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11:00 rch :)
11:00 rch hi owen
11:00 Lea He's actually a graphic designer by trade so I guess he wouldn't mind contributing another theme (not that I think you should get rid etc etc etc)
11:00 owen Hi rch, I got your email
11:00 paul Lea : did you try with "default" or "npl" ?
11:01 paul because npl is usually preffered
11:01 paul (& available in english, where default is english & french ;-) )
11:01 Lea tbh, I can't remember. I've had my head stuck up my marc records for the last week
11:01 Lea s/up my/in
11:09 owen Lea, are you talking about 2.2.6?
11:09 kados morning all
11:11 kados hehe
11:11 kados yea, we're risking it :-)
11:11 owen Congratulations to you and your team, it looks great!
11:11 kados thx
11:12 paul yep, drangerous slogan ;-)
11:12 toins kados: it's really beautiful !
11:12 owen I didn't know you were marketing Evergreen too
11:12 kados yea, we're kinda light on text there
11:12 kados but we sent our  first EG proposal out  on Monday
11:12 kados so we figured we shouhld have something :-)
11:13 paul kados : could you send me a sample of quote for hosted/appliance ?
11:13 kados owen:
11:13 kados owen: RSS for news now, thanks to plone ;-)
11:13 Lea owen: yes.
11:13 Lea kados: Morning :)
11:13 kados morning Lea
11:14 kados how goes the migration?
11:14 Lea I was looking at drupal. Plone any good
11:14 paul kados : i've 1 line in french on liblime :
11:14 paul[…]/koha-zoom-hosted
11:14 Lea migration is not bad. My last sticking point is merging copies of books before import. I would be grateful of any pointers! ;)
11:14 paul it's written "contenu corrélé"
11:14 paul (on the bottom of the page.
11:14 paul )
11:15 kados paul: ?
11:15 kados paul: did you change the language to french?
11:15 paul on koha-zoom-hosted page, I see 2 words in french.
11:15 kados ahh, right
11:15 paul nope, i'm default
11:15 kados that's because you have a french browser
11:15 paul (although my ff is in french)
11:15 paul nice to have just 2 words in french !
11:16 kados hehe
11:37 owen Lea: it's relatively easy to customize the look and feel of Koha using the custom stylesheet options. Let me know if I can help with that
11:37 owen Lea: kados is a big Plone fan. I'm trying to's very complicated. Drupal seems to be much easier to handle out of the box, but it has some limitations
11:39 Lea thanks owen. TBH it's a minor problem compared to getting 3 identical books recognised as 1 book with 3 copies.
11:42 owen Well, I can only offer help with those subjects of which I have knowledge ;)
11:44 Lea hehe
11:45 owen Since Koha doesn't have a 'biblio merge' function, I suspect your options are limited
11:47 Lea yeah. TBH I'm not a librarian so I'm a little confused at times ;)
11:47 Lea from what i understand, biblios are "titles" and items are "instances of biblios"
11:47 Lea but the data I have is "instances of biblios"
11:48 owen So your data has a separate "line" for each item, even though some are copies of the same edition of the same book
12:12 Lea yes
12:13 Lea i have 1 copy of 5 books with the same ISBN
12:18 owen So the common biblio data from those duplicates (title, author, etc) needs to get put in biblio and biblioitems, and the unique data (barcode #, purchase price, date acquired) needs to go in items. But you'd probably have to write (or have written for you) a custom script to do that.
12:22 Lea bulkmarcimport does treat these items as seperate books
12:23 Lea I don't mind writing scripts. It's about the only thing I'm good at ;)
15:20 kados hey shedges
15:20 dewey shedges is with us for a few minuts !
15:20 kados hehe
15:20 shedges hey
15:20 kados how's OPLIN?
15:21 shedges busy
15:21 shedges I need one more staff person
15:21 kados what position are you looking to fill?
15:21 shedges[…]?postingID=167148
15:21 kados cool, PM job
15:22 shedges yeah, except I don't really want a serious PM person
15:22 kados here's our's :[…]es-representative
15:22 kados no?
15:22 shedges got a couple of apps from PMPs so far
15:22 kados ahh, yea, that cert is worthless IMO
15:22 shedges think they tend to get caught in the process too much
15:22 kados yup
15:23 shedges anyway, doing two jobs until I get that opening filled
15:23 kados shedges: aren't you always ;-)
15:23 shedges ok, ya caught me
15:24 shedges why didn't I think of that?
15:25 shedges (probably because I routinely delete those "position open" e-mails)
15:25 shedges thanks
15:25 kados web4lib list would be a good place to post it
15:26 shedges yep, think I'll post to a few lists, now that you've planted the idea
16:04 kados hey cm
16:05 cm ah, thanks.  that's what I was after.  :)
16:05 cm also, a question...
16:05 kados cm: it's been a busy week, we launched our new website this morning
16:06 cm liblime?
16:06 kados yep
16:06 cm cool.  i'll have to have a look.
16:06 cm i'm thinking how to phrase my question...
16:06 kados take your time ;-)
16:06 kados hi wes ...
16:06 wes hows it going?
16:07 kados wes: not bad ... you?
16:07 wes oh alright. .
16:08 wes trying to get koha going. . on mac os x. . I get Cannot write to /etc! Please set the etcdir environment variable to a writeable directory.  when I try to do perl
16:08 wes any ideas why that may be?
16:08 kados try running:
16:08 kados sudo perl
16:08 kados then enter your admin password
16:09 kados or you could change the conf file
16:09 kados hmmm ... actually that last idea won't work I dont' think
16:09 kados our installer need some work
16:09 kados needs even
16:09 wes one second. need to setup sudoers
16:10 cm okay, in acqui.simple/, if I search by isbn or title, I get a 500 error, and some errors in the log:
16:10 wes stupid dev server
16:10 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:09:02 2006] [error] [client] Undefined subroutine &main::catalogsearch called at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/acqui.simple/ line 88., referer:[…]imple/
16:10 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:09:02 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer:[…]imple/
16:10 kados hmmm
16:10 cm there's more if i use perl -w.  :)
16:10 kados cm: looks like the wrapper API is busted
16:10 kados cm: I'll have a look
16:10 cm ok.
16:14 kados cm: sent you the fines stuff
16:15 kados cm: out of curiosity, what are you using for?
16:16 cm i was testing adding new stuff by hand.  
16:16 kados isn't that best done with
16:16 kados acqui.simple/
16:16 kados are you guys planning to use full acquisitions or something?
16:16 cm yeah, but searches the collection first, right?
16:16 cm not yet.
16:17 kados ahh, I see now
16:17 kados I forgot to commit the latest bit
16:18 kados cm: committed
16:19 kados cm: back up your, I didn't check if there's anything NPL-specific
16:19 kados but it's their production one, so it shoudl run without probs
16:19 cm cool.  i'll try it out.  thanks!  & thanks for the fines stuff.  :)
16:19 kados np, give me a holler if you need any help with it
16:20 cm ok.  ;)
16:29 cm I'm still getting the same error.  Here it is with perl -w:
16:30 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:28:32 2006] [error] [client] Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 188., referer:[…]imple/
16:30 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:28:32 2006] [error] [client] Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 191., referer:[…]imple/
16:30 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:28:32 2006] [error] [client] Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 195., referer:[…]imple/
16:30 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:28:32 2006] [error] [client] Undefined subroutine &main::catalogsearch called at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/acqui.simple/ line 88., referer:[…]imple/
16:30 cm [Wed Nov 15 14:28:32 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer:[…]imple/
16:30 cm There's more, but most of the lines look like the first 3 above.
16:54 wes kados: you around?
16:55 wes or anyone that can give me a hand with a cpan issue, koha said it needed MARC::Charset among other perl modules
16:55 wes but Charset wont compile correctly via cpan
16:57 mason hiya wes
16:57 mason yes, from memory there is a little gotcha with that
16:57 wes Hey mason . .
16:57 mason give me 5, and ill have a google about...
16:58 wes sure thing. . thanks for the help
17:05 mason just updating MARC::Charset on my dev box here too...
17:05 kados wes: you can install from source from
17:05 kados wes:[…]sarge.html#d0e655
17:06 mason ah, there we go
17:06 wes install from source?
17:06 wes is that the way to go?
17:07 kados yea, that's what I'd recommend
17:08 kados for all the MARC:: modules actually
17:08 kados wes: do you work in a library?
17:08 wes negative
17:08 wes working on setting up koha for a client
17:08 kados ahh, where are you located?
17:08 wes Maine
17:08 kados cool
17:09 wes do I have to be in a certain dir to evecute the cvs commands
17:09 kados maine is nice
17:09 wes very cool kados
17:09 kados wherever you store your source builds
17:10 kados I just put mine in my home dir
17:10 kados /home/jmf/sources
17:10 kados wes: so who's your client?
17:11 wes
17:11 mason ive a marc::charset question
17:12 kados mason: sure
17:12 wes did that source install work for you mason
17:12 kados there are some dependencies
17:14 wes I told my boss about them, he and sent him that link to install via cvs he doesn't want me to hose the dev server :)
17:14 wes -he
17:14 mason the latest ver of marc::charset on SF is .092, but CPAN has a newer version at 0.95 ?
17:15 mason wes: still compiling ....   (its an old slow box)
17:15 wes ah
17:16 kados mason: interesting ...
17:17 kados mason: that'd be a quetion for the perl4lib list
17:17 kados mason: you on that one?
17:17 rch wes: I think you want to stick with 0.92
17:17 wes is that was it at SF?
17:18 rch something about the ignore_errors method missing in 0.95
17:18 rch sf: 0.92
17:18 rch so some koha scripts will break
17:18 mason wes: yep
17:18 kados someone needs to write the perl4lib guys and tell them they broke our mojo ;-)
17:19 mason ouch
17:21 rch it only affects some commandline scripts, though... (afaik)
19:42 thd kados: are you there?
19:49 kados thd: looking at your docs
19:50 thd kados: Is MARC::Charset now broken in CVS?
19:53 kados thd: so it seems
19:55 kados thd: you can pick it up at section 3.4, right?
19:55 kados thd: your templates seem to be working
19:56 thd yes
19:56 kados thd: could you send a mail to koha-devel explaining the changes (in brief)?
19:56 thd ok
19:56 kados thd: thanks for your work on this!
19:57 kados thd: looking very good
19:57 thd kados: I cannot change 3.5 for you
19:57 kados what should I do in respect to 3.5?
19:58 thd kados: look at the file mentioned
19:58 kados I see it ... but which settings do you recommend?
19:59 kados $multitemplate['playground:default'] = 'default';
19:59 kados $multitemplate['playground'] = 'kohaorg';
19:59 kados $multitemplate[''] = 'monobook';
19:59 kados is what currently exists
19:59 thd kados: monobook is the MediaWiki model
20:00 thd kados: kohaorg is what I had sent you previously that you complained was not pretty enough
20:01 thd kados: default is the default template
20:02 thd s/default template/default template for DokuWiki/
20:02 kados thd: I have to step away from my desk for a while
20:02 thd what had been there previously
20:02 kados thd: if you need me to change that file, let me know
20:03 kados (sorry, I forgot about a dinner arrangement)
20:03 thd kados: that file just lets you have different templates in different places
20:03 thd kados: ping me after dinner
20:03 kados ok
05:27 btoumi hi all
07:22 skeep Hi Guys im stuck
07:22 skeep i have installed twice now on two seperate machine and both times i get this error:
07:22 skeep Premature end of script headers:
07:23 skeep im using apache2, mysql 4.0.15, pearl, Koha 2.2.6 for windows
07:26 skeep can anyone help?
07:29 hdl can you provide us more logs in /usr/local/koha/log
07:32 skeep yeah
07:33 skeep that folder does not exist on my install i have a usr folder but no local
07:34 skeep inside that folder i have a koha226 folder
07:34 skeep but no logs folder

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