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13:06 martin hello all, i'm installing Koha and having problems instaling the Net::Z3950 perl module
14:08 Martin hello, I'm having a problem with my new installation
14:09 Martin it's not letting me add any item types
14:09 Martin anybody able to help?
14:11 Martin it looks like the installation didn't add a couple of tables
14:15 Martin s'OK I found the table definitions and fixed it, bye
15:30 waylon hiya all
15:52 waylon anyone active?
16:34 waylon hiya russ.
16:38 kados hey gang
16:38 waylon Kados.. haven't seen ya inages!
16:39 kados how's it going waylon
16:39 waylon the Council owned?
16:40 waylon Koha's going there?
16:40 kados russ would know ... I'm just visiting :-)
16:40 kados naw ...
16:40 waylon eh, drat.
16:40 kados maybe soon :-)
16:40 waylon really?
16:41 waylon hmm.... now that would be cool.
16:41 kados I'm just speculating :-)
16:41 waylon Koha taking on a huge NZ library.
16:41 kados I want koha in every library in the world ;-)
16:41 waylon kicking out Dynix.
16:41 kados yea
16:43 waylon Anyway, yesterday, i knocked down quite alot of bugs, in rel_2_2.... you know much about bugfixing procedures?
16:44 kados yea, I saw some of those
16:44 kados very cool
16:45 waylon like.. how do you fix bugs in rel_2_2, knowingthat other branches of the code may have it? Just relax and assume that others will look at koha-cvs and use the patch to patch other branches?
16:46 waylon or, is it common for developers to have all branches, and to patch them all?
16:48 kados well, ideally whoever fixes the bug in rel2 will also take care of it in dev_week and rel_3
16:48 kados otherwise, you can change the branch it applies to in the bug report and make a note about where the fix is in rel2
16:48 kados I'm going to try to organize a koha dev meeting soon
16:51 waylon I'll be there. What about templates? IF i fix a template.. do i fix them all?
16:52 kados that'd be ideal
16:52 kados :-)
16:52 kados but rel3 is probably quite different
16:52 kados so it might already be fixed
16:52 kados toins is the one to talk about rel3 with
16:53 kados and rch or owen dev_week
16:53 waylon i hear, though, that rel3 is difficult to set up.
16:54 kados yea, as is dev_week
16:54 kados and it will be until someone has some time to work on the installer
16:54 waylon hrm...
16:55 waylon more than just copying files, and setting koha.conf and httpd.conf?
16:57 kados yea, it's zebra that makes it complicated
16:57 kados flexibility increases complexity :-)
16:57 kados but it's all good, we'll write a better installer eventually
16:58 waylon well... if no one has the time to go behind me, fixing bugs that ive fixed in one version....
17:01 kados toins might
17:01 waylon toins?
17:01 dewey well, toins is trying to commit on with svn since this morning.
17:01 kados hehe
17:02 waylon and trying to?
17:04 kados yea :-)
17:04 waylon waylon?
17:04 waylon hrm... doesn't know me.
17:05 waylon It took me two times to figure out that dewey was strange...
17:05 waylon who is toin anyway?
17:06 waylon never seen him?
17:06 waylon .
17:06 kados toins is Antoine, he works for Paul in France
17:06 kados and rch is Ryan, he works for LibLime in the US :-)
17:08 waylon I would of thought the logical thing to do, is have a template, and have a language string file for each language.
17:18 waylon like... <# Login #> is a placeholder for the login string... of which may look like this, in the en file.. <! Login !>Please login to continue</>
17:18 waylon what do you think?
17:24 mason i think its a good idea too
17:25 waylon benefit, is instead of template editors editing all language templates, they only edit the one parent template for the theme..
17:26 chris they do that now
17:26 chris there is a good process for translation of templates
17:26 waylon hmm?
17:26 waylon wheres this?
17:26 dewey hmmm... this is why MARC21 doesn't use ids to link authority to bib but uses string matching instead :-)
17:27 waylon Chris?
17:27 dewey Chris is probably now too
17:27 chris there are scripts to create a .po file
17:27 chris then you translate that, and scripts to recreate templates from it
17:28 chris there is also work underway to make an easier interface to do it
17:28 waylon okay. so... how do i fix a template, and have it fix the rest?
17:28 chris you fix the en one
17:29 chris and the translators can take care of the rest
17:29 waylon ah. okay.
17:30 waylon i fix all the themes? OR i can let others worry, and just concerntrate on fixing bugs?
17:31 chris for 2_2 default and npl is fine
17:32 waylon so, my bugfix procedure... fix bug in rel_2_2, fix bug in default/en and npl/en, opac's css/en.. then next bug?
17:32 chris thats the one
17:32 chris excellent :)
17:33 waylon got a pet bug, that appears in rel_2_2?
17:33 chris[…]/translation.html
17:33 chris if you are interested in seeing how the translation works
17:34 waylon pet bug?
17:34 chris hmm lemme see
17:34 chris 2 secs
17:36 chris 1169
17:36 chris thatd be nice to have fixed
17:37 waylon well.. now that i know i don't have to worry about doing lots of things, to fix a bug... yup.. i skipped this bug, thinking it was goingto be a template fix as well.
17:38 waylon and the difficulty i was going to have, doing it in all languages, all templates.
17:38 waylon what page does this appear on? (the url?
17:39 chris its in circulation, you have to get a borrower who has some items out on issue
17:39 chris issue some more to them .. and instead of showing up as previous issues, and todays issues, they all end up in previous issues
17:40 waylon hmm... supposed to be today's issues, up the top, instead of added below?
17:42 chris yeah todays should be seperate from other ones that they may have taken out a week ago, or yesterday etc
17:42 waylon so, prehaps a seperate table, altogether?
17:43 waylon ahhh.. here we go..
17:43 waylon todayissues.
17:46 waylon wb, rach!
17:54 waylon_sleeping well chris, think ive done it. doesn't look different though, just sorted today's issues to the top of the list.
17:54 waylon_sleeping and the returns button doesn't get a box around it.
17:54 waylon_ what do you want it to look like?
18:02 waylon Anyway, seperates them as it should.
20:17 waylon hey.. how big is koha in india?
21:41 Cutter hello

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