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17:39 cht hi all
17:40 chris hi chris
17:41 chris hows fiji?
17:45 cht hi chris
17:45 cht things are good here
17:46 chris excellent
17:46 cht (i am using a irc.cgi gateway that is a little sluggish)
17:46 chris ahhh right
17:46 cht you are answering my notes before i see them posted  ;)
17:46 chris heh
17:47 cht but, boy do i have a koha issue for you!
17:47 cht :)
17:48 chris heh
17:48 cht cook islands, koha 2.2.6, mysql5, no remote access...
17:48 cht (you will recall the scenario)
17:48 chris yep
17:49 cht a few likely related things all centring around issuing...
17:50 cht 1. the rules in the * column of the issuing grid seem to trump the rules in other columns...
17:50 chris hmm thats odd
17:50 cht there's more....
17:51 cht 2. three factor loan/fine data (i.e. "1,7,1") entered in the second part of a grid box once submitted shows as only two factors (i.e. "1.000000,7")...
17:51 cht and 3. seems to do absolutely nothing
17:52 chris weird, i havent seen any of those issues
17:52 cht could it have something to do with all of the tweaks we made to queries to support mysql 5?
17:52 chris could be
17:52 chris more likely some tweak we didnt make
17:53 cht possibly?
17:54 cht would it be in
17:54 chris might be
17:54 cht
17:54 chris there sounds 2 different issues
17:54 cht i have a replica of their environment running here now
17:54 chris 2 will be causing 3
17:55 cht based on the backups that i took while there
17:55 cht right
17:55 chris but not sure about 1
17:55 chris that will be something in C4/Circulation/
17:55 cht k
17:56 chris in sub getLoanLength
17:56 cht let me note that
17:57 chris you can see the way its supposed to work
17:57 chris it does
17:57 chris borrowertype, itemtyep, branch
17:57 chris no match for that it tries
17:58 chris borrowertype, itemtype
17:58 chris then
17:58 chris borrwertype, *, branch
17:58 chris *, itemtype, branch
17:58 chris borrwertype,*
17:58 chris *,*,branch
17:59 chris *,itemtype
17:59 chris and finally
17:59 chris *,*
17:59 chris and as a catchall, 21
17:59 cht right
17:59 chris thats the way it should be working
18:00 chris so you could look at getLoanlength
18:00 chris and try some of those queries in mysql directly
18:00 cht i understand there is some bug with 2.2.6 where the whole grid must be filled in? so i filled in the whole default grid (the one branch grid is blank)
18:00 chris yep, i remember something like that too
18:00 cht and i will try what you suggested
18:01 cht should i try filling in the whole branch grid to see what happens?
18:01 chris if the mysql results seem to be right
18:01 chris then yep could try that
18:02 cht k
18:02 cht as for the other one...
18:03 chris you have checked the data in the database, and its being stored incorrectly right?
18:03 chris for the 2nd one?
18:03 cht i had a plan to look directly at the db tables and see if the third factor is getting stored...
18:03 cht yup...
18:03 cht and to do a little audit of
18:04 chris yep
18:04 chris that would be my plan of attack
18:04 cht k
18:05 cht valuable advice, thank you
18:05 cht one more thing...
18:05 chris yep?
18:05 cht i noticed one other strange behavior...
18:06 cht when adding a new borrower, a few fields get prepopulated...
18:06 chris right
18:06 chris they might be coded into the template
18:06 chris or, if its the member number
18:07 cht last name gets somebody's name in it, the town get filled in as "Rarotonga", and the registration and expiry dates get filled in with useless dates
18:07 chris hmm thats odd, right check the database
18:07 chris is there a user with borrowernumber=0
18:07 cht ah, it could possibly be the automatically populated serial member number
18:08 chris yep, could try turning that off too in system preferences
18:08 cht can you give me a quick query for that, my sql sucks
18:09 rch (to interject)
18:10 chris select * from borrowers where borrowernumber=0l
18:10 chris sorry
18:10 chris select * from borrowers where borrowernumber=0;
18:10 chris even
18:10 rch (btw, thx for the help on acqui, chris)
18:10 chris yeah it should just use the default one
18:11 chris rch: did it work? i wrote it in an email, so id expect i made a couple of syntax errors :)
18:11 cht rch: thanks
18:11 rch chris: yep, it's working reasonably well
18:11 chris cht: it should be amount,first fine date, recurring period
18:12 chris cool
18:12 cht sorry, i got booted
18:12 cht i missed the last couple of comments
18:13 cht how do i talk to logbot?
18:13 chris
18:14 chris[…]saveas=&save=save
18:14 chris thats the last 5 minutes :)
18:15 cht cool
18:17 cht well, i'll go try these things and see what happens
18:18 chris cool
18:31 mason hiya paul
19:36 thd chris: you seemed to know something about tumer's problems for committing to Koha.
19:37 thd chris: Is the reason tumer needs a separate branch exclusively related to his problems committing to the CVS server?
19:37 chris i did??
19:37 chris no idea
19:37 thd chris: read the last to messages on the koha-devel list.
19:38 chris yeah i have no idea about what tumers problems are
19:39 thd chris: I was about to give a lengthy reply but I wanted to know if I missed something important before posting my possible misunderstanding of the issue.
19:39 chris i dont know what the issue is, so couldnt possibly say
19:39 thd tanks chris
19:40 thd s/tanks/thanks/
21:53 cht yo, chris
21:54 cht are your eyes glued to the irc window?
21:58 chris hi
09:13 toins hi all

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