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15:21 kados LAURIN arnaud around?
15:21 kados paul_away: can we get in touch with LAURIN arnaud on chat?
15:21 kados hdl: ?
18:18 hdl kados ?
18:18 dewey kados is probably becoming a true Perl Monger...
18:18 kados hi hdl ...
18:19 kados I was wondering how I can get in touch with arnaud
18:19 kados he uncommented the zebraop in
18:19 hdl Only when day time in France
18:19 kados but it's causing some big problems and we need to fix them IMO
18:20 kados ok ... does he hang out on IRC?
18:20 chris yep hes on irc quite often kados
18:20 chris alaurin is his nick
18:21 chris usually he and bruno (btuomi) are on
18:29 milo93 hi all
18:30 milo93 ciao chris
18:30 chris hi milo
18:30 milo93 :)
18:30 milo93 great you are there
18:31 milo93 I have a little prob here
18:31 chris sup?
18:32 milo93 plainly I can't see default framework
18:32 milo93 marc tag structure
18:32 milo93 it's empty
18:32 chris hmm sounds to me like it didnt get installed
18:33 milo93 well that's strange because I have a complete Add Biblio Unimarc template
18:33 milo93 and Marc check DB is ok with Unimarc fields in it
18:33 chris ahh you are using unimarc?
18:33 chris then i have no idea :)
18:33 milo93 yep
18:34 chris hdl might know if hes still awake
18:34 milo93 you think that would make a difference
18:34 hdl yes
18:34 milo93 hi hdl
18:35 milo93 I mean is that related to unimarc? i thought something about framework code ..
18:36 hdl Do you have phpmyadmin on this machine.
18:36 milo93 no I don't
18:36 hdl can you launch mysql -u kohaadmin -p
18:36 hdl \u Koha
18:36 milo93 about MySQL I used a couple of times SQLyog
18:37 hdl then select * from marc_tag_structure;
18:37 hdl select * from marc_subfield_structure;
18:39 hdl If it returns *some* records (marc_subfield_structure about 1016 ) then you DO have marc structure installed.
18:39 hdl Otherwise, you should Re-Import marc structure.
18:39 hdl Mysql --version ?
18:39 hdl OS Type ? Version ?
18:39 milo93 4.1.11
18:41 milo93 Debian_4sarge7
18:42 milo93 access denied
18:43 milo93 \u Koha doesn't work
18:59 milo93 ok!
18:59 milo93 I have the tables in my database
19:00 milo93 now how do i select * from marc_tag_structure?
19:02 milo93 ok I did it
19:02 milo93 and it's empty
19:03 milo93 so I have to Re-Import
19:07 milo93 do you think that unimarc_fr is better?
19:16 indradg chris: ping!
19:16 chris hi indradg, ltns
19:16 indradg chris: yep! was away from Koha for almost an year... now back again.. this time have managed to learn perl :)
19:17 chris hehe excellent
19:22 indradg chris: i was going over the installation I did at WBUT... its running v 2.2.5... i'm noticing a few quirky errors
19:22 chris probably your best bet is to upgrade to 2.2.7 it has lots of bugfixes since 2.2.5
19:23 indradg u r prolly right
19:23 kados hey indradg
19:23 kados good to see you
19:23 indradg kados: yep back again for good
19:25 indradg chris: i understand the relational mapping between biblio, biblioitems and items tables... but i'm a little confused about these vis-a-vis the mapping with marc_biblio table
19:26 chris biblio -> marc_biblio via biblionumber
19:26 indradg chris: righto!
19:26 chris marc_biblio -> marc_word via bibid
19:27 indradg but is there a 1:1 mapping between marc_biblio.bibid and biblio.biblionumber ?
19:27 chris marc_biblio -> marc_subfield_table via bibid also
19:27 chris marc_biblio.biblionumber = biblio.biblionumber 1 to 1
19:27 indradg hmmmm
19:28 chris you should only have one row in marc_biblio per row in biblio
19:28 indradg so i thought as well
19:28 chris select count(*) from marc_biblio;
19:28 chris +----------+
19:28 chris | count(*) |
19:28 chris +----------+
19:28 chris |     9040 |
19:28 chris +----------+
19:28 chris select count(*) from biblio;
19:28 chris +----------+
19:28 chris | count(*) |
19:28 chris +----------+
19:28 chris |     9040 |
19:28 chris +----------+
19:29 chris its possible they can get out of sync tho id imagine
19:29 chris the marc support in 2.2.x is a little dicey sometimes
19:30 indradg e.g in this case SELECT MAX(`bibid`) FROM `marc_biblio` is giving 3923 whereas SELECT MAX(`biblionumber`) FROM `marc_biblio` is giving me 3920 :(
19:31 chris yes
19:31 chris bibid <> biblionumber
19:31 chris biblionumber = biblionumber
19:31 chris bibid is different
19:31 indradg the typical problems are like when I check for a barcode from items table its there.... but not so in the 952p subfield in marc_* table
19:31 chris try select max(biblionumber) from marc_biblio;
19:32 indradg i did
19:32 chris marc_biblio is a table for mapping biblionumber to bibid
19:32 chris waht does that give you?
19:32 chris select max(biblionumber) from marc_biblio;
19:32 chris +-------------------+
19:32 chris | max(biblionumber) |
19:32 chris +-------------------+
19:32 chris |              9040 |
19:32 chris +-------------------+
19:32 indradg 3920
19:33 chris select max(biblionumber) from biblio;
19:33 chris +-------------------+
19:33 chris | max(biblionumber) |
19:33 chris +-------------------+
19:33 chris |              9040 |
19:33 chris +-------------------+
19:33 chris yep thats right
19:33 chris it doesnt matter if bibid does not equal biblionumber
19:33 indradg ok
19:33 chris as long as biblionumber in biblio = biblionumber in marc_biblio
19:34 indradg ok
19:34 indradg got it
19:34 chris so if its there in items, but not in marc_subfield_table .. id check your koha2marc links
19:35 chris i seem to remember a lot of marc fixes done between 2.2.5 and 2.2.7 though, so an upgrade wont hurt :)
19:37 indradg chris: thanks!
20:04 milo93 hdl ... are you still there?
21:55 thd indrag: are you there?
22:00 thd indradg: are you present?
22:31 thd hello tumer
22:31 thd tumer: Is that really you?
22:31 tumer hi thd ? long time no see?
22:32 thd tumer: I have a question about configuration of a Turkish Z39.50 site
22:32 tumer yes?
22:34 thd tumer:|no|MARC 21|MARC 21|MARC 21|Sabanci &Uuml;n&iacute;vers&iacute;tes&iacute;, SABAN
22:35 thd that server does not work for me
22:35 tumer let me check
22:37 tumer the Z39.50 server is on RISC01.SABANCIUNIV.EDU:210 and database is  INNOPAC
22:37 thd tumer: that is a US top level domain
22:38 tumer nope that is the Z3950 server that I use
22:39 thd tumer: i mean that .edu is a US domain
22:39 tumer thats what they use yes
22:40 tumer[…]a/ has it on mine try that
22:40 thd tumer: I had never seen a non-US entity with a .edu domain until now
22:40 thd tumer: yes I have tried that
22:40 tumer some companies also prefer .com here
22:42 thd tumer: .com and .org have long been used by just anyone even if they were originally intended for US use but I had never seen that for .edu previously
22:43 tumer yes but sabanci is one of the largest coprporates here and they prefer non country specific addresses
22:43 tumer globalism you know
22:44 thd tumer: what do you mean by corporate?
22:44 tumer a multinational ocmpany which has a university as well
22:45 tumer s/ocmany/company
22:45 thd tumer: really, some US universities behave like multinational companies but I never knew the other case
22:45 thd tumer: I had spent much time recently improving my Z39.50 client which, alas, is still in PHP
22:46 tumer have you tried the ZOOM compliant Z3950 now implemented in rel 2_2 and dev_week?
22:46 thd tumer: I have not tried that yet
22:47 thd tumer: did my client ever work for you?
22:48 tumer not on windows, I always used ZOOM previously VBZOOM now PerlZOOM
22:49 thd tumer: I suspect that my client would not have worked on Internet Explorer in the past because it formerly used get queries which were too long for Internet explorer
22:52 thd tumer: I have also rewritten a template for the Koha Wiki to solve problems I had for some content.  I have to make an announcement about the wiki template
22:54 thd the koha wiki is now set up to allow multiple templates
22:54 tumer thd: i have not been able to see any wikis recently, most busy in launching an SMS service and now a WAP version KOAH on mobile phones
22:55 thd the wiki is mostly ignored.  I hope to change that a little
22:56 thd tumer: what happens with the result set on SMS?
22:56 tumer yes, hard work
22:57 tumer SMS only for renewals and WAP for search-renew-reserve
22:59 thd tumer: do you have a good full keyboard for a WAP device?
22:59 tumer ??
23:00 thd tumer: meaning we need very good portable keyboards to have fully portable computing
23:00 tumer any WAP enableb mobile phone can do a full search on KOHA and retrieve full results
23:01 thd tumer: poking a virtual keyboard with a stylus is too slow
23:02 thd manipulating tiny physical keys is also too slow
23:02 tumer nope just using the phone keys to write a search term is easy for the new generation of youth
23:03 tumer we now have more renewals coming through SMS than we ever had through internet
23:03 thd tumer: does your WAP application accept abbreviated words in the place of search term words?
23:04 tumer nope;exactly same as OPAC and always misspelling allowed
23:06 thd tumer: we need inexpensive fully portable computing with full size hip or arm mounted bluetooth keyboards and translucent display glasses
23:07 tumer Sure Scotty
23:08 thd tumer: may I add your Z39.50 server to my client
23:09 thd ?
23:09 tumer for MARC21 compliant Z3950 server
23:10 thd tumer: does it return holdings records or merely bibliographic records?
23:10 tumer database name is Default so no need to specify
23:11 tumer merely bibliographic
23:11 thd tumer: what about authorities?
23:11 thd tumer: are authorities in the same database?
23:11 tumer not on public domain iam afraid
23:12 thd tumer: why not?
23:12 tumer library policy of preserving resources
23:13 thd tumer: the best way to preserve resources is too share them
23:13 tumer our servers currently cannot handle too many connections- in future yes
23:13 thd tumer: however, maybe you mean something a little different from preserve
23:14 thd tumer: you mean conserve resources
23:14 tumer resources-server speed etc. not data
23:15 thd tumer: what authority files do you have?
23:15 tumer turkish translated LC subject headings
23:16 thd tumer: do you have all the original LC subject headings?
23:16 tumer nope:but have affiliation to them
23:16 thd tumer: affiliation?
23:17 thd tumer: do you mean access?
23:17 tumer affiliation to LC subject headings online catalogue
23:18 tumer yes access
23:20 tumer thd its almost sunrise and i am going to bed, goodnight
23:20 thd goodnight tumer
23:26 thd indradg: are you there and awake?
05:03 indradg ping! Any Zoom expert around?/
06:05 thd indradg: are you there?
06:08 paul kados sleeping or still around ?
06:11 thd paul: I hope kados is sleeping
06:11 thd I should be
06:11 paul hi thd.
06:11 thd hello
06:12 paul (I've send a mail, about a commit he made & that is wrong : he has commented zebraop in dev_week : zebra DB is no more updated !!!)
06:23 thd paul: is that the first koha-devel message since 28 November?
06:23 paul ???
06:23 thd paul: your mail referenced above.  Did you post it to koha-devel?
06:24 paul nope, it's a private mail
06:24 thd Oh, just checking to see if I had missed it
06:25 thd paul: I recently suffered a two week gap in koha-devel messages
06:42 indradg paul: thd hi
06:42 thd hello indradg
06:43 thd indradg: what did you want to know about Zoom?
06:43 indradg paul: thd any of you tried compiling the Net-Z3950-Zoom perl module on x86_64?
06:43 thd not me
06:43 thd I cannot afford one
06:44 indradg i just tried a i686 build worked straight away
06:44 paul same thing for me, sorry
06:44 paul I don't have a x86_64 for instance
06:44 indradg the x86_64 is coming apart from the seams... all the make test instances are failing
06:45 indradg whereas the rest of the Koha 2.2.7 perl mod deps are building nicely
06:45 indradg :(
06:45 thd indradg: maybe you need the cvs version
06:45 thd indradg: the CVS version has some instructions about compilation issues
06:46 indradg mabbe... i'm going through indexdata m/l right now
06:46 thd indradg: can you tell me something about Indian Z39.50 servers?
06:47 indradg thd: hardly any to speak of... unfortunately!
06:48 thd indradg: do you have any working configurations though?
06:48 thd indradg: I have only a non-working one
06:48 indradg thd: i tested out on my client site... it will be coming online around 2nd week of Jan 2007
06:49 thd indradg: you tested what?

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