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11:11 Lea does anyone know where the "item count" data comes from? I've imported 2 records with bulkimport and using -d each time. However, the item count for both items is 5? This doesn't increment if i bulk import again, and there is no "5" values in my MARC records. Any ideas?
11:35 Lea yea, bulkimport seems to be importing 5 records per MARC record, 4 are fairly corrupt, however dumpmarc seems to think there is only 2 records....
11:35 Lea * 5 entries in Koha.items;
11:40 kados Lea: items are copies
11:41 kados Lea: so your records must have copy data attached
11:41 kados Lea: to count how many records check the count of 'biblios'
12:27 Lea thanks kados. It's very odd. I'll have to deconstruct some work I've done on MARC mappings to see where this is coming from. Thanks.
12:35 Lea ok, it seems that if there is a barcode, bulkmarcimport will treat this as an item and import it as such. that would be right yes?
12:37 kados Lea: yep
12:38 kados Lea: in MARC, one 'record' can have multiple 'copies' and Koha treats 'record' as a biblio and a 'copy' as an item
12:38 kados Lea: in this respect, so do all library systems that I know of
12:38 kados this is so you can have one record for harry potter, even if you have 10 copies of the book
12:38 Lea ok, this is odd. If I now add a "price" tag (952 _9) to the same record, it seems to make an entry in items when it finds the barcode, then another entry when it finds the price.
12:38 kados (no need to have 10 records)
12:39 kados is it in the same 952 as the barcode, or a new one?
12:39 Lea so for 2 records, I now have 4 items
12:39 Lea same
12:39 kados I've never seen that before
12:39 kados so something's up with your configuration ;-)
12:39 Lea um..... really? where would I even start to look?
12:40 kados hehe
12:40 kados good question
12:40 Lea there is nothing much beyond a standard install here....
12:40 kados did you adjust the MARC framework?
12:40 Lea no, i specifically changed the MARC data rather than alter the framework. Last time i did that I ended up in a sticky situation
12:41 kados can you reproduce the problem you're having here:
12:41 kados if so maybe I can see where the problem is
12:41 Lea is there a way i can find out?
12:42 btoumi oui d'accord mais quand tu fais ta recherche il pointe sur des mandriva2007
12:44 kados Lea: ahh, you're running bulkmarcimport
12:44 Lea yes
12:44 kados can you email me the records?
12:44 kados
12:44 Lea sure
12:45 kados or actually would be easier
12:48 Lea sent
12:49 kados ok
12:49 kados here's the prob:
12:49 kados 952    _g14304
12:49 kados 952    _99.99
12:49 kados in the mapped one
12:49 kados you have one 952 for the barcode
12:49 kados and one for the price
12:50 kados for them to be one item instead of two they need to be in the same 952
12:50 kados ie, subfields within the 952 field
12:50 kados rather than separate 952 fields
12:50 kados am I making sense?
12:50 Lea ah right
12:50 Lea totally
12:50 Lea that's really annoying! :)
12:50 Lea I'll have to rewrite my mapping code :(
12:50 kados yea, MARC is a pain
12:50 kados hehe
12:51 kados good luck
12:51 Lea once I've completed this, I should have a generic python tool to easily migrate data. If it's of any use.....
12:51 Lea lol kados. Thanks mate ;)
12:51 kados ahh, a python person :-)
12:52 kados have any experience with plone?
12:52 Lea i don't. TBH I don't even know what it is LOL! It's one of those things I' haven't got round to looking at yet.
12:52 kados (why not just use MARC::Record ... it's realy easy to map things with it)
12:52 Lea we wont go there no?! :)
12:52 kados heh
12:53 kados so instead you're writing a MARC parser from scratch? ;-)
12:53 Lea there is a wonderful MARC toolkit for python called pymarc. It makes life VERY simple
12:53 Lea no
12:53 kados ahh, I didn't know about that
12:53 kados cool
12:53 Lea title = record['245']['a']
12:53 Lea ;)
12:53 kados I'll have to take a look
12:53 Lea I'm writing a mapper class so you can do this:
12:54 Lea a = MARCMapper("test.mrc","test.mrc.mapped")
12:54 Lea a.cloneTag("999","a","952","g")
12:54 Lea a.removeTag(["600"])
12:54 Lea a.setHoldingBranch("DOLG")
12:54 Lea a.doMappingAndSave()
12:54 Lea that will do all that for you
12:55 Lea i need to change it to handle multiple subfields of the same tag though ;)
12:58 kados right
13:28 Lea kados: thanks for your help. I have 2 records in items now :)
13:32 Lea and a whole load of bugfixes for my mapper class
13:34 kados Lea: congrats :-)
13:35 Anarka heys :)
13:37 Anarka i'm about to implement koha on a small school library, there is some problems(i think) they only use windows
13:38 Anarka so i'm thinking... the mysql server should be the heaviest process, so that could be installed in a windows server and maybe setup a "smaler" box with debian... is that a stupid idea ?
13:38 Anarka a PII, PIII at least for debian
13:39 Lea if it's a small school library, why not install the lot on your P3?
13:39 Lea or am i missing something here....
13:40 kados Anarka: how many items in yor collection?
13:40 Anarka could be but... i tried setting mysql, and koha on a pII@350 with almost 400 mb ram and it want fast...
13:40 kados Anarka: if it's under 20K or so the PII can handle it no problems at all
13:40 Anarka hummm
13:40 Anarka maybe i messed something here then
13:41 kados maybe need to tune mysql a bit
13:41 kados my.cnf is the file to do that
13:41 Anarka i installed the debian package... didnt really change anything
13:41 Anarka but from you comments installing on separate machines isnt a good idea ?
13:42 Anarka it's under 20k...
13:42 Lea keep it all on your p3
13:43 Lea but maybe invest a little cash in putting in more ram
13:43 Anarka over 512 ?
13:43 Lea well, the more the better
13:43 Anarka yeah from the wiki the ideal was to keep the db almost in mem
13:44 Lea Anarka: there you go. If it's a P3, i'm sure you can easily find cheap ram on ebay for it
13:45 Anarka Lea i think we can even steal from some boxes that are stored
13:45 Anarka but thats good :)
13:45 Lea do that then. Seriously, you don't want to be messing with splitting this up over different servers
13:46 Anarka eheh good i asked then because i was considering that
13:47 Anarka and from what i've seen on some posts all the perl modules needed are available in etch
13:47 Anarka oficially or from indexdata
13:48 Anarka another thing... mysql on 4.1 right ? and apache ? can it be 2.2 ?
13:50 paul yes, mySQL 4.1
13:50 paul and apache, 2.0 or 2.2 are fine
13:51 paul hello Anarka
13:51 Anarka mandriva 2007 still has mysql 4.1 ?
13:51 Anarka heys paul :)
13:51 paul default is mySQL 5, but 4.1 is provided as well (& by mandriva)
13:52 Anarka i have to pull 4.1 from stable/sarge in debian
14:00 Lea Anarka, if you want a hand installing on ubuntu server, instead of debian, I can do that...
14:00 Lea although not today :)
14:01 Anarka it should be identical :)
14:01 Anarka nah im not going to do that today
14:01 Lea if you believe that..... ;)
14:01 Anarka it's not ?
14:01 Lea i doubt it
14:01 Anarka why ? ubuntu is one of debian's sons
14:02 Lea well, it might be, but i doubt it is exactly the same
14:02 Anarka most of it should be identical
14:02 Anarka in ubuntu are you able to install all perl modules via apt-get/aptitude ?
14:03 Lea well, here's my first tip: install webmin. It will save you from a world of pain
14:03 Anarka because of mysql ?
14:04 Lea install the perl modules through that and it will be much easier as it will resolve dependancies, download,install and test your modules in one click
14:04 Lea ...maybe 2 ;)
14:04 Anarka webmin does that ?
14:04 Lea yeah
14:04 Anarka interesting
14:04 Lea i g2g, really late
14:05 Lea see ya! (thanks kados)
14:05 Anarka okis :) tnx for the tips
16:58 superbru paul est tu la?
16:58 _paul yep
16:58 paul c'est qui superbru ?
16:58 superbru c btoumi mais a ca maison
16:58 paul je pensai bien à ca ;-)
16:58 paul ca marche ou pas alors ?
16:59 superbru aux derniere nouvelles non
16:59 paul bibliomir fonctionne
16:59 paul sauf les recherches catalogue.
16:59 paul (pb zebra)
16:59 superbru ok
17:00 paul install de la dernière VF dispo en cours...
17:00 superbru ok
17:06 paul opérationnel aussi...
17:07 paul bon, allez, je suis fatigué et demain faut se lever : dodo...
17:07 paul tant pis pour la recherche catalogue :-(
17:42 thd kados: are you there?
17:46 kados thd: yep
05:12 js hello
07:10 Anarka hummm i noticed z3950 search on CVS fully works on windows
07:12 Anarka do i need to use koha from CVS for it or could i just replace those files in 2.2.6 ?
07:23 Anarka or is a release really close and maybe waiting for it would be better ?
10:04 hdl a release should be out in a few weeks.
10:10 Lea hi
10:31 hdl hi Lea

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