IRC log for #koha, 2007-02-02

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17:35 sean68rs hello, all
17:56 waylon hiya all!
20:19 waylon hey all.
20:20 waylon going to be making a stocktake via barcodes and shelf barcodes page today.
20:23 waylon but first, lunch.
20:49 waylon if i am adding a whole new catergory of bookshelf system.. PhysicalBookshelves.. should i put it in a new pm?
20:52 mason hmm, nah , i think it would be fine to put your new stuff in ''
20:53 waylon giving shelves, barcodes..
20:54 waylon and a location number... so clickin on the book in shows you graphically.. where the book is.
20:56 waylon using uploaded gif or jpg images as location images.... one image per shelf im thinking.
21:02 waylon what do the category numbers mean?
21:21 waylon okay.. i get them... anyway, im out.. gotta go pay rent. back in an hour.
23:57 waylon what a strange word, physics and physical is...
01:37 waylon hiya all
05:05 btoumi hi all
05:13 chris hi bruno
05:16 js hi all
05:17 btoumi hi chris how are u?
05:18 chris pretty good thanks, how are you?
05:23 btoumi very good today
05:25 js it's not friday however ;)
05:25 chris it will be soon here  :)
05:26 chris tomorrow im going to watch the rugby 7's
05:28 chris no problems with koha at the library bruno?
05:37 js chris, :)
05:38 btoumi chris if we have we try to reslove
05:38 btoumi ;=)
05:38 chris excellent :)

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