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11:56 kados morning owen
11:56 owen Hi kados
11:57 paul hi owen & kados
11:57 paul (even if with zebra 2.0.8, that seem not to solve the problem)
11:57 kados paul: likely the index needs to be re-built
11:57 paul it has been rebuilded
11:57 kados ahh
11:58 kados very strange
11:58 paul but I could check once again
11:58 kados paul: did you post a message to koha-zebra? /me didn't see it
11:58 paul nope, i send a message on zebra-list
12:15 pupung hi guys
12:15 pupung anybody awake?
12:20 pupung hello?
12:20 paul hi pupung. Some of us are awake, but we all are busy, for sure !
12:21 pupung ok
12:21 pupung i backed up my db using phpmyadmin  im using mysql 4 on a windows 2000 server machine
12:21 pupung when i restore my backup... it says:  error 1064 You have an error in you SQL syntax
12:22 pupung it seems that phpmyadmin dumped my db as a mysql5 db
12:22 paul for sure.
12:22 pupung what shall i do now? i have no other backups,,
12:22 paul there is a parameter in mysqldump to tell that you want mysql 4 dump.
12:22 paul if you can't access your mySQL5 DB anymore, I'm afraid you'll have to install a mySQL 5.
12:23 paul otherwise :
12:23 paul       ·  --compatible=name
12:23 paul          Produce output that is more compatible with other database systems
12:23 pupung oohh.. but how is my poor koha installation...
12:23 paul          or with older MySQL servers. The value of name can be ansi,
12:23 paul          mysql323, mysql40, postgresql, oracle, mssql, db2, maxdb,
12:23 paul          no_key_options, no_table_options, or no_field_options. To use
12:23 paul          several values, separate them by commas. These values have the same
12:23 paul          meaning as the corresponding options for setting the server SQL
12:23 paul          mode. See the section called "THE SERVER SQL MODE".
12:23 paul          This option does not guarantee compatibility with other servers. It
12:23 paul          only enables those SQL mode values that are currently available for
12:23 paul          making dump output more compatible. For example, --compatible=oracle
12:23 paul          does not map data types to Oracle types or use Oracle comment
12:23 paul          syntax.
12:28 pupung hmm..
12:31 pupung can i just restore it to a mysql 5 server
12:32 pupung then backup it again using compatibility mode?
12:32 paul yep, i'm afraid
12:32 paul that's the only possibility
18:00 slef hi
18:00 dewey hola, slef
19:05 hdl hi slef. Happy New Year.
20:04 pupung does anybody know if the pdf creation tool works on koha 2.2.7 for windows?
21:07 slef as in the barcode generator
21:07 slef ?
21:08 slef It didn't work for me on GNU/Linux until I hacked it a bit.  kohabug 1241 has my patch.
21:15 pupung hmm.,.
21:15 pupung well it worked for me
21:15 pupung on linux
21:15 pupung but i need to install koha on a windows machine
21:17 mason hiya pupung
21:18 mason i wrote the new barcode stuff
21:18 mason but i havent tried it at all on windows
21:19 mason but it should work ok
21:20 pupung really
21:20 pupung is it on the cvs?
21:20 mason there was a clumsy bit of code where it wrote the pdf to a temp file, before redirecting the file back to your browser
21:20 pupung i get this stuff: Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/barcodes/
21:20 pupung Unable to open /tmp/614105- 001 to 250)-[17.1.2007]-[7:5:11].pdf for writing at C:/usr/site/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/PDF/ line 511., referer: http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/barcodes/
21:20 mason which could have been and issue, but that got fixed :)
21:20 pupung really?
21:21 pupung so.. its on cvs now?
21:21 mason yep
21:21 pupung ok will check.t
21:21 pupung thanks for the infor
21:22 mason pupung: fyi , the is the old original barcode stuff
21:22 mason lemme find you the newer commits in cvs...
21:23 pupung ahh ok..
21:23 pupung ermm one thing,, can i ask you one more favor..
21:23 mason yep, shoot
21:24 pupung i dont know how to browse the cvs through windows.. can i just get the new files through dcc or email?
21:24 pupung if that wouldnt be to much for me to ask..
21:24 pupung hehe
21:24 mason ah, its pretty easy
21:24 mason there is a web interface, like this ->
21:24 mason[…]=dev_week#dirlist
21:24 pupung oh ok
21:26 mason if you clck on any of those files to view, there is a 'download' option for each of them...
21:26 pupung ahh alright
21:26 pupung sooo i will only replace the barcodegenerator and
21:27 mason hmmm, theres a few more steps to it :(
21:28 pupung uh ok..
21:29 mason gimme a tick ...
21:30 mason try running this url -> http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/b[…]des/
21:31 mason chris mentioned that my new barcode files are probably included in 2.2.7
21:31 pupung ohhh,, im using 2.2.7 already
21:31 pupung himp...
21:31 pupung so its not running..
21:32 mason but the updated links havent been added to the 'koha admin' page
21:33 mason u might need to check in mysql to see if the new barcode tables have been added too
21:33 pupung ok il check
21:34 mason there should be 3 new tables .... labels, labels_conf, labels_templates
21:35 mason im not sure if the 2.2.7 installer creates them
21:35 pupung ah yeah..
21:35 pupung actually i was originally using 2.2.7 on linux
21:35 pupung then i exported my db
21:35 pupung then i restored it
21:35 pupung so no changes reallty
21:37 mason ok, so youve got those 3 labels* tables in your db?
21:37 pupung yeah
21:37 pupung already
21:37 mason cool
21:38 mason ah, but i dont think the template files have been added to 2.2.7
21:39 pupung i tried the print pdf thing in the label-home
21:39 pupung and... its not a pdf that i download after the creation
21:39 pupung its a .pl file
21:39 pupung hehehhe
21:40 mason aaaah , right
21:40 mason we just fixed that last week
21:41 chris it is really a pdf
21:41 pupung yeah
21:41 chris if you rename it, it works
21:41 mason yep
21:41 pupung i saw the header
21:41 pupung hehehe
21:41 pupung so that's the now way to create a label?
21:42 mason yep
21:42 pupung ahh alright,, i miss the old way
21:42 pupung hehehe
21:42 pupung thankssss..
21:42 pupung thank you very much..
21:43 mason fyi: chris fixed that bug last month here ->[…].5&r2=
21:45 mason get the latest version from cvs to fix that bug
21:45 pupung oh ok. thanks
21:48 mason try this one...
21:48 mason[…]_week&view=markup
21:52 pupung ok,, ill search for
21:56 mason woah, that line is a comment.
21:56 pupung ahh really
21:56 pupung it's not
21:56 pupung hehe
21:56 pupung doesnt have #
21:57 pupung ahh ok
21:57 pupung i get it
21:57 pupung sorry
21:57 pupung hehe
21:57 mason yep, see the 'download' and 'text' options up the top
21:57 mason click the text one, to see the file contents
21:58 pupung now its looking for
21:59 mason i dont think it needs it, comment that lne out
22:00 pupung now its lookin for pdf report
22:00 pupung ok ill install it first
22:01 mason yep
22:04 mason and  PDF::Reuse::Barcode
22:15 pupung hmm.
22:15 pupung somethings wrong
22:16 pupung hmm
22:16 mason yes, ive spotting something too
22:17 mason that updated '' file needs the newer file too
22:18 pupung wow..
22:18 pupung wooow
22:18 pupung so i need to download the whole folder then?
22:18 mason hmmmm, yeah :)
22:20 mason basically , i would grab all the barcode files from dev-week in cvs
22:21 pupung :)
22:21 pupung thank you, thats very nice of you
22:22 mason no probs, gimme a day or two and ill test out some instructions that work
22:26 mason fyi: your original error, is probably a file permission problem with your /tmp dir
22:26 pupung anyway im no hurry
22:26 mason Unable to open /tmp/614105- 001 to 250)-[17.1.2007]-[7:5:11].pdf for writing at C:/usr/site/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/PDF/ line 511
22:26 pupung ill have to catalogue 500 books
22:26 pupung heheh
22:27 mason where ever the hell /tmp is on a windows box...
22:28 pupung haha
22:28 pupung i tried to place it c:\tmp
22:31 mason yeah, /tmp might even be set by perl or apache
22:44 pupung ok..
22:44 pupung i have another problem
22:44 pupung hehe.. on the opac. i couldnt see the call numbers of my items
22:45 pupung anyway ill check whats happening
22:58 pupung ohh i reinstalled koha, and the barcode thing works partly
22:58 pupung it created a pdf file
23:01 pupung however,, the pdf file has only the barcodes of the items and nothing else (i.e call number, title etc)
05:52 rach paul?
05:52 dewey hmmm... paul is preparing to issue a release while the NPL templates are not working for the record editor now.
05:52 rach erg - bots
05:52 paul yep rach, i'm here
05:52 paul hello
05:52 dewey niihau, paul
05:53 rach hi, chris says you were after me
05:53 paul yes.
05:53 paul but i don't know why anymore :'(
05:53 chris logos?
05:54 paul nope.
05:54 paul hello chris.
05:54 rach buttons?
05:54 paul I have an important question for you 2
05:54 rach babies :-)
05:54 paul it's about rel_2_2
05:55 paul babies, why not ? but no, it was not about baby ;-)
05:55 paul I've seen many commits from james mason recently.
05:55 chris mason james :)
05:55 paul that introduces new features (& thus instability probably)
05:56 chris ahh the holidays stuff?
05:56 paul yep, & some stuff on serials iirc
05:56 chris serials would have been bob
05:56 paul right. in december.
05:57 paul anyway, I was wondering what was in those commits.
05:57 paul because it's important to have a rock solid 2.2 and i'm not sure that they won't introduce some instability?
05:57 chris right, the serial ones were fixes for the serials
05:57 paul s/?/./
05:58 chris the holidays is the holidays module backported from rel_3_0
05:58 chris rch asked him to commit that, it works well, and only makes one minor change to issuebook
05:59 btoumi hi all
05:59 chris so that you can define holidays, and koha wont issue to those dates
06:00 chris he may have also committed an export tool, which probably shouldnt be there
06:00 chris perhaps that one is better in dev_week
06:00 paul i've seen the export tools, i've nothing against it, as it strictly changes nothing in the DB or core feature.
06:00 chris cool
06:00 paul i'm more afraid by serials & holiday commits.
06:01 chris the serials one was fixes
06:01 paul i'll have to check them carefully, to be sure they don't create instability.
06:01 chris yep
06:01 paul (+ port templates things into default templates)
06:01 rach erg, off to take pain killers
06:02 rach paul if you remember what you wanted maybe mail me :-)
06:02 paul rach: ok
06:02 chris right, i think he may have just committed for the npl ones
06:02 chris you have seen the holidays module in action in 3.0 ?
06:03 paul (on phone, 1mn pls)
06:03 mason hi paul
06:10 paul hi mason.
06:10 paul chris, i'm back
06:11 paul about the holiday module in action => what kind of "action" ?
06:11 chris ahhh seen it working is what i meant?
06:11 chris it has one page that lets you set holidays
06:12 paul then you should ask btoumi, because i've not seen it directly, but if it didn't worked, the library should have seen it
06:12 paul normally, yes, it works :
06:12 paul - you can define holidays
06:12 chris and then a subroutine that when you give it a date, checks its not a holiday and if it is finds a date that isnt
06:12 paul - when a return date is a closed day, it is moved
06:12 chris right
06:12 mason yep
06:12 chris thats what we backported
06:13 paul to the next opened day.
06:13 chris so it does the same thing
06:13 paul ok, then it should work as well.
06:13 chris yes thats a good idea
06:13 paul because some libraries will not want zebra (as it's useless for them)
06:14 chris yes, overkill
06:14 paul but could like other 3.0 improvements
06:14 chris right (like holidays:))
06:14 paul like holidays, news, and so many many things
06:14 chris and the fines work
06:14 chris that bruno did
06:14 chris yep
06:14 mason bruno++
06:14 btoumi thanks
06:15 paul another possibility would be to fore-port the SQL marc management into 3.0 to have a 3.0 SQL only version.
06:15 paul i don't know which would be the easiest !
06:15 chris hmmm
06:15 chris i think to backport features, one or 2 at a time might be easier
06:15 btoumi but for the automatic calcul of return date don't work in day open
06:16 mason btoumi: for fines??
06:17 btoumi for fines yes
06:18 btoumi i work with special and repeatable holidays
06:18 btoumi but for issues the automatic calcul of date return don't work
06:21 mason btoumi: is that because of a bug in the holidays code?
06:33 btoumi mason: i don't know because i have not enough time to investigate
07:12 paul "night chris
07:13 btoumi good night chris

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