IRC log for #koha, 2006-12-16

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12:45 cm hey kados, are you around?  we have a question about the holidays scripts.
12:49 kados cm: yep, I'm here
12:50 kados not in dev_week
12:50 kados hey kyle
12:52 paul hi kados.
12:52 paul a good news today (from SAN-OP)
12:52 kados yea?
12:53 paul they tried harness tests again, and things went well
12:53 kados w00t!
12:53 paul with mod_perl and innoDB tables.
12:53 paul we discovered some ... interesting ... bugs that rises only with mod_perl
12:53 kados new bugs? or bugs that you fixed? :-)
12:53 paul + they had to tweak a little mysql config file to avoid some overloading.
12:54 paul no, the one we fixed ;-)
12:54 paul because with mod_perl mySQL connexions are persistants, and after un certain load, mySQL has problems.
12:55 paul so, alaurin just said "after 15 seconds without query, close the connexion", and that's ok
12:55 kados ahh, cool
12:58 cm hi kados.  I think they're in dev_week, under holidays, but I see those ones are in the attic for 3.0, and there are other scripts elsewhere.
12:58 cm there are template files for them in npl's templates in dev_week, though.
12:58 kados interesting
12:59 cm we've been trying them out, and they almost work for us, but the popup window won't accept input,
12:59 cm and no data is added to the database.
12:59 paul another public news : toins will stay with us 1/2 time for at least 6 more months, while doing it's 2nd quarter of school.
12:59 paul then, in august => he get married
13:00 cm toins, congrats!  :)
13:00 paul then in septembre : either he goes back to school, or he stays with us definetly ;-)
13:00 toins thanks cm
13:00 kados toins: wohoo!
14:47 kados paul: still around?
14:48 kados paul: did you see the mail about translations into UK for Koha?
14:48 kados thought you may want to commit those
14:58 paul_away bye world
09:59 kyle hey all
09:59 js hi too

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