do I get the branchcode of the library so I can pass it to makepayment
13:10 kyle in there is a bit of code like this:
13:10 kyle $user=~ s/Levin/C/i;
13:11 kyle $user=~ s/Foxton/F/i;
13:11 kyle $user=~ s/Shannon/S/i;
13:11 kyle $user is then passed to makepayment(), any idea what the heck that is?
13:11 paul mmm... dirty code... coming from HLT, the *1st* library that used Koha in the world, 7 years ago.
13:13 paul you should try to get the branch from C4::Context->userenv->{branch}
13:13 kyle like $branchcode = C4::Context->userenv->{branch}; ?
13:13 paul yep
13:13 kyle I'll give that a shot
13:27 kyle paul, for some reason it doesn't work. I added a new column 'branchcode' to our accountlines table
13:28 kyle and changed the sql in Accounts2::makepayment to insert the branchcode into it
13:28 kyle if I hardcode a string, it works just fine, but if I try using  C4::Context->userenv->{branch} the payment doesn't even show up in the database.
13:29 paul you're not logged in with the mySQL login/password ?
13:30 paul mmm... another note :
13:30 kyle what?
13:31 paul if you use koha with the mySQL login/password, you don't have a branch, as it's not really a user.
13:31 paul I know where it comes from :
13:31 paul the userenv is only available AFTER checking/reading the member information.
13:32 paul and that is done in get_template_and_user
13:32 kyle I'm paying the fines from within koha, logged in as kohaadmin, whose branch is set to MPL
13:32 paul this MUST be at the beginning of every script.
13:32 paul in, you makepayement BEFORE opening template & user
13:33 cm kyle, what if you try mplm or one of our other logins?
13:33 kyle ok, what I've been doing is altering makepayment() in, so I cannot get the branchcode from within
13:33 paul move the get_template_and_user that is line 83 at the beginning
13:33 paul kyle : read me pls.
13:33 paul I understand (99% sure) where it comes from
13:33 kyle I'll try that, paul
13:33 paul just move get_template_and_user at the beginning of the script.
13:34 paul this is a BIG SECURITY bug for instance.
13:34 paul because someone that would call with proper http get parameters could "pay" what he want...
13:35 paul as payement is recorded BEFORE checking for permission.
13:35 paul i'll write a mail on koha-devel immediatly about that, for kados & others.
13:41 paul mail sent.
13:45 rch kyle: are you using the user account with db access?
13:45 rch i don't think userenv is set properly for that user
13:46 kyle I logged in as one of our regular accouts
13:48 kyle for some reason, I had to put quotes around my variable to insert on line 180 or I don't understand why, but it wouldn't work without them
13:49 kyle Perl makes me feel like a crazy person ; )
13:49 rch :)
13:50 kyle Now comes a big questions, once I've updated all the files to take into account this new column 'branchcode' in 'accountlines', if I commit it, everyone elses fine payments will break.
13:50 kyle because they don't have that new column. What do I do about that?
13:54 rch hmm
13:54 rch yes that's a problem
13:54 paul not really...
13:55 paul thanks to updater/updatedatabase !
13:55 paul just add your column here, and anyone that want to be synch'ed just has to run updatedatabase.
13:55 rch I have some fines related commits that i haven't been able to finish...
13:55 rch yes, the db column is no problem
13:55 rch that makes sense to be there.
13:57 kyle where is the updatedatabase script located?
13:57 paul updater/updatedatabase
13:57 kyle thanks ; )
13:57 kyle ls
13:57 paul ls means nothing on irc :-D
13:58 kyle I thought I had switched to my console session, heh
14:03 rch kyle: go ahead and make your commits; i can duplicate script if there are conflicts.
14:04 rch sorry i didn't get to finish my fines work earlier...
14:07 kyle ok. thanks for the help, both of you.
14:19 kyle I've committed the updated files, but I'm not sure where to put the database update in updatedatabases
14:19 kyle it's just a varchar(4) column named 'branchcode' in the accountlines table
14:28 rch kyle: my %fielddefinitions  hash
14:28 rch around line 473
14:30 kyle so I should add accountlines to it and put in the data about the new column?
14:30 rch accountlines => [
14:30 rch { field => 'branchcode',
14:30 rch etc
14:30 rch yep
14:32 kyle done. thanks again.
14:36 rch np
14:56 tnb paul: you there still?
17:44 chris morning

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