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12:38 FrankW Folks, I'm interested to know if Koha supports Z39.50 as a server (ie. others able to search the collection in Koha).
12:38 paul wait a mn (/me on phone)
12:42 hdl FrankW: Yes.
12:42 hdl for Title isbn and author research.
12:42 hdl (version 2.2.5)
12:43 FrankW hdl:  Ah excellent!
12:43 FrankW But not based on title, or other fields?
12:44 FrankW I know relatively little about Z39.50, but I was informed by the librarian that I am hoping to help that it is used for inter-library searches within the county.
12:44 hdl <FrankW> But not based on title, or other fields? <------what do you mean ?
12:45 hdl when you are searching a catalogue, you often provide some field to search in.
12:45 FrankW hdl:  Perhaps my question doesn't make sense because I don't understand Z39.50 well.
12:46 FrankW Garr ... I see you already mentioned titles.  
12:46 FrankW Please ignore my followup question.
12:47 hdl FrankW: version 2.2.7 implied a change in Z3950 module.
12:47 hdl So some things should certainly have to be modified for z3950 server to work.
12:48 FrankW Does this mean that 2.2.7 is less functional with regard to Z3950? Or more?  
12:48 FrankW (compared to the 2.2.5 you mentioned earlier)
12:50 hdl Z3950 server is quite rarely used.
12:50 hdl (among our customers.)
12:51 FrankW So perhaps I should consider this aspect still fairly experimental or rough around the edges?
12:51 hdl And when we changed z3950 client not to rely on module Event any longer, we did not upgraded server.
12:51 hdl FrankW: Not at all. It works.
12:52 hdl with 2.2.5 and is used in production for some of our customers.
12:53 hdl but time to upgrade to 227 hasnot come yet for those.
12:54 FrankW Ah, ok.  
12:54 FrankW My next question, if I may, relates to bar codes.
12:55 FrankW Is there any special bar code reader interfacing needed in Koha, or is this completely distinct?
12:55 FrankW Not knowing anything about barcode readers, I had at first assumed there was some need for specific bar code reader drivers or something.
12:56 FrankW But now I am getting the impression the barcode readers just spit out text (almost as if it had come from a keyboard) and Koha needs no special device support for them.  Is that right?
13:08 hdl FrankW: No special device needed. (special perl module though)
13:09 hdl But it is more convenient when you use wedge barcode reader.
13:10 hdl some perl modules are needed only to generate barcodes.
13:11 hdl wedge barcode reader are quite a pain to configure sometimes. But there seems to be always a solution.
13:12 hdl (barcodes norms are a pain in the neck. There are plenty of them and your reader has to be taught which norm to be aware of)
13:13 FrankW I'm looking at helping my local village library upgrade, by the way.  They are still running some sort of DOS software from the late 80's or so.
13:21 FrankW I am a reasonably competent linux and open source developer, though no perl nor library guru.
13:28 hdl (i read the logs and you told so)
13:49 FrankW Thank you very much for your help hdl!
13:50 hdl your welcom
01:05 mason
01:18 waylon okay.. yahoo. defense of koha sent.
01:18 waylon 1 week since i sent the request for quote to Access IT Software, for their system... no response.
01:48 waylon does anyone know what happened to the search bar i developed, for the opac?

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