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11:24 kados paul: are you around?
11:24 paul yep
11:24 paul hello kados
11:24 kados hi :-)
11:24 kados just wanted to ask if you saw the chinese translations on koha-translate
11:24 paul yep
11:24 kados it includes npl and default!
11:25 paul I saw, it's really a great job !
11:25 kados I was wondering if you think we should make an announcement ... "send us translations" and aim to release 2.2.8 with several langauges
11:25 kados maybe have a deadline for submissions
11:25 paul that could be a very nice thing, you're right.
11:26 paul maybe january, 15th could be a deadline ?
11:26 kados yea, that sounds good
11:27 paul kados : in dev_week, in opac, you have rss feed, isn'tit ?
11:27 paul it is no more here in rel_3_0
11:27 kados and maybe the translation .po file can be attached to the email
11:27 paul you mean the empty translation .po file ?
11:27 kados yes
11:27 kados the RSS is from amazon's A9 using the opensearch module I wrote
11:28 kados I will commit it immediately, but it will require some further generalization to be fit for all koha users
11:28 kados we will need to create some opensearch preferences
11:29 paul about .po file : would be better to have a link to savannah translation file I think. to avoir having a large attached file.
11:29 kados good point
11:29 kados can you include both default and npl?
11:30 paul i'll try, but i'll have to investigate some latin1 / utf8 issues
11:31 paul (fortunatly, koha 3.0 is utf8 only !)
11:33 kados paul: opensearchdescription + opensearch are committed
11:33 paul thx
11:33 paul an other topic : I spoke with tumer this morning
11:33 paul about zebra update.
11:34 paul he pointed me it's script, that uses zoom, but single process only.
11:34 kados right
11:34 kados I think it should be in rel_3
11:34 paul he thinks/is sure that the pain comes from multiple zoom updates simultaneously
11:34 kados yep, that's my feeling too
11:34 paul I plan to port it's script into rel_3_0, and not use your script
11:34 kados ok, great
11:35 paul (even if update_items will still be useful for popularity& position)
11:35 kados yep
11:35 kados it can be run less often
11:35 kados with the -all flag
11:35 kados rch has also written an
11:36 kados not sure if he committed it
11:36 kados paul: one thing that is important in rel_3 is to be clear about where authoritative data is
11:36 kados paul: especially for items
11:37 kados because it's a problem in rel_2 that the authoritative data is sometimes items table, but sometimes marc-*
11:37 kados and it can cause problems when the data gets out of sync
11:37 paul kados++
11:38 kados (I just wanted to say that in case tumer's script didn't treat items.* as authoritative)
11:39 kados paul: so if you do not have time to write an email to koha-* about translations I can do it today
11:39 paul ok, I let you write the mail.
11:39 kados you can translate it for koha-infos ;-)
11:40 kados paul: did you commit the Ukranian and Chinese (TW) translations already?
11:40 paul ukr : i think yes. chinese : not yet
11:41 kados what other languages already exist and don't need to be updated?
11:41 paul polish, spanish
11:42 kados hungarian also
11:42 kados for npl
11:44 cm hey kyle, it is itemcallnumber.  :/
11:44 kados hey cm
11:44 cm hey.
11:45 cm kyle and I were wondering if you could give us a hand with a couple of things today.
11:45 kados sure
11:45 cm cool.  we've lost our call numbers from the intranet search results, and we're trying to figure out how to get them back.
11:45 cm they were there in the old search page.
11:46 kados which field are they mapped to?
11:46 cm we want to use the call numbers from the items...lemme double check.
11:47 cm they're in items.itemcallnumber.  
11:47 kados rch is gonna hop in IRC
11:47 kados s/in/on/
11:48 cm cool.  I was able to use itemcallnumber in npl's opac-results template, but we just tried it in our intranet template and it didn't work.
11:49 kados ok, this is likely just a template tweak
11:49 cm we should be using in the main dev_week directory for the intranet searching, right?
11:49 rch hi cm
11:49 cm hi rch.  :)
11:50 rch do you have itemcallno data?
11:50 cm yeah, it's in our database.  works in the npl opac template.
11:51 cm
11:52 cm i modified the npl opac template to use itemcallnumber instead of classification
11:52 cm we don't have data in classification for a lot of our records.  I'm not sure I even have that mapped at this point.
11:54 rch oh, I see, so zebra isn't giving anything on callnum: search
11:54 cm yeah.
11:55 rch so callnum is defined in
11:56 rch as Local-classification
11:56 cm let me check.
11:56 rch then in your record.abs, it's mapped to a marc tag.
11:57 cm it's in let me check record.abs.  it should be there.
11:57 rch I have:
11:57 rch melm 959$d      Local-classification,Local-classification:w,L​ocal-classification:p,Local-classification:s
11:57 rch which is itemcallnum for that install.
11:58 cm mine is 942k.  Let me make sure that's correct.
11:58 rch right, so 942k is biblio-level
11:59 rch itemcallnum should be 952 maybe?
12:01 cm yeah, it should be in 952.  let me look in my marc editor to make sure which field exactly.
12:02 rch so if you change that line in record.abs to the right element and reindex, you should be good.
12:02 cm yeah, it should be 952k.  I'll change it and reindex.  thanks!
12:03 rch np :)
12:05 cm I'm reindexing now.  it'll take a little while.
12:07 cm the other thing we were wondering if someone could give us a hand with is a script kyle has written to allow us to make partial payments on fines
12:07 cm he's uploaded it to dev_week, if someone could take a look at it.
12:07 cm he said he'd be hopping back onto irc in a moment.
12:09 cm i'm guessing that there are probably some other tweaks we need to make to our &/or record.abs, because our sorting is a little weird.
12:10 rch if you're using default marc-koha mapping, then things should mostly work, i think.
12:10 rch can you give an example on sorting?
12:14 kyle hey cm
12:14 kyle the script is called
12:15 kyle It appears that I've missed something that involves connecting to mysql, but I can't find any problems.
12:15 kyle Another set of eyes might pick up what I've missed.
12:16 rch hi kyle
12:16 rch i'll take a look at it.
12:16 kyle thanks
12:16 cm sorting by date doesn't seem to work quite right.  Let me find a good example.
12:17 cm searching isn't working right now 'cause i'm reindexing, though.  :P
12:18 cm okay, it's done.  Here's an example:
12:19 cm[…]au:Gaiman,%20Neil.
12:19 cm never mind, that wasn't sorted.
12:20 cm here it is:
12:20 cm[…]rt_by=1%3D31+%3Ei
12:20 cm if you scroll down to look at the dates, you'll notice they're out of order
12:27 cm reindexing didn't work.  so what variable name should we be using in the template for call number?
12:29 cm the good news is that search?q=callnum works now.  :)
12:32 rch cm: <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="itemcallnumber" -->
12:32 rch in tmpl loop ITEM_RESULTS
12:45 rch kyle: nothing jumps out at me.
12:45 rch what error do you get
12:49 cm thanks, rch.  I think it must be in the wrong loop.
12:51 kyle rch, if you switch to ccfls template, there is new new form on the fine payments page where you type in an amount to be paid, you could try it out. I'll run it again and grab the error log.
12:58 kyle I think this might be the primary problem:
12:58 kyle DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 67., referer:[…]
13:02 rch kyle: while ( my @data = $sth->fetchrow_hashref() && $amountpaid > 0 ) {
13:02 rch should be $data
13:03 rch and $data{'x'} instead of $data['x'] ?
13:04 kyle ok, I'll give that a shot. I believe I alread tried changing @ to $, though.
13:11 cm kyle, I'm going to switch us to npl template for a minute to test something.
13:11 kyle now I'm getting a compliation error:
13:11 kyle Global symbol "%data" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 53., referer:[…]
13:11 kyle ok
13:12 cm okay, i'm done kyle.
13:12 kyle ok
13:27 cm key kyle, I  got the call number back.  had to put the call number column back, though.  We couldn't put it inside that loop, apparently.
13:27 kyle ok, that's fine with me.
13:28 kyle wait, it appears to be working fine inside the loop as well
13:28 cm yeah, i just noticed that.  what the heck?
13:28 kyle for some of them, do a search for cats
13:28 cm it wasn't working earlier.
13:29 kyle The 1st and 3rd have inner op call numbers, but the 2nd one doesn't
13:29 kyle the 2nd one is the only one in the list that doesn't have an inner loop call number, I say we leave both in for now.
13:29 cm yeah.  maybe it's using classification instead for those.  
13:30 kyle call number still isn't showing up in
13:30 cm yeah.  i'll have another look at it though to figure out why it's suddenly working.  it wasn't before I reinserted the call number column.
13:30 cm i bet I can fix that too.
13:32 cm yep, i did.  :)
13:32 kyle bien
13:32 kyle keep track of the files you modify so I can update them in cvs
13:33 cm ok.
13:33 cm sorting by call number seems to work now.  mary lee will be happy.
13:33 kyle excellent
13:34 cm hey, btw, john wants to meet with us at 2:00.
13:35 kyle ok
05:11 js hello

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