IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-18

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14:42 rch hi toins
14:42 toins hi rch
14:43 toins how are things ?
14:43 rch things are well
14:43 rch You?
14:43 dewey You are correct, sir : )
14:43 toins everything is good too...
14:44 toins dewey, forget you
14:44 dewey toins: I forgot you
14:44 rch toins: did you get a chance to translate the list paul spoke of yesterday?
14:44 toins rch, yep.... the mail is just sent
14:44 rch great, thx
14:46 owen rch: any time you want to talk rel_3_0 I'm here
14:46 rch hi owen
14:47 rch owen: you put together the prog templates, right?
14:47 owen Originally. I haven't worked on them in a long time
14:49 rch mostly I'm interested in opac.
14:49 rch intranet looks great without many style changes
14:50 rch owen: can I get you by phone?
14:51 toins it's time to go home for me....
14:52 toins bye everybody
15:00 rch bye toins
19:52 thd kados: are you there?
21:13 iceninesyd chris, irma's little helper here again ... how r u?
21:14 iceninesyd irma mentioned that katipo sells a llittle black box running linux and ready to go with a koha install, correct?
21:15 russ hi ice
21:15 russ yep we do
21:15 iceninesyd what we need is a box configured with, say, three instances of a (virtual) linux, then we can install varying versions of koha in each of the VMs
21:15 iceninesyd hi russ
21:15 russ sweet as
21:16 russ right we can setup a xen server for you if you like
21:16 iceninesyd if we provide the box, could we save some money and would you do it?
21:16 russ if you want to talk more about it you could head over to #lobby and we can talk about it there?
21:16 iceninesyd okay
21:20 mason 11
21:20 mason oops, barcode scanner...
21:26 kados weeling-and-dealing-on-#koha++ ;-)
21:27 russ :-)
04:44 paul_ hello world
05:12 js hello
05:36 btoumi hi all
10:32 kados french_koha_team++
10:32 kados great job thusfar with the cleanup guys!
10:33 paul hello kados & good morning
10:33 kados hi :-)
10:34 toins hi kados
10:35 kados hey toins
10:35 kados toins: i think ryan has some quetions for you ... but I'm not sure he's around yet
10:36 kados rch: ?
10:36 toins kados, ok

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