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17:13 waylon there a way to.... copy only fields, linked to a kohafield, into a new marc framework?
17:34 waylon ahh... i can renumber my current framework, import structure_def, delete all subfields and tags without a kohafield defined... and renumber so the default framework becomes the default again.
20:42 waylon well.. thats two oddities found.
22:39 waylon whats Branch 2.4 in bugzilla? that 3.0?
22:58 waylon laters, russ.
02:33 waylon hiya all.
03:59 waylon hey.... how do i fix bugs that are 'unspecified' or branch 2.4.. but appear in rel_2_2 .... just fix it in rel_2_2 and rely on others to see what ive done, and fix it on the rest?
06:08 waylon hiya all.'
06:08 waylon anyone active?
06:40 waylon hello viyyer!
06:40 viyyer waylon,
06:41 waylon how goes?
06:42 mason waylon, are u talking about an existing bug or a new bug that you have recently found?
06:42 waylon mason: talking about any bug i fix from bugzilla.
06:43 mason ah, ok
06:43 waylon so, i find a bug in bugzilla.. find i have it.. fix it, cvs commit it... and comment on bugzilla that rel_2_2 has it fixed?
06:43 waylon and let them fix the rest?
06:44 waylon and what about templates? i use default/en.... is there some way to automatically fix the rest?
06:45 mason i guess the proper thing to do is see if it exists in the other branches too
06:46 mason eg: 2_4 and 3/HEAD
06:47 waylon err... i have to have 2_2, 2_4 and 3/HEAD on my comp, and fix all three when fixing bugs? Or else its not worth fixing one version?
06:47 mason but that can take a bit of extra time, so its not always done either...
06:49 mason its always worth fixing in one version, but if 2_4 has inherited the same bug in 2_2, your 2_2 fix may get lost...
06:49 waylon hrms...
06:50 mason tis tricky aye :)
06:50 waylon the ones that fix though.. are hooked into koha-cvs.. so they'll see my fixes ya/
06:50 waylon ?
06:51 mason its the kind of question i would ask too, usuall to chris, josh or paul
06:51 mason yes
06:52 waylon is there some way of automating the template fixes/
06:52 waylon ?
06:52 waylon is there another set of files where templates and languages are seperate?
06:53 mason there are the prog templates,
06:53 mason those are sposed to be language neural and have no images either (i think)
06:55 waylon strange.. my prog dir is empty.
06:55 mason so all the different language templates are sposed to be based on the prog templates
06:56 mason prog templates might be a devweek and koha3 thing
06:57 mason i havent much experience with them yet :(
06:57 waylon what is devweek?
07:00 mason it was a branch made lat year koha-con in france
07:00 mason s/lat/last
07:00 mason it was a branch made druring last years koha-con in france
07:01 waylon ahh.. okay. never got brought into any of the other branches?
07:02 mason i think the devweek features are making their way into 2_2
08:31 martin just about to try and install koha on a debian box I've got, wish me luck :)
08:32 waylon ah.. its easy. relax.
08:33 waylon im here if you need help.
09:06 martin thanks waylon
09:06 waylon but im 'gone in 60 seconds' sorry. TimeCop movine just finished.
09:07 martin you're in NZ, yes it's bed time :)
09:07 waylon you could say im... out of time. :P
09:08 waylon back in 6 hours.
09:12 martin sleep well :)

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