IRC log for #koha, 2006-12-17

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11:30 owen kados: are you around?
11:41 paul hi owen.
11:41 owen Hi paul
11:42 owen One of our staff noticed that debarred patrons can still renew via our OPAC
11:42 paul mmm... interesting bug ;-)
11:42 owen I'm going to hide the renew link in the template for debarred patrons, but I'm wondering if the problem should be addressed elsewhere as well...
12:13 thd kados: are you there?
12:14 thd kados: I may have found some funding
12:14 paul hehe... interesting method to attract kados on #koha ;-)
12:14 owen :D
12:14 paul hi thd
12:14 hdl LOL
12:14 thd hello paul
12:14 hdl hi thd
12:15 paul let me try : kados, i' have USD1 000 000 for you...
12:16 thd kados: I guess you should to talk to paul I did not find as much
12:16 thd hello hdl
12:17 hdl :D
12:17 paul thd : lol
12:33 hdl kados, rch : about thesaurii, We found a new bug in record.abs :
12:33 hdl melm 250$a Heading, Subject-thesaurus
12:34 hdl would not get indexed in Heading-Entity if you leave it alone with a melm 250 Heading-Entity behind.
12:34 hdl One has to use :
12:34 hdl melm 250$a Heading, Subject-thesaurus,Heading-Entity
13:23 rch hdl: thx- I think that explains some strange search results I've seen :)
13:25 hdl Sorry. I thought whole record definition would get added to partial one. It seems not.
13:48 owen rch, are you still there?
13:49 rch hi owen
13:50 owen Hi, since you're on I thought I'd respond to your question about addbiblio
13:50 owen Because of the complexity of that template I try to keep it as closely as possible to the default one
13:51 owen Yes, I've noticed that there are problems with fields and labels lining up, and no, the problem's not fixed in NPL's system
13:51 owen I think our catalogers use that page infrequently enough that it isn't a problem for them.
13:51 owen But it's a problem that needs to be addressed, so I will take a look at it.
13:52 rch yeah, the div around the input box is as big as the label for the input...
13:52 rch but the next div overlaps, and starts right under the input.
13:52 rch i played a bit with css, but didn't get anywhere.

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