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12:33 owen kados?
13:33 slef What's the current working MARC::File::XML version?
13:36 slef 0.61 seems to build
13:40 slef anyone got 0.83 working on debian?
13:41 hdl from cvs
13:41 hdl we have.
13:41 hdl slef
13:41 slef thanks hdl... don't think I can get to cvs server from behind that firewall
13:42 slef #include <rants/releaseEarlyReleaseOften>
13:45 slef #include <rants/buildOnReleasedVersions>
13:46 hdl try
13:47 hdl slef
13:48 slef for 2.2.7?
13:49 hdl yes.
13:49 hdl It is to allow you to get cvs version of MARC::File::XML
13:49 slef fails in same was as 0.83
13:49 slef same way
13:49 hdl what is the problem ?
13:49 dewey well, the problem is i am too much stupid
13:49 slef t/batch........NOK 1#     Failed test (t/batch.t at line 4)
13:49 slef #     Tried to use 'MARC::File::XML'.
13:49 slef #     Error:  Unable to provide required features
13:49 slef # Compilation failed in require at (eval 1) line 2.
13:50 hdl dewey : forget problem
13:50 dewey hdl: I forgot problem
13:50 hdl slef : did you get libxml2 and expat ?
13:51 hdl Did you install XML::Simple ?
13:52 slef I've XML::Simple
13:52 slef I've libxml2
13:52 slef I've expat
13:55 hdl No problems on make ?
13:56 hdl Do you have MARC::Charset ?
13:56 hdl and the latest MARC::Record release ?
14:08 slef not that I saw
14:08 slef MARC::Charset 0.95
14:09 slef MARC::Record 2.0
14:15 slef well, I seem to have built enough to run the installer now :)
14:15 slef how are you?
17:08 Genjimoto hiya all.
17:10 Genjimoto okay..... im not sure what version ive got.. as someone upgraded an installation, thinking he was 'fixing' things.... anyway... any new acquisitions is not searchable via search.marc ... newbiblio just calls REALnewbibilo.. and adds to the db only.. not to the marc.... what version do i have?
17:13 Genjimoto eh.. okay. phones needed... back in a bit.
17:18 Haranor back....
17:18 Haranor so ya... anyone have any idea what ive got?
19:11 hdl Genjimoto: maybe you changed sthg in system preferences
19:11 hdl Try to turn marc Support to On.
19:12 hdl So long
05:27 btoumi hi all
06:21 rch hi btoumi
06:21 paul hello rch
06:21 btoumi hi rch
06:21 paul thx for the logos.
06:21 paul do you have a few minuts ?
06:22 rch hi paul
06:22 paul oups, sorry, i wanted to speak with rachel, not with rch...
06:23 paul i'm happy to see you here (even if it's time to be in bed for a normal american citizen)
06:23 paul but i've no question for you.
06:24 rch paul:  yes, almost bedtime in the States... :)
06:24 rch btoumi: you did much work on fines for rel_3 ?
06:26 rch btoumi: Can you decipher some codes for me? ::
06:26 rch Update accountlines set amountoutstanding=0 where (accounttype='Res' OR accounttype='FU' OR accounttype ='IP' OR accounttype='CH' OR accounttype='N' OR accounttype='F' OR accounttype='A' OR accounttype='M' OR accounttype='L' OR accounttype='RE' OR accounttype='RL') and accountno=? and borrowernumber=?
06:26 btoumi rch: ok
06:26 btoumi IP => iteme price
06:28 rch these are locally defined for you?  do you have authorised_values for them or are they hardcoded in you templates?
06:28 btoumi it's not a authorised_value it's hardcoded
06:28 paul (but wait for btoumi answer)
06:29 rch I recognize some but not all...
06:31 rch I am thinking to create authorised_values for ChargeType and for CreditType.
06:31 rch Does this make sense to you?
06:32 btoumi yes
06:33 btoumi rch CH =>charge
06:35 rch i notice that script is gone for rel_3 ...
06:35 rch this script allows one payment to apply to many fines.
06:35 rch was it known to be buggy?
06:37 btoumi we have just had ip and ch accountype
06:38 btoumi i don't use this script
06:39 rch i am looking to clean it up to work on dev_week, unless there is something like it working now in rel_3?
06:39 btoumi just minute i just want to check if i use it
06:45 btoumi in rel_3 i can create manual credit and fines and i can pay all or only one
06:46 rch yes, that's the way we use it now.
06:47 rch thanks for your input, btoumi
06:47 btoumi no problem
08:26 tumer kados?

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