IRC log for #koha, 2007-01-31

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16:31 chris congratulations are in order i hear owen
16:31 owen Wow, word travels far and wide!
16:31 chris :)
16:32 chris thanks very much for the cool fish
16:32 owen Sure thing, I wondered if it had made it to you yet
16:32 owen One of Chloe's favorite teether toys was a little wooden thing similar to that
16:33 chris sweet
16:34 chris wooden toys rule
16:34 chris last for ever
16:40 owen kados around, by any chance?
16:43 chris havent seen him yet today owen
16:48 owen Thanks, I figured it might still be too early
00:38 FrankW Folks, I'm very new to Koha, and in fact to libraries.  But I do have some decent open source programming background.  A few questions...
00:39 FrankW I understand Koha has Z39.50 client support.  Can it also act as a Z39.50 server for other folks to query?
05:01 js hello

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