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11:02 kados hey owen
11:02 kados paul: yay
11:03 owen Hi kados, I have a couple of questions to hit you with this morning.
11:03 owen We're getting an error from one of our patron records, and I'm trying to check the log and I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place.
11:04 owen /var/log/apache2/error.log ?
11:04 paul a very tricky problem : & where using global variables & that's wrong for mod_perl. We still have a problem : a borrowernumber that appears in & the circ don't work.
11:04 kados owen: it depends on the error, for some reason, some are logged there, and some to the /koha/log/intranet-error.log
11:05 kados owen: I haven't had a chance to figure out why everything isn't logged to the /koha logs
11:05 kados paul: that is tricky!
11:05 kados paul: so circ is still very slow?
11:06 kados paul: I'm concerned about the speed and I fear there must be a missconfiguration as I have four dev_week installations that don't have any speed problems
11:06 paul alaurin is investigating.
11:06 paul I did some benchmarking with & without mod_perl.
11:07 paul without major SQL needs (or zebra), but just apache/perl requests :
11:07 paul - without mod_perl : 1.6 requests/seconds
11:07 paul - with mod_perl : 50 requests/seconds.
11:07 owen kados: when I try to look at /koha/log/intranet-error.log it says it doesn't exist
11:09 kados owen: er?
11:09 kados paul: that's a huge difference!
11:10 kados owen: ahh, my fault
11:10 kados owen: /koha/log/koha-error.log
11:10 paul it will be lower with mySQL/zebra load needed. but that will be a big diff anyway I bet.
11:10 kados owen: you can alwasy go: sudo ls /koha/log/
11:11 kados paul: zebra should be on it's own disk if possible
11:11 kados paul: it will compete with mysql
11:11 paul it is on SAN-OP (not on my computer, so I can't test this)
11:13 owen kados: when I look at koha-error_log, it lists the "Premature end..." error, but no details about the error.
11:13 kados owen: hmmm ...
11:14 kados owen: yea, that's the weird bit
11:14 kados owen: for some reason apache isn't logging everything to that log, even though the virtualhost tells it to
11:15 kados owen: what's the error you're getting and what's it triggered by?
11:16 owen looks like my error was just getting buried in the other log by all the search queries.
11:16 owen Date::Calc::Date_to_Days(): not a valid date at line 141.
11:16 kados yea, that's a pain :-)
11:16 owen loading results at search line 169.
11:16 kados ahh, right
11:16 kados and it's an issue?
11:16 owen That comes up when loading a patron record in
11:17 kados that's the expiry section
11:17 kados so the date for that patron must not be set right
11:18 kados should be easy to fill in a default value
11:18 kados in the script
11:18 owen Weird... I was told that was a brand new record. I wonder why the expiry didn't get entered...
11:18 owen Joining date is blank too...
11:18 kados hmmm, weird
11:19 owen I'll have to check some other recent registrations to make sure everything's okay
11:19 owen other question is about your recent change to
11:19 kados hehe, yea ...
11:19 kados we do need to talk about that one
11:20 kados sorry, I was writing a long email to NGC4LIB and needed to prove a point
11:20 owen :) ?!
11:20 kados are you on that list?
11:20 owen Yeah, but I don't follow it closely at all
11:20 owen Which thread?
11:21 owen "Use of content..."?
11:21 kados that's part of the thread
11:22 kados it started wtih the laundry list
11:22 kados I did a response on 'how koha measures up'
11:22 kados and got like 30 emails about missuse of Amazon content :-)
11:22 kados so I wrote that Use of content email
11:23 kados but one of the posters mentioned that the detail page links to the readers link even if it doesn't exist
11:23 kados well we can't have that! :-)
11:23 kados so now it doesn't :-)
11:23 kados you'll need to commit the template changes I made
11:24 kados and might want to clean up the link to too
11:24 kados I couldn't find the permalink to a item record at 2am last night :-)
11:26 owen Ah, that's what I was wondering about
11:26 owen We should have the generic link where the search-inside link isn't available.
11:27 kados yep, I agree
11:27 kados just coudln't find it at 2am :-)
11:29 owen This looks like a good terse format:
11:29 kados yup
11:40 owen kados, Aren't you fudging a bit to say that Koha handles 'metarecords?' Isn't that only if you don't use MARC?
11:52 kados owen: not sure I said it does handle metarecords ... just said that it's one elegent solution to the problem ;-)
11:52 owen Did you make changes to the RSS/OpenSearch stuff too? I thought that was broken
11:52 kados yea, I fixed it :-)
11:53 kados we will need a new sysref to put in the library's a9 id
11:54 kados (and BTW, in HEAD, Tumer's already written the metarecord stuff)
11:55 kados the funny thing is that we understood that problem years ago
11:55 kados and chris solved it

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