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11:20 paul_ paul2
11:59 Lea hdl: I've written my own dictionary parser and it works fine....
12:00 Lea I see all the tags and data (although the data is stored in a horrible way - 5byte buffer at start of each field for some stupid reason).
12:01 hdl Is the directory OK ?
12:01 Lea How can I tell if it's ok? What do you mean?
12:01 hdl Or do you have to rebuild it ?
12:02 hdl Does it contains information ? And Is information in relation to you data ?
12:02 Lea I will pastebin my results
12:02 Lea yes it does
12:04 Lea
12:04 Lea the dictionary is not entirely correct, as you will see
12:05 Lea (Unless it's my coding!)
12:07 Lea This is the dictionary extracted:
12:07 Lea Tag,Length,Starts At
12:07 Lea As you can see, 200 has a length of 24, which also seems to include the price!
12:08 Lea Tag 20 sorry, not 200
12:10 hdl So this semms to be USMARC data.
12:10 hdl MARC-21
12:11 hdl It is strange that dumpmarc can't decode your data.
12:12 hdl Can you try /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/misc/ -file test_import.mrc
12:12 Lea sure
12:13 Lea ok, I get the leader and control tag for every record
12:14 Lea EG:
12:14 Lea NUMBER 5919 =>
12:14 Lea LDR 00801nam  2200037   45e0
12:14 Lea 001     2000230001
12:15 Lea i really wish i was better at perl
12:46 Lea ok, it seems that bytes 12-16 dont represent the start of the data
12:51 hdl If your software doesnot provide you with correct directory, then it will be hard to decode your information.
12:53 Lea I agree. If I decode it myself (looks fairly easy), what option would I have in writing this data into Koha?
12:58 paul_ bye world...
13:06 Lea ok, I know what the problem is here. I just hardcoded a data start number into MARC::FILE::USMARC and got correct output for one record. This means that,yes, bytes 12-16 of the leader aren't set correctly
13:21 Lea hdl: I know I've bothered you all afternoon, I appreciate it. One last thing, is this what I should be seeing with dumpmarc?
13:22 hdl yes
13:22 hdl definitely
13:23 Lea right, well I've worked out that their export routine has a bug.
13:23 Lea What I'm going to do is work out how to generate the correct number for bytes 12-16, run it on every record and "fix" their data
13:24 Lea If possible, I would like ot upload this script to the wiki. Perhaps there should be a new page for importing data from this system?
13:34 hdl sure
13:35 hdl Good.
13:35 hdl
13:35 dewey is probably ssssslllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww....
13:36 owen dewey: forget
13:36 dewey owen: I forgot
13:36 hdl hehe owen
13:37 hdl It was a good vote was it not ?
13:37 owen It's been a long time since I've been happy about election results.
13:38 kados :-)
13:38 hdl Maybe a wife could be head of deputy, woud it not ?
13:38 hdl I don't know the precise term for the position.
13:39 hdl I saw her on TV, she was presented as an iron woman
13:39 hdl hi kados
13:39 kados hi hdl
13:44 Lea oooh, what was the result for the senate?
13:48 hdl Not known atm
13:48 hdl they must re-count
13:50 Lea *cough*Diebold*cough*
13:53 owen :) My colleage and I were wondering if the election results proved electronic voting was safe, or whether Democrats simply won /despite/ some vote tampering
13:59 Lea owen: hard to "prove" anything
14:38 Lea my MARC21 data is now fixed :)
15:17 Lea ok guys. Seems my python script works wonders on this duff data exported by the eclipse system. Where can I put it and write a page about my experiences so others can benefit?
15:21 mason hiya lea, try here ->
15:22 mason create yourself an account on there, and you should be away
15:23 mason perhaps under 'migration notes'... ?
15:53 Lea I take it I can't upload files?
16:16 Lea Wiki updated. Thanks for the help today. See ya.
17:51 pecisk hi guys, I got particulary interested in your system, but I can't find where requirements are listed
18:09 Mordazy Hi all
18:09 Mordazy anybody here?
18:10 Mordazy well, anybody proficient in importing things to Koha?
18:16 Mordazy anybody?
18:16 Mordazy oh well
18:23 Mordazy Just wanted to say that Burt Munro`s "Munro Special" Indian kicks ass :)
18:37 chris hi pecisk, are you still theer?
18:37 chris there even
18:38 chris[…]sarge.html#d0e319
18:38 chris is a good place to look
18:38 chris it lists the dependencies
18:50 pecisk chris: thanks
18:52 chris no problem :)
18:52 chris you are from latvia pecisk?
18:52 chris night toins
18:52 pecisk chris: that's right :)
18:52 toins_ bye chris
18:53 chris cool :)
18:55 pecisk koha seems to be very impressive system, my girlfriend is a librarian, she likes it, at first glance
18:58 chris thats great :)
18:58 chris have you seen
18:59 pecisk no
18:59 pecisk I will check it out
19:00 pecisk by the way, I have question already - i looking at the demo, but I can't find where I can add users who can manage whole system - or there is just one administrator aka root
19:00 chris nope there isnt, 2 secs ill show you
19:00 chris koha thinks of librarians just as other users
19:00 chris but with different privileges
19:00 chris eg
19:01 chris[…]
19:01 chris see this page
19:01 chris ull notice a link modify privileges
19:01 chris next to the delete button
19:01 chris if you click on that
19:02 pecisk I see
19:02 chris then you can set what that person can do in koha
19:02 pecisk nice :)
19:02 pecisk yeah
19:02 pecisk good one
19:02 chris another good doc
19:02 chris is
19:02 chris
19:02 chris for an intro to koha
19:03 pecisk great, thanks :)
19:04 pecisk last question before I leave for now (I definetly will return), is - how Koha is big on load? I know from my sysadmin expierence that perl is rather heavy, but powerful :)
19:13 chris hmmm, not very at all, its mysql that does all the heavy lifting
19:13 chris and its purely dependent on how many items you have in your library
19:13 chris the more ram you can throw at it, the faster it will go :)
19:20 pecisk chris: good to know :)
19:21 pecisk anyway, thanks for a info, see ya here next time :) bye
19:21 chris cya later
05:14 osmoze hello #koha
05:14 toins_ hello all
05:19 hdl hello
07:06 btoumi chris are u around?
08:19 Lea good morning
08:19 toins_ hello Lea
08:39 Lea Is there a difference between bulkmarcimport and the "Upload MARC records" menu on the web interface?
09:01 Lea Also, is it possible to bulk import into a particular branch?
09:01 paul hi Lea.
09:01 paul yes, a very big one !!!
09:01 paul bulkmarcimport is useful when migrating your database.
09:02 paul upload is useful to fill the reservoir, that will let you create your cataloguer quickly, by picking biblios from the reservoir 1 by 1
09:02 paul so, it's definetly not the same usage.
09:02 paul does that sound clear ?
09:06 Lea ok, so do not use the resevoir for 6K books :)
09:07 Lea I've got the import working well, but is there a way to auto assign the branch?
09:07 paul nope, you'll have to hack a little bit bulkmarcimport for this.
09:07 paul look at :
09:07 paul
09:07 paul and
09:07 paul
09:08 Lea thank you for your time paul
09:09 Lea it seems a bit strange to me that this isn't a standard part of importing. But what do I know? I'm just a sysadmin :)
09:10 paul In fact, a large part of my job is to modify biblios when migrating from an ILS to another one.
09:10 paul but don't forget to double check that you don't already have item information already somewhere.
09:11 paul did you find => migrating your datas to koha 2.2 ?
09:13 Lea yes i did. Some documents on the migrating part of the wiki talked about editing a $branchname variable. Was this taken out?
09:13 paul ???
09:35 kados hi all
09:39 paul hello kados.
09:39 kados cool, how's it going?
09:40 paul quite well
09:40 paul a lot of minor bugs, a few more important, but nothing unsolvable.
09:41 kados paul: I have gotten several off-list requests to send people the new Z39.50 client because they don't understand CVS
09:41 kados (good news ...)
09:41 kados I wonder if we could release 2.2.7 soon or if I should just send directions for how to update to the koha list
09:42 Lea paul:sorry was on phone, look at point 2 (at the top) on this page
09:43 Lea it talks about a branch mane variable

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