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11:03 kados paul: are you around?
11:31 paul kados : yep
11:46 kados paul: did you get my message?
11:46 kados paul: asking about translations?
11:47 paul yes.
11:47 kados ahh, good
11:47 paul sorry to have missed answering
11:47 kados it's ok, I'm glad you got it, email has been flakey lately
11:47 kados :-)
11:47 kados so what do you think? is there a solution?
11:47 paul my internet connexion is "flakey" as well...
11:47 kados hehe
11:48 paul (can I use it anywhere ?)
11:48 kados hehe
11:48 kados yes
11:48 kados it's safe :-)
11:48 kados so for unimarc it seems we need non-utf-8
11:48 kados but for marc21 we need utf-8 :(
11:49 paul I think the best/only solution is to add a parameter on the commandline.
11:49 paul and comment this part (that tries to detect encoding)
11:49 kados but it means we will have css_opac_utf8.pot and css_opac_8859.pot ?
11:50 paul mmm... not necessary probably
11:50 paul we could just use utf8 for everybody, except for frenchies
11:50 kados if it's OK with you, it's OK with me
11:50 paul the "conflicting charset" comes from the fact that :
11:51 paul in extracted strings, there are BOTH utf8 AND iso8859-1
11:51 paul because they are both in template, one being used by the <tmpl_if>, the other one discarded
11:51 kados Conflicting charsets in msgid: <!-- vs UTF-8
11:51 kados I suspect that <!-- is unreadable
11:51 paul but the translator don't understand what to do with those 2 strings.
11:52 paul right. To solve this, i've commented the line & forced iso8859-1 in my local script
11:52 paul (& I did not commit)
11:52 kados ok, so if I force UTF-8 and commit it's OK with you?
11:53 paul ok
11:53 kados and you can handle french translations with 8859
11:53 kados ok, thanks
11:53 paul ok.
11:53 paul did you see my 2 new features commits on rel_3
11:53 paul ?
11:53 kados not yet, I'm behind on email :-)
11:53 paul http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
11:53 paul http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
11:54 kados wow, great!
11:54 kados NPL will want this immediately
11:54 paul less than half a day of work ;-)
11:54 paul (has still to be improved, as explained in my commit)
11:54 kados hehe
11:55 paul (should commit in 1-2 hours)
11:55 kados woot
11:58 kados $ ./ create -i ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/css/en/ -s po/css_opac.pot -r
11:58 kados Removing empty file po/css_opac.pot
11:58 kados msgmerge: /tmp/UPgXe0rX6o: warning: Charset "CHARSET" is not a portable encoding name.
11:58 kados                                    Message conversion to user's charset might not work.
11:58 kados ..........................​......................... done.
11:58 kados The create seems to be successful.
11:58 kados paul: is that a safe warning?
11:59 paul wow...
11:59 paul I never saw this warning. or didn't remember it !
11:59 kados hehe
11:59 paul a kbabel on the file would confirm things are OK
11:59 kados I just added $charset_in = "UTF-8";
11:59 kados and took out the die
13:11 kados tnb_: !
13:11 kados woops
13:20 kados hey owen
13:20 kados owen: how's vacation treating you? :-)
14:50 kados _paul: are you avaialble?
14:50 kados _paul: sorry to bother you, but default intranet-tmpl has many probs with translation script
16:42 chris morning
16:47 kados hey chris
16:48 kados wow :-)
16:48 chris yeah i completely misread my clock
16:48 chris hehe
16:49 kados did you see paul's new commits
16:49 kados http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
16:49 kados subject cloud ^^
16:49 kados http://o15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
16:49 chris woo cool
16:49 kados popularity I think is the second one
16:50 chris should show david bigwood that, he was hot on tags
16:50 kados I'd like to get that subject cloud up somewhere in production
16:50 kados yea, but it's busted ... probably better fix it first :-)
16:50 chris this is on 3.0 code?
16:50 kados yea
16:50 kados rel_3
16:50 kados we'll back-port it to dev_week
16:50 kados once I get a spare moment :-)
16:51 chris :)
16:51 chris where does it fetch the subjects from?
16:51 kados dunno, haven't looked at the code yet :-)
16:52 kados if I were to write it I'd do it as a zebra scan
16:52 chris ill have to have a look
16:52 chris yep
16:52 kados which tracks the count as well
16:52 chris if its modular, it might be easy to get going for 2.2 .. using the bibliosubjects table
16:53 kados ahh, yea
16:53 kados that'd be very cool
16:53 kados and easy
16:53 chris yep, ill have to have a look at the code
16:53 kados I'd like to do facets for rel_2_2 also
16:53 chris cool
16:53 kados maybe for 2.2.9
16:53 chris yep
18:20 kados thd: hi there
18:20 kados thd: how's things?
18:21 thd kados: I have been up all night debugging some python code in Zope which had worked fine 2 years ago
18:21 kados bummer
18:22 thd I think that my hosting provider, a Zope specialist upgraded Zope and thus introduced a new bug
18:25 thd kados: my hosting provider had rebooted the server and I lost my screen session a day ago
18:25 thd kados: is the screen session not automatically preserved in a detached state if the machine reboots or even if power is lost?
18:30 kados correct, it's not preserved
18:31 kados the only way to preserve it is to set it up in your .screenrc
18:31 kados then you can at least start up the same sessions as before
19:07 thd kados: do you know what screen option allows recovery of an undetached screen session following a sudden reboot or after power loss?
19:08 thd kados: I have checked the man pages and online documentation without finding an obvious .screenrc option for saving an interrupted screen session.
19:17 kados there is no way to recover an undetacthed screen session fllowing a sudeen reboot
19:17 kados it's the one caveat of screen
19:24 chris a reboot of the machine you are running screen on eh?
19:27 thd chris: yes, I guess the last time it happened I was disconnected from the server long enough for my session to be automatically detached
19:28 chris well if the machine running screen reboots, ur screen will be dead
19:28 mason my screen sessions hang/crash/freeze all the time :)
19:28 chris mine dont :)
19:29 chris but if you ssh to a machine, run screen on that, ... and you crash then you can get your ssh connection back up
19:29 chris kill the old one, if it hasnt timed out
19:29 chris and screen -r -d
19:30 chris it will only be the zombie connection that is stopping you, so if you kill it, you're away again
19:30 thd mason I can crash screen by doing some strange IO operations form the clipboard when running screen in an xterm
19:32 mason i havent been able to work out what causes my screen weirdness
19:32 thd s/form/from/
19:36 thd mason too much copying and pasting between an xterm console and an xterm GUI will crash my x windows session so I try to avoid pasting text between consoles and GUIs when I can.
21:07 rch hey mason
21:09 mason heya
21:09 rch and hi chris
21:09 rch gotta quick spiinelabel question...
21:09 mason sure
21:10 rch the pdf generated has name of script (ends in .pl)
21:10 rch is there a way to get a .pdf?
21:10 chris thats how it used to work
21:10 chris we made a file, then redirected to it
21:11 mason hmm, the orig. way was to write the file out to a new.pdf in a temp dir
21:11 chris but that meant you needed a dir that was writable by the webserver
21:11 mason yep, then redirect...
21:11 chris and everyone kept screwing that up :)
21:11 chris so it now returns the pdf on the fly
21:11 mason yep
21:11 rch easy to do the redirect?
21:12 chris it could be a syspref eh mason?
21:12 mason sure could
21:12 chris that might be the best way to do it
21:13 mason so the problem is that if you click on 'save' in acrobat or moz, it brings up a dialog box with '' as a filename?
21:13 mason instead of barcode.pdf?
21:14 chris i wonder if you can do something with the header in cgi
21:14 mason perhaps another way, is to keep the nice on-the-fly code, but set the filename to blah.pdf instead?
21:14 mason (which is what chris is suggesting it think:)
21:15 chris you cant call the script .pdf ... cos then apache will serve it instead of executing it, but im wondering if we can do something with the header
21:15 rch in os x, it doesn't seem to recognize mime type
21:16 rch so you either have to assocate .pl with acrobat
21:16 rch or choose app every time
21:16 rch unless i'm doing something stupid...
21:16 chris what does the header set currently mason?
21:17 chris this might be the ticket
21:17 chris The -attachment parameter can be used to turn the page into an attach-
21:17 chris       ment.  Instead of displaying the page, some browsers will prompt the
21:17 chris       user to save it to disk.  The value of the argument is the suggested
21:17 chris       name for the saved file.  In order for this to work, you may have to
21:17 mason gimme a tic
21:17 chris       set the -type to "application/octet-stream".
21:20 chris ahh doing it the hard way
21:20 chris print STDOUT "Content-Type: application/pdf \r\n\r\n";  
21:20 chris id make that line
21:21 chris my $input = new CGI;
21:22 chris print $input->header(-type=>
21:23 chris 'application/pdf', -attachment=>'barcode.pdf');
21:25 rch beautiful
21:25 chris it might, or might not work :)
21:25 chris but its worth a try
21:25 rch works great.
21:25 chris sweet
21:25 chris commit that sucker
21:28 rch thx chris
21:28 mason they call him 'the surgeon'...
21:29 rch :)
21:31 chris heh
21:32 mason kinda catchy aye
21:33 chris ill put it on my business card
22:07 rch mason: oops- wasn't paying attention.  I double-committed.  
22:07 rch I'll clean up my mess
22:07 rch :)
22:18 rch mason: reverted... there _are_ two cgi objects created in that script.
22:24 mason hiya
22:24 mason you mean the 'print $cgi->redirect("/intranet-​tmpl/barcodes/new.pdf");'
22:25 mason on line 177 ?
22:25 rch right, there's a $cgi and a $input
22:26 mason aah, right
22:26 mason the $cgi is an exisitng one from the orig ver., that i didnt completely pull out
22:27 mason its not needed now it think.
22:27 mason its not needed now i think.
22:28 mason ill fix that now...
22:31 mason that seems to work
22:32 rch yep. looks good on my end.
22:33 mason cool, ill try and sort out a syspref for this
22:33 mason your pdf now opens up automagically?
22:33 chris shouldnt need one now
22:33 rch sorry to step on your toes... too much multitasking
22:33 mason np :)

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