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21:35 rickw hello russ
21:35 rickw mysql question in relation to koha 2.2.7
21:36 rickw i understand that the 'return' keyword became a reserved word in the SQL language for mysql at some point
21:36 rickw do you know exactly which mysql version this occurred in>
21:41 mason ver 5.0 ->[…]served-words.html
21:45 rickw thanks, mason
21:45 rickw now the big decision : do I fossick around for mysql 4.0 in some archive ( no longer offers mysql 4!)
21:46 rickw or do i bite the bullet and use mysql 5.0 and patch the Koha sources to remove the return keyword
21:46 chris its more than that
21:46 chris but its not that hard
21:47 chris we have clients running koha and mysql 5
21:47 chris its detailed here
21:47 chris
21:51 rickw i also need to install Koha/2.0.0 for regression testing purposes
21:51 rickw i suppose it would run fine with mysql 5, and the sourcecode changes would be simialr
21:51 rickw (although it does kinda invalidate the regression tests!)
21:53 rickw hmmm ... is not answering :(
21:54 chris weird works fine
21:54 mason me too...
21:57 rickw h5 ... i think my dsl modem needs a reset
22:00 rickw okay, got the blog
22:00 rickw thanks!
22:01 rickw at[…]/2006/010269.html chris mentions
22:01 rickw `return` char(4) default NULL
22:01 rickw surely those are quotes, not forward ticks
22:02 rickw oops, back ticks
22:02 chris no not quotes
22:02 rickw now, i thought I saw somewhere else before Xmas a much longer list of source changes when adapting to 5.0
22:02 rickw so mysql uses backticks to turn rsvd words into plain words?
22:03 chris yes
22:03 rickw okay
22:03 chris[…]/identifiers.html
22:04 rickw ah, re: more soruce code changes, my bad
22:04 rickw the lengthy one was the joins.
22:04 rickw okay, ready to rock
22:04 rickw what i've got here, chris, is a test box from Irma Birchall running Deb Etch
22:05 rickw i've insatlled linux-vserver on it and will be running two koha instances, each in its own VPS
22:05 rickw (I ditched Xen as being overkill for Irma's needs)
22:05 rickw any suggestion as to which version of mysql 5 ... leading edge, latest stable?
22:05 chris latest stable
22:06 rickw of course i want to use deb apt-get and stay in line with updates
22:06 rickw i see these packeages in apt-cache:
22:07 rickw mysql-client-5.0 mysql-server-5.0
22:07 chris yep those will do
22:07 rickw is that all I need?
22:07 rickw regarding database, that is :)
22:08 rickw i'm jusst getting to know Koha now
22:08 rickw it looks like mod_perl (or some precompile and caching of perl code) is not being used
22:08 rickw just plain old cgi + scripts
22:08 rickw i suppose that is fine if the Koha instance is not under high demand
22:09 rickw i'll have to find out Irma's usgae requirements (I think it is a few hundred hits per day, not per minute!)
22:10 chris yeah, its fine under lot more busy sites than that
22:10 chris you can run it under mod_perl if you want too
22:10 rickw okay thanks for your ehlp
22:10 rickw i'm going to install koha/2.2.7 for a start
22:11 rickw once that works, i'll dig up a 2.0.0 and install that
22:11 rickw cheers
22:16 rickw `/quit
00:05 rickw hello again
00:05 rickw i am reading:[…]Debian_sarge.html
00:05 rickw and religiously following the install
00:05 rickw i am at this stage: 3.1.5. Installing the MARC::Record module
00:05 rickw whch mentions:
00:05 rickw We have to install the MARC::Record module manually from SourceForge now as the CPAN version of MARC::Record isn't up-to-date.
00:06 rickw anyone know if this is still necessary or has CPAN been updated withthe correct MARC::Record module ?
00:06 mason hiya, i have just done this (last week?)
00:07 mason and im pretty sure i grabbed the one from cpan
00:07 chris i still think its lagging behind
00:07 chris whats the version on CPAN and whats the version on sourceforge?
00:07 mason 0.51?
00:08 mason on both?
00:09 rickw i'll have a look
00:09 mason 1.36 on cpan, march 2004...
00:09 rickw what version should I aim for? the sourceforge i presume
00:09 rickw urgh
00:09 rickw okay
00:09 rickw i'll use the cvs method
00:09 rickw (have to install cvs now!)
00:09 chris[…]php?group_id=1254
00:09 rickw thanks
00:09 chris just download from there
00:09 rickw perhaps cvs not nececssary
00:10 chris cvs probably a bit bleeding edge
00:10 rickw cvs could be dangerous ... might have an unstabel version committed
00:10 rickw unless stable version are tagged
00:10 rickw oops!
00:11 chris for your use, the CPAN one would probably be fine, they dont actually use MARC at EESI
00:11 chris the newer version handles importing from MARC files better
00:11 chris but, best to just put it on, in case they do decide in the future to use marc
00:11 rickw i may as well do the whole thing right
00:11 rickw http://downloads.sourceforge.n[…]2765&big_mirror=0
00:12 rickw i'll give it a whirl
00:12 chris cool
00:13 rch_ hi mason  - you have a minute?
00:13 mason hey ryan
00:13 mason whats up?
00:14 rch_ was just talking to chris about holidays / rel_2_2
00:14 mason uhuh
00:14 rch_ wondering how much is involved in the work you did, and committing it ?
00:14 mason not too much, i think
00:15 mason i was planning to do that over the next few days
00:15 rch_ ah, great.
00:15 rch_ we're looking to fix up a few things in dev_week...
00:15 rch_ so we can merge from 2_2 ...
00:16 mason thats great news
00:16 rch_ did that come from rel_3 or the other way 'round?
00:16 mason yep, i grabbed it from rel3
00:17 rch_ cool... and this is only issuing - no relation to fines stuff, right?
00:20 mason right, there looked to be only a small change in issuebook(), in
00:22 rch_ okay, great... this, i think will make the fines work that needs to be done for dev_week much simpler.
00:22 mason that calls a new sub in, called addDate(), to check if the returndate is a holiday or not.
00:22 mason sorry, a bit of lag there
00:23 mason so, yep, only issebook() seems to use call the new holidays code in rel3
00:25 rickw more fun with instllation
00:25 rch_ it is working well?  last time I played with the calendar in rel_3, it acted a little buggy.
00:25 rickw perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950'
00:25 rickw whines that it cannot find yaz
00:26 rickw i installed the deb pkg libyaz2
00:26 rickw since libyaz has vanished
00:26 rickw was I bad?
00:26 mason ryan: ive only tested it briefly, but it seems to be doing what i expected
00:26 chris maybe :) all the hard bits with the install come down to these third party modules unfortunately
00:27 rch_ rickw: do you have indexdata's repo in your apt-sources?
00:27 rickw nope
00:27 rickw maybe that would help
00:27 rickw i see this:
00:27 rickw Package libyaz is not available, but is referred to by another package.
00:27 rickw This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
00:27 rickw is only available from another source
00:27 rickw However the following packages replace it:
00:27 rickw  libyaz2
00:28 rickw i guess i should uninstall libyaz2 and concetrate on libyaz
00:28 rickw rch_: where is indexdata's repo?
00:30 mason
00:30 rch_ rickw: maybe you just need libyaz-dev ?
00:30 rickw i would love to grab it
00:30 chris yeah that would have the header files
00:31 chris its in the indexdata's repo
00:31 rickw my apt refuses to give it to me
00:31 rickw ah, sorry, i now see indexdata above
00:31 rickw thanks will try it out
00:32 rickw i'm still learning apt
00:32 rickw i threw this into my /etc/apt/sources.list:
00:33 rickw deb etch libyaz
00:33 rickw but npoe
00:33 rickw no go
00:33 mason try this
00:33 mason eb indexdata/etch released
00:33 mason deb-src indexdata/etch released
00:33 rickw okay
00:33 rickw thanks
00:33 mason s/eb/deb
00:34 rickw W: Couldn't stat source package list indexdata/etch/released Packages
00:34 rickw is it indexdata or is it me?
00:35 rickw ah, does one ahve to apt-get update after altering the sources.list ?
00:35 mason yep
00:36 rickw and apt-get upgrade ?
00:36 mason no, not that
00:36 rickw okay .. got yaz
00:36 rch_ mason: thx... let me know, if you would, if you'll not get to commit this week.
00:36 rickw thanks !
00:37 mason ryan, ill commit some later tonite
00:37 rch_ mason++ :)
00:38 mason no probs, i spent ages doing the same thing last week, so its fresh in my mind :)
00:38 mason though id try save you the pain
00:38 rickw this is fun: Unable to call script 'yaz-config': is YAZ installed? at Makefile.PL line 12.
00:39 rickw i have installed libyaz and got yaz 2 ... urg
00:39 rickw lib: /usr/lib/
00:40 rickw i've got this in ousrces.list:
00:40 rickw deb indexdata/etch released
00:40 rickw deb etch main
00:40 mason try this, dpkg -l|grep -i yaz
00:41 rickw ah ...looks like indexdata isusing yaz version 2 as well:
00:41 rickw Get:2 indexdata/etch/released libyaz 2.1.46-1 [412kB]
00:41 rickw ...
00:41 rickw dpkg -l|grep -i yaz
00:41 rickw ii  libyaz                 2.1.46-1                        The YAZ Z39.50 toolkit (runtime files)
00:41 rickw rc  libyaz2                2.1.18-2                        The YAZ Z39.50 toolkit (runtime files)
00:41 rickw ii  yaz-doc                2.1.46-1                        The YAZ Z39.50 toolkit (documentation)
00:41 chris do you have yaz itself installed
00:41 rickw just the libs above and docs
00:41 rickw is there more?
00:42 chris i think yaz-config is part of yaz
00:42 chris sudo apt-get install yaz
00:42 chris see if youre yaz-config errror goes away after that
00:42 rickw orkee dorkee
00:42 mason oh, ive just got the same 3 yaz opackages on my dev box too
00:43 rickw Get:1 indexdata/etch/released yaz 2.1.46-1 [84.9kB]
00:43 rickw okay
00:43 mason yaz-config lives in libyaz-dev
00:44 rickw but Net::Z3950 still wines
00:44 rickw so i need the dev version of the lib?
00:44 chris hmmm
00:44 mason i had a similar prob with that too..., try this
00:44 mason sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Z3950::ZOOM'
00:45 chris ill leave it to mason, i havent done an install in a while
00:45 mason i did a google on my Net::Z3950 error and found a fix from someone
00:47 rickw mason: looks like ::ZOOM installs. thanks.
00:47 mason me too
02:23 rickw i tried to install what CPAN recommends: XML::SAX::Expat
02:23 rickw but that tries to install XML::Parser
02:23 rickw which needs the expat parser ... which needs XML::Parser ... and around it goes :(
02:24 rickw i wonder if i (a) scrap all the XML stuff I have now installed (it is a dog's breakfast)
02:24 rickw and just install XML::Parser using expat ... would Koha be happy?
02:24 rickw or will it be looking for XML::Simple in the scripts?
02:25 rickw ah:
02:25 rickw XML::Simple is required: /   unless (eval {require XML::Simple})   { push @missing,"XML::Simple" };
02:47 rickw okay ... had to install libexpat1-dev followed by XML::SAX::Expat followed by XML::Simple
05:08 btoumi hi all

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