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05:47 indraveni I need help in installing koha in my debian etch system
05:47 indraveni koha guring installation showed the following messages
05:48 indraveni DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'Koha.systempreferences' doesn't exist at scripts/updater/updatedatabase line 2138.
05:48 indraveni and this has been repeated for every file in scripts/updater/..
05:50 indraveni hello any one there who can help me hreer
05:50 indraveni here
05:50 indraveni please
06:14 hdl indraveni: debian Etch uses default mysql 5.0 .
06:14 hdl on which Koha has troubles.
06:14 indraveni hdl, so what do i need to do
06:14 hdl Maybe you should consider installing Mysql 4.1
06:14 hdl manually
06:15 indraveni hdl, ok i will check
06:15 hdl youre welcom
06:27 indraveni hdl, how can i uninstall koha and reinstall
06:39 Anarka you can install mysql 4.1 from sarge
06:40 Anarka just add a sarge source to sources.list
06:40 Anarka aptitude update and then aptitude install mysql-server -t stable
06:41 Anarka indraveni :)
06:41 indraveni Anarka, yes i did it
06:42 indraveni now how to reinstall koha?
06:42 Anarka if you installed mysql4.1 dunno if you need to reinstall
06:42 Anarka or just purge the old mysql database
06:43 indraveni Anarka, I installed mysql
06:43 indraveni Anarka, I am talking about koha
06:44 Anarka first time you are trying koha ?
06:44 Anarka so the db is empty... just aptitude purge mysql-server
06:44 Anarka and it will delete the databases
06:45 indraveni Anarka, ok
06:45 Anarka and then reinstall it
06:45 indraveni Anarka, then I tried executing perl
06:45 Anarka unless of course you have that on the db
06:45 indraveni its showing koha is already installed?
06:45 Anarka no uninstaller ?
06:45 Anarka unfortanly i dont use koha on debian
06:47 Anarka i installed it a couple of times on debian... pretty straitforward
06:51 chris remove the /etc/koha.conf file
06:52 chris and then run
06:52 chris or mv /etc/koha.conf /etc/koha.conf.old
06:52 chris and run
06:52 chris thats what it looks for to check if its already installed
06:52 Anarka eheh
06:52 Anarka neat :)
06:52 Anarka but considering he installed with mysql5 still he should drop the db
06:53 Anarka or not :P
06:53 chris safest to drop it
06:53 chris mysqladmin -uroot -p drop Koha
06:54 chris then mv the /etc/koha.conf
06:54 chris and run
06:55 chris and now my 2 week old son needs his nappy changed, and I need some sleep, catch you later
06:55 indraveni chris, Anarka thankyou, but its not too easy to install mysql 4.1
06:55 chris one other thing
06:55 chris take a look here
06:55 Anarka it's the way i said indraveni
06:56 Anarka you werent able to install it ?
06:56 chris
06:56 chris if you want to run mysql 5 you can, you just have to make some changes
06:57 chris if you make the changes in the emails linked to from that blog entry
06:57 chris it should all work
06:57 indraveni chris, please tell me those changes
06:58 indraveni as if i am tring to install mysql 4.1 version, I need to uninstall lot of packages from etch
06:58 chris look at that url, and click on the lnks
06:58 chris the changes are there
06:58 indraveni its is asking for system downgrading
06:58 Anarka indraveni !?
06:58 Anarka lemme see
06:58 indraveni chris, ok
06:58 chris now i really must go to bed :)
06:58 chris g'night
06:58 Anarka night :)
06:59 Anarka indraveni can you paste the results when you do a aptitude install mysql-server -t stable ?
07:00 indraveni ya, i min
07:01 Anarka if you dont use aptitude often try with apt-get
07:01 Anarka the first times you use aptitude it sometimes want to make you pay for been using apt-get :P
08:54 indraveni Anarka, chris sorry for late reply
08:55 indraveni Anarka, chris I edited the koha.mysql file as given in the above link for allowing mysql 5 to access
08:55 indraveni and the database is updated now
08:55 indraveni but I am not able to access the koha
08:55 indraveni after the installation, it showed like You will be able to connect to your Librarian interface at:
08:55 indraveni http://boss:8080/
08:56 indraveni and when i tried to access it, nothing is been displayed
09:07 indraveni Anarka, I got koha installed and up
09:07 indraveni Anarka, but I am not knowing where I can input data about the books etc
09:07 indraveni Anarka, help  please
09:13 indraveni Help needed to use koha please

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