IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-14

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05:01 paul hello world
05:01 paul chris around ?
05:03 paul seems no...
05:59 chris am now paul, i was at my ante natal class
06:01 chris yes, they played really well, im not sure they can play that well again this week
07:36 Lea good morning. Would any kind soul know which koha datatype is searched on when doing a keyword search? Thank you.
07:37 paul hello Lea.
07:37 paul keyword means "search everywhere"
07:39 Lea ok, so i have a bunch of keywords in my source data. Is it best i put them in somewhere like "notes"?
07:39 paul so you say "keyword" meaning "subject" ?
07:42 Lea no. I have a video called "Concept Layer Cut" in the "Men's haircutting series" with keywords "Concept,Cut,Hair Care,Haircutting,Layer,Men"
07:42 Lea i just checked and it does look like it searches notes, so I will put it in there :)

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