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13:04 kyle hey kados, you around?
22:00 kados thd: are you present?
22:01 kados thd: I received a question from someone recently regarding a good source for german-language materials
22:01 kados the national german library only allows SUTRS access to their records :(
22:02 thd yes Germany is mostly mean about MARC records
22:02 kados thd: is there a way to obtain the records? :-)
22:03 thd kados: there is fortunately a good union catalogue
22:12 kados thd: which one?
22:12 dewey hmmm... which one is that? :-)
22:13 thd GBV
22:14 kados thd: got z39.50 source for that?
22:14 thd Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen und der Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
22:15 thd|yes|MARC 21|MARC 21|MARC 21|Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbund (GBV)
22:15 kados woot
22:15 thd you need a password
22:15 kados pay for it?
22:15 kados[…]tras_0065?lang=en
22:15 kados found this site
22:16 thd $connectArray = array("user"=>"999", "password" => "abc");
22:18 thd kados: they do restrict table of contents to and most databases to network members
22:19 kados thd: db name?
22:19 thd port 20011 DB GVK
22:20 kados thd: cool, it seems to even work from koha :-)
22:20 kados thd: I added it to
22:21 kados but they use a weird encoding
22:21 thd kados: there is another very large network but that is for brief UNIMARC records only and full UNIMARC records if you are a member
22:22 kados thd: their encoding is problematic
22:22 thd kados: did you use the correct port
22:22 kados thd: they don't use utf-8 or marc-8
22:22 thd port determines encoding
22:23 thd kados: if you have the wrong port they will be in ISO-5426
22:24 kados thd: I used 20011
22:24 kados thd: and the encoding isn't marc8 or utf8
22:24 kados :(
22:24 kados encoding--
22:27 thd still have not found ports but supported attributes are[…]
22:30 thd ports and encoding[…]tras_0065?lang=en
22:31 thd kados: Ansel is MARC-8
22:31 kados hmmm
22:32 kados so since I'm using that port
22:32 kados it must be that Koha isn't importing properly :(
22:33 kados encoding--
22:33 thd I was going to suggest Koha as the problem
22:33 kados hehe
22:33 thd kados: I have tested this server thoroughly with my own client
22:34 kados ok ... so it's koha :(
22:36 thd kados: German records do have capital letters in their indicators and have some field assignment mistakes in converting to MARC 21 but they are otherwise OK
22:40 thd kados: I recommend the subroutine I added to for all MARC-8 to UTF-8 conversion
22:43 thd kados: I do have a nice German music reviews server but some other union catalogues have expired passwords posted in the official place
22:52 thd kados: do test on more than one search.  Almost no server has every record encoded correctly.
05:03 btoumi hi all
05:34 hdl kados have you checked with koha-2.2.7 z3950 client ?
05:35 hdl I tried and fix encoding problems with french libraries.
05:35 hdl kados : maybe you can use what I did for latin1 for ISO-5426
06:27 js hi #koha
06:59 tumer paul:around?
07:00 tumer toins:around?
07:00 toins hi tumer !
07:00 toins yep i'm around ;-)
07:00 tumer hi toins
07:01 tumer u are  using mod_perl?
07:01 toins yes
07:01 toins and it's rocks !
07:01 tumer can you send me the http.conf part for koha?
07:01 toins ok
07:02 tumer i am having lots of authentication problems
07:02 tumer did you change any koha scripts?
07:03 toins nope, i have just correct some mod_perl specific bugs
07:03 toins but now all is good
07:03 toins (on rel_3_0)
07:04 tumer on mine everyone gets logged in as previous user and all gets mixed up
07:04 toins #intranet
07:04 toins Listen 8079
07:04 toins <VirtualHost gerard:8079>
07:04 toins   PerlRequire /etc/apache2/
07:04 toins   ServerAdmin
07:04 toins   DocumentRoot /home/toins/dev/rel_3_0/koha-tmpl
07:04 toins   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/koha "/home/toins/dev/rel_3_0"
07:04 toins   ServerName gerard
07:04 toins   ErrorLog "/var/log/apache2/rel_3_0-error.log"
07:04 toins   Redirect permanent index.html http://gerard:8079/cgi-bin/koha/
07:04 toins   SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/etc/koha/rel_3_0.xml"
07:04 toins </VirtualHost>
07:05 tumer and what does that include?
07:05 toins is :
07:06 toins #!/usr/bin/perl -w
07:06 toins use strict;
07:06 toins use Data::Dumper;
07:06 toins use Apache::DBI;
07:06 toins use lib qw(/home/toins/dev/rel_3_0);
07:06 toins 1;
07:06 toins use Apache::DBI is not required
07:07 toins tumer, and i have on /etc/apache2/apache2.conf :
07:07 toins <Files *.pl>
07:07 toins SetHandler perl-script
07:07 toins PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
07:07 toins PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
07:07 toins PerlSendHeader On
07:07 toins Options +ExecCGI
07:07 toins </Files>
07:08 tumer strange, I have very similar but it really is messing up!
07:09 tumer thanks anyway
07:09 tumer i will give it another try
07:10 toins there is a page on the wiki :
07:10 toins tumer, you are running koha head ?
07:10 tumer yes toins
07:11 tumer but i have not commited lates changes for sometime now
07:20 paul hi tumer
07:20 paul a quick question...
07:20 tumer hi paul
07:20 tumer yep!
07:20 paul iirc, you did something to let the users save their queries isn't it ?
07:21 tumer yes
07:21 paul is the code commited on HEAD ? & could you tell me where it is
07:21 paul next question : is your "see where is it in the library (on a "map")" commited too ?
07:21 paul & where is it hidde too ;-)
07:21 tumer and it is..
07:22 paul last question : did you commit somewhere your update_zebra script, that runs every 30seconds
07:22 paul ?
07:22 tumer sub add_query_line
07:23 tumer i'll check whether i committed zebra script
07:24 paul mmm... add_query_line is not what i'm looking for
07:24 paul iirc, the user could save a query he did previously, to be able to quiclky find it again later.
07:24 tumer zebra script is under z3950
07:25 tumer add_query line saves the query which can be recalled after
07:25 tumer i have not committed any opac scripts that just calls it back
07:26 tumer all querys of the user are saved automatically
07:26 paul zebra_queue_start unknown on my head cvs
07:27 tumer lemme check
07:27 paul lemme check my cvs copy too ;-)
07:27 paul (as it's quite outdated I bet
07:27 paul )
07:27 tumer its named
07:28 paul ok, gotcha, thx.
07:28 paul and the map feature, is it somewhere ?
07:29 tumer on windows i use another script to start that and fork out-winwos specific as i cannot use fork
07:30 paul => your added a zebraqueue table, that is filled by AddBiblio / ModBiblio & emptied by, right ?
07:30 tumer paul:i did not commit any opac scripts as i only have my templates with them
07:30 tumer yes thats right
07:31 paul thanks, i think it's a very clean way of doing things & i'll probably adopt it on rel_3_0
07:32 thd tuner: I have not been able to obtain a non-error response from your Z39.50 server
07:33 thd|no|MARC 21|UTF-8|MARC 21|Yak&#305;n Do&#287;u &Uuml;n&iacute;vers&iacute;tes&iacute; (YD&Uuml;) [Near East University (NEU)], Lefko&#537;a, Kuzey K&#305;br&#305;s T&uuml;rk Cumhuriyeti (KKTC) [Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)], B&uuml;y&uuml;k K&uuml;t&uuml;phane [Grand Library]
07:35 thd tumer: I have always had error: "database unavailable", error detail : "default"  from that server
07:37 tumer thd database name is neulis
07:38 thd you changed it from default?
07:38 tumer its always been like date
07:38 tumer s date/that
07:39 thd I misunderstood then previously
07:39 thd tumer: your wAP service is nice
07:40 tumer thx
07:40 tumer but SMS renewal service is used most
07:41 thd tumer: Is there no secondary option page WAP for viewing more complete bibliographic information such as edition, date, and extent to know if one has the correct edition of the title?
07:43 tumer thd:it can be improved but we are side tracked at the moment adding federated search for EBSCO and ProQuest databases
07:43 thd tumer: what are you using for Federated searching?
07:44 tumer written it myseld with zoom
07:46 thd tumer: what are you doing for duplicate biblios in EBSCO and ProQuest?
07:46 tumer nothing
07:47 thd tumer: are you able to obtain any thesaurus information from either to guide user queries?
07:48 tumer scan operations are allowed yes
07:48 thd tumer: I mean are you able to obtain thesaurus information to present to the user before the search is conducted?
07:49 tumer ??
07:50 thd tumer: such that you could have the user query constrained by selecting from actual thesaurus contents?
07:51 tumer you may do that if required
07:52 thd tumer: they amalgamate indexing and abstracting services.  Are you able to obtain the indexing and abstracting services individual thesauri from EBSCO or ProQuest?
07:52 tumer i have not asked them!
07:53 thd tumer: would you consider asking about the possibility
07:54 tumer they will probably tell me to buy their federated searching product
07:55 thd tumer: their own product does not provide the thesaurus contents that I have seen except in a specific result set.
07:57 thd tumer: if you had the thesaurus information yourself you could build the best possible search of either, federated or otherwise.
07:59 thd tumer: we should be able to do something similar for subject headings in the OPAC in due course.
08:01 thd tumer: in the case of the OPAC we have subject authorities records for thesauri, but in the case of indexing and abstracting services like EBSCO and ProQuest we have almost nothing for thesauri.
08:03 tumer you may scan their subject field,download and built your own
08:04 thd tumer: would they allow that?
08:05 thd tumer: would they supply better, hierarchical thesaurus information if you asked?
08:05 tumer i do not think so. But downloading of the whole lot is allowed. They even provide all records on a CD
08:06 thd tumer: complete with authorised and unauthorised forms of a subject?
08:06 tumer to be added to local catalogue
08:06 thd tumer: how many records is that?
08:06 tumer nope only bibliographic with subfileds 650
08:07 thd tumer: do their databases fit on one CD?
08:07 tumer one or more i donno
08:08 tumer thd have to go, see you again
08:08 thd tumer: I assume they have no provision for full text in your own OPAC
08:08 thd OK
08:09 thd thank you for that information tumer
08:36 thd tumer: if you are around, I also have database unavailable errors for neulis using
08:36 thd and I have those errors even if you are not around :)
08:41 tumer thd: it seems the server is down ,thx
08:41 thd tumer: you are welcome
09:03 thd ------

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