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14:33 sean68rs hi all...prospective koha consortium here
14:42 kados hi sean68rs
14:47 sean68rs hi Kados!
14:48 kados hi :-)
14:49 kados so how many libraries in your consortium?
14:49 sean68rs 9 public libs, with 3 smaller school district libraries and one community college on top of that
14:51 sean68rs had a question regarding the koha docs (installation)...the docs ref kernel 2.4, I'm attempting an install using 2.6 netinst
14:52 kados yea, that'll be fine
14:52 kados I need to update those docs
14:52 sean68rs nice.  working through the perl deps this morning...all's ok so far :)
14:52 kados cool
14:53 sean68rs question the powers-that-be are gonna ask:  how many US libraries are running Koha (approx, of course)
14:53 kados Koha 2.2.7 probably will be fine for playing around with, but won't be suitable for your consortium
14:53 sean68rs 2.2.7 -> gotcha
14:53 kados you'll need the new Zebra-based Koha that's still in CVS
14:53 kados and installing that's pretty tough
14:53 sean68rs that's great to know...thank you
14:54 kados have you seen Nelsonville's KOha system, based on that?
14:54 kados
14:54 sean68rs taking a look....
14:55 sean68rs wow!  that is slick.  we're running Innovative...and it looks archaic compared to nelsonville
14:55 kados yea, that's the new zebra-based system
14:55 kados it's brand new
14:56 sean68rs amazing....can't wait to try it out!
14:56 kados scales to tens of millions of records and can support dozends of libraries
14:56 kados and it's all standards-based
14:56 sean68rs nice!
14:57 kados native Z39.50 (in fact, the OPAC is just a Z39.50 client)
14:57 kados native SRW/SRU
14:57 kados supports multiple record formats, etc.
14:57 kados I should mention that I work for LibLime
14:57 sean68rs any timeframe on general release?
14:57 kados no timeline yet
14:58 sean68rs I'm awaiting word from Randy Schultz regarding a demo...being a LibLime-er, I'm sure you're acquainted
14:58 kados ahh, cool
14:58 kados yea, randy's our sales manager
14:58 kados I head up technology
14:59 sean68rs cool...I'm talking to the main dude here :)
14:59 kados when we do a release, we want it to make a big splash
14:59 kados so it's very important that it not only be solid technically, but also  easy to use
14:59 kados install, maintain, etc.
15:00 kados and it's hard to find library sponsorship for that componet :-)
15:00 kados so it tends to take a bit longer cuz we have to do that in our spare time :-)
15:00 sean68rs tell me about it :)
15:00 kados as far as US libraries
15:00 kados I can rattle off a few
15:01 kados Stow Munroe Falls in Stow Ohio should go live this month
15:01 kados Barberton Public Library in a couple months
15:01 kados there's Nelsonville Public which I just showed off
15:01 sean68rs are the majority what are known as "turnkey"?  (nelsonville has me drooling, seriously)
15:01 kados Crawford County Federated Library System in PA
15:01 kados 9 library consortium
15:01 kados yea, those are
15:02 sean68rs in such a system would we have system-level access for customization, fixes, tweaks, etc?
15:02 kados all of the Koha/Zebra systems (what LibLime is branding as Koha ZOOM) are turnkey at the moment
15:03 kados yep, we can relinquish control at whatever level you're comfortable with :-)
15:03 sean68rs that's great...we'd love to have paid support on an as-needed basis.  Our current system has us sandboxed...we can't do much but edit HTML
15:04 sean68rs I really, really hate it
15:04 kados Johnb is from CCFLS, they've done a ton of customization on their system
15:04 kados John Brice from Crawford County Federated Library System
15:04 kados they even rolled their own intranet template
15:04 Johnb Hi Kados you still in Kiwi land
15:04 sean68rs hi John!  Sean here,  Coos County Libraries = Oregon US
15:04 kados Johnb: that I am ... and it's fine :-)
15:05 kados Johnb: we're discussing whether to hold a training camp down here :-)
15:05 sean68rs now THAT is one that I would need to attend!
15:05 Johnb You can count me and my gand in!
15:06 kados sweet
15:06 sean68rs the z3950 perl module issue raised in the docs...r.e. kernel 2.2 vs. 2.4 = anything there to know regarding kernel 2.6?  Its giving me fits
15:06 kados good question
15:07 kados which docs you looking at?
15:07 kados hey cm
15:07 Johnb Sean if you want to see our rendention of Koha check out
15:07 sean68rs[…]Debian_sarge.html
15:07 cm hey.
15:07 cm kados, I think a training camp in NZ is a splendid idea.  ;)
15:07 sean68rs make: *** [yazwrap/libyazwrap.a] Error 2
15:07 kados hmmm
15:07 kados cm: hehe, cool
15:07 kados cm: that's a quorum then :-)
15:07 cm yep.
15:08 kados sean68rs: so that's yaz
15:08 kados sean68rs: you probably need the latest version of yaz installed
15:08 sean68rs my wife is pining for a trip to NZ...sounds like I could kill 2 birds - one stone
15:08 kados sean68rs: you'll need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list
15:08 kados sean68rs: and add:
15:08 kados deb indexdata/sarge released
15:08 kados     deb-src indexdata/sarge released
15:09 sean68rs sources.list is edited, ran the commands to install libyaz and yazdocs, all went ok
15:09 kados ahh, ok
15:10 kados so you're getting stuck with Net::Z3950?
15:10 kados cpan Net::Z3950::ZOOM
15:10 kados try that one ^
15:10 sean68rs will do...
15:10 rch sean68rs: methinks you need libyaz-devel ?
15:10 kados ahh, right
15:10 tnb Johnb: nice :) You got a go-live firmed up?
15:10 kados apt-get libyaz-devel
15:11 sean68rs yeah, libyaz-devel and yaz docs both installed ok
15:11 kados try the cpan command
15:11 sean68rs Failed during this command:
15:11 sean68rs  MIRK/Net-Z3950-0.51.tar.gz                   : make NO
15:12 kados hmmm
15:12 kados any other messages?
15:12 sean68rs after using CPAN to Net::Z3950::ZOOM (which installed ok)
15:12 sean68rs make: *** [yazwrap/libyazwrap.a] Error 2
15:12 sean68rs Running make test
15:12 sean68rs  Can't test without successful make
15:12 sean68rs Running make install
15:12 sean68rs  make had returned bad status, install seems impossible
15:12 kados how about right above that
15:13 Johnb tnb:  still working on fines, should be up around the first of March
15:13 kados interesting, so Net::Z3950 is failing, but ZOOM is installing? that's strange
15:14 sean68rs yeah, ZOOM went in without a hitch
15:14 kados sean68rs: can you paste the whole output into an email and send to
15:14 sean68rs will do...will be coming from
15:14 kados sean68rs: and might wanna join the list before that so it doesn't get caught by the spam filter
15:14 sean68rs done!
15:15 kados[…]stinfo/koha-devel
15:15 kados cool
15:16 sean68rs its on the way
15:17 kados cool
15:19 sean68rs that's the only perl module left...everything else went smooth
15:20 kados wait a sec ... so Net::Z3950::ZOOM installed without a hitch, and that's all you need
15:21 kados Net::Z3950 is an older version that you don't need to worry about
15:21 sean68rs that's good news...thanks!
15:21 kados I'll update the docs
15:22 sean68rs and thanks for the docs, BTW.  I'd be flailing otherwise
15:23 kados np
15:24 kados ok, docs updated
15:24 kados sean68rs: thx for the feedback ;-)
15:25 sean68rs I've received more support in the last 20 mins than I have in the last 5's quite refreshing
15:25 kados hehe
15:25 sean68rs we're small time compared to some of our commercial vendor's university just doesn't exist for the most part
15:25 kados welcome to the Koha community :-)
15:26 kados what's really cool is when you make a suggestion or request on the dev list, and someone just does it ;-)
15:26 cm yep, the beauty of open source.  :)
15:26 kados and there's always the option of sponsoring it if you have the resources
15:27 sean68rs what I'd like to see done is invest our current maintenance budget into open-source devel.  the rewards are so much greater...
15:28 kados that'd be a very worthwhile investment
15:28 sean68rs I need to show some colleagues the Nelsonville's great
15:28 kados sean68rs: some stuff to show:
15:29 kados sean68rs: do a search on 'it' or 'the' ... and compare that to your current system
15:29 kados sean68rs: check out the native RSS feeds of every search
15:29 sean68rs whoa...I missed the RSS.  very cool!  it's fast, too
15:29 kados sean68rs: on the detail pages you can download in MODS, DC, MARCXML, MARC (utf8), MARC (marc8)
15:30 kados it's opensearch compliant too
15:30 sean68rs and a tabbed interface that actually works :P
15:30 kados yep :-)
15:30 kados the descriptions and reviews come from amazon and are free
15:30 kados as part of their web services program
15:31 kados same with the images
15:31 sean68rs nice.  We could drop our subscriptions for image services
15:31 kados yep
15:31 kados the search on 'the' usually wows people :-)
15:32 kados I don't know of another system that can relavance rank that well
15:32 kados course, I wrote it, so I'm biased ;-)
15:32 sean68rs hands down puts ours to shame...nice job!
15:33 sean68rs our drops "the" and "it" from the query...and nothing we can do about it
15:33 kados yea, most systems can't handle the search, it's too proc intensive
15:33 sean68rs their presentation is nice...very clean.  I like it
15:34 chris morning
15:34 kados hehe
15:34 kados hi chris
15:34 chris coos county
15:34 chris ive been there
15:34 sean68rs cool, Chris!
15:34 kados sean68rs: chris is a real kiwi :-)
15:35 chris i vote for second training camp being there :-)
15:35 sean68rs nah...I vote for first and 2nd being in NZ
15:35 kados hehe
15:35 kados I must say, I'm totally sold on this NZ thing :-)
15:36 chris[…]DSC01325.jpg.html
15:36 sean68rs I *know* more staff would be on board for that kind of excursion.
15:36 kados esp after having visited
15:36 kados nice view
15:36 sean68rs yep, Chris...that's us :)
15:37 chris i have a friend who lives here now, but is from astoria
15:37 sean68rs astoria is that bridge
15:37 chris where the goonies come from :)
15:37 sean68rs yeah!
15:38 kados goonies++
15:39 sean68rs hey what file do I edit to set a different parser?  I'm getting Your default XML parser (XML::SAX::PurePerl) is broken.
15:39 chris ahh
15:39 sean68rs and I know I just read the fix somewhere....and I'm being lazy about it
15:39 chris you just want to cpan a non broken one on
15:39 Johnb Chris:  Just looked at the pictures.  thought I would see more sheep!
15:40 chris (that one is of oregon John ... dunno how many sheep there :))
15:40 sean68rs hey now :P  there are tons of sheep to the valley just east of us.  and elk.  weird combination
15:41 Johnb Chris:  Oh....would explain alot.
15:42 chris i forget the name of the good parser
15:42 chris 2 secs ill look
15:43 kados sean68rs:[…]6/05/msg2369.html
15:43 chris ahh kados beat me too it
15:44 sean68rs thanks kados
15:45 chris johnb:[…]dsc00406.jpg.html
15:45 chris theres an nz one for ya
15:45 chris gotta watch out for these guys in nz
15:45 chris[…]dsc00600.jpg.html
15:46 sean68rs what is nazgul?
15:47 kados sean68rs: lord of the rings creature
15:47 sean68rs oh, duh!
15:52 chris ok, now ive distracted everyone with photos, my job is done, im going to have a shower :-)
15:52 chris bbiab
15:53 kados hehe
15:53 sean68rs hey, thanks guys.  I need to run...but I'll be seeing you.
15:53 Johnb Chris:  Thanks.
16:53 sean68rs quick note kados:  we're up and running!  thanks again for the help to all
18:01 sean68rs hi again all.  does the staff interface in ZOOM vary greatly compared to 2.2.7?
19:38 sean68rs howdy
19:40 mason heya sean
19:43 sean68rs wold anyone happen to know if settings the timeout to 0 in sys preferences > admin will turn the timeout completely off?
19:45 mason hmm, i _think_ so
19:46 sean68rs I have a cataloger who keeps complaining of timeouts...there wouldn't happen to be another setting somewhere?
19:46 sean68rs and our Koha has been online for all of about 2 hours....I'm pretty new to this stuff :P
19:47 mason if it doesnt work, try winding it up to '999999999' ...
19:47 sean68rs will do.  thanks!
20:03 sean68rs Im the intranet/staff interface much different in ZOOM than 2.2.7?  Not style-wise, but functionally
20:13 rch hi sean68rs - there are some new features, and bugfixes, but they are very similar.
20:13 rch the biggest difference in in search functionality
20:13 rch (and that's a big difference)
20:14 sean68rs good deal.  I have staff testing 2.2.7 but we'd probably end up w/ ZOOM
20:14 rch we've been backporting a good deal of the intranet stuff to the 2.2 branch
20:15 sean68rs they won't be completely shocked w/ a new environment
05:25 btoumi hi all
05:41 chris hi bruno
05:42 btoumi hi chris how are u today
05:42 btoumi ?
05:43 chris doing very good thanks, a little sunburnt though
05:44 btoumi too much sun?
05:44 chris yes but we did get to see france playing rugby
05:44 chris so i dont mind the sun :)
05:48 js lol
05:48 js hi chris
05:48 chris hi js

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