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11:12 Lea hi! I'm currently a little stuck importing my MARC21 records into Koha. In the log file I'm getting the following error: [Tue Nov 07 14:34:10 2006] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header=MARCRECORDMARCRECORDMARCRECORD:, referer:[…]mport/      Any ideas? Thanks...
11:24 kados paul: you around?
11:26 owen hi kados
11:26 kados morning owen
11:26 kados :-)
11:55 Lea is it normally easy to import MARC files from a .mrc file? Am I doing something wrong?
11:57 Lea I just keep getting: Can't locate object method "ignore_errors" via package "MARC::Charset" at ./ line 24.
11:59 kados Lea: do you have MARC::Charset installed?
11:59 kados Lea: and if so, what version?
12:05 Lea I'll check now
12:06 Lea yes i do 0.95
12:07 Lea I'm not a perl guru. How do I add a path to my perl modules search path? I think this may be the problem
12:31 Lea ok, I think I'm getting somewhere, now I'm getting this error: Can't locate object method "encoding" via package "MARC::Record" at ./ line 218.
12:31 Lea I have installed the encoding perl module....
12:42 Lea kados: I have it working, thanks for the hint
17:48 chris anyone about?
17:52 kados what's up chris?
17:53 chris ... work for you?
17:53 kados server error
17:53 chris right, still going to the old site then
17:53 chris ull have to wait for the dns to catch up
17:53 kados dns propogation then
17:53 kados snap
17:53 chris unless you can make ur dns server reload :)
17:54 kados what's the new IP?
17:55 chris .. so once ur dns says that ull be ok
17:55 chris i think the ttl is 17 hours .. so itll come around
17:56 kados huh ... that's the IP I get with dig
17:56 chris hmm, maybe ur browser is caching dns
17:57 chris what happens if you hit it lynx
17:57 kados works
17:57 owen chris, is coming up for me (though without any stylesheet)
17:58 kados so firefox must be caching the dns ... weird
17:58 chris right i just have to make it not so ugly now:)
17:58 chris 2 secs
17:58 kados heh
18:00 chris better now?
18:01 owen Purdy. :)
18:02 chris cool
19:48 rch hey folks
05:08 osmoze hello
05:08 dewey what's up, osmoze
05:45 chris hey osmoze, working for you now?
05:46 toins_ chris: yes it's works !
05:46 osmoze hi chris
05:46 osmoze yes :)
05:47 chris cool
05:47 chris its actually on a new server, and a slightly newer version of bugzilla now too
06:28 Lea good morning....
06:29 toins_ hi Lea
06:29 btoumi hi lea
06:31 Lea I'm reinstalling koha today. I gained a lot of experience yesterday and I think I'll do a better job second time around
06:31 toins_ Lea: 2.2.6 ?
06:31 dewey i guess 2.2.6 is shaping up to be really stable
06:31 Lea yes, 2.2.6
06:31 toins_ ok
06:31 Lea I had quite a few niggling issues yesterday
06:32 Lea but i think most of that was because I had issues with direct connection to the net.
06:33 Lea Being a sys admin and not a librarian, could anyone enlighten me to what the deal is with MARC records? They look Tag based. Is there a standard format for tags? How do I make sure the librarian's data is transfered correctly? Do I need to manually set up mappings? I got a headache yesterday.... :)
06:57 hdl you can find documentation on MARC standard in loc site and IFLA.
06:58 hdl
06:58 hdl
06:59 hdl depending on which side of the channel you are.
06:59 hdl But I warn you : it will worsen your headache.
06:59 hdl very interesting for cataloguers.
07:00 hdl Do you know which marcflavour your library is using ?
07:00 hdl Do you know what data they provide you with for import ?
07:04 Lea well, we are using a product called Eclipse at the moment
07:04 Lea it exports csv,xls,MARC21 and UNIMARC
07:04 Lea for the catalogue
07:08 hdl depending on the flavour you want to use in Koha.
07:08 hdl MARC21 or UNIMARC would be good choices.
07:09 hdl To import, you can use bulkmarcimport.
07:09 Lea The reason I ask, is because I managed to get 5900 records imported using bulkmarcimporter, but a lot of the fields were NULL in the database. I wondered if I needed to make some sort of "mappings"?
07:10 hdl I often map links since every user has its own use.
07:10 Lea Like, setup all the categories using the same "codes" as what is in eclipse. But I'm not sure, because I don't know if MARC is standard like XML in that custom tags can be created. I'm all at sea with this library stuff! :)
07:10 Lea I just know that if I bulk import the records a lot of fields are NULL
07:10 Lea IE, all but the date ones
07:11 hdl Did you create a framework for biblios ?
07:11 hdl When installing Koha, you can choose to import frameworks.
07:12 hdl Importing default UNIMARC (in french) or US-MARC can be a good start.
07:13 hdl Did you try to contact MJ ray in UK ?
07:14 Lea um,.... I'm not sure what I did. It's a new day! :) But I am reinstalling koha today. Now, these frameworks, are they standardised? I'm in the UK, so do I use US-MARC?
07:15 Lea Who is Mj ray?
07:17 paul lea: you should use the script, that is in the misc/migration_tools directory script, to see if you have true iso2709 file (which I think yes), and what kind of marc flavour it is.
07:18 paul the dumpmarc will dump your record.
07:18 paul copy here a part of it (a single biblio), and we will tell you if it's UNIMARC of MARC21.
07:18 paul (if you have the title in 200$a, it's UINMARC, if you have it in 245$a, it's MARC21)
07:20 Lea oh, ok. are you around for a bit? I'm just reinstalling...
07:20 Lea if it's any help, the file extension is .mrc
07:21 Lea i did specifically select MARC21 rather than UNIMARC
07:35 hdl MJ ray is a UK person who contributed in Koha.
07:35 hdl Lea : OK if you select MARC21
07:36 hdl (UNIMARC is only translated in french)
07:42 Lea ah ok. I'll talk to MJ Ray when i see him online :) Nearly all perl modules installed.
07:43 Lea I'd definately add "install modules using webmin" to the documentation. It makes life an awful lot easier.
07:56 hdl he rarely is
07:56 hdl But you can contact him via email
07:57 paul hdl (& Lea) : you're wrong about unimarc in french only : it's also in ukrainian since 2.2.6 :D
08:10 Lea heh
08:11 Lea is ther a difference between MARC::FILE::XML and MARC::FILE::SAX? I used the cvs versions of the MARC library and MARC::FILE::XML isn't included...
08:11 Lea ...but it is on the requirements section of the 2.2.6 release notes
08:14 Lea Here is the result from dumpmarc:
08:15 Lea LDR 00830nam  2200037   45e0
08:15 Lea 001     2000240001
08:15 Lea I'm guessing that 2000_240_001 means it is infact a genuine MARC21 file...
08:20 hdl dumpmarc should be more verbose than just two lines.
08:21 hdl USMARC and UNIMARC all depends if you have title in 245$a or 200$a
08:21 hdl USMARC have author in 100 field.
08:21 hdl while UNIMARC have it in 200 and 700
08:27 Lea oh, ok. Let me C&P everything here
08:28 Lea root@koha:/root/koha# /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/misc/ -file test_import.mrc -n 1
08:28 Lea NUM : 1
08:28 Lea NUMBER 1 =>
08:28 Lea LDR 00830nam  2200037   45e0
08:28 Lea 001     2000240001
08:28 Lea ==================
08:28 Lea 5922 record parsed
08:29 Lea That's everything
08:37 hdl try -w
08:38 hdl and without -n 1
08:40 Lea root@koha:/root/koha# /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/misc/ -file test_import.mrc -w
08:40 Lea NUM : 0
08:40 Lea No directory found in record 1
08:40 Lea field does not end in end of field character in tag 001 in record 1
08:40 Lea ==================
08:40 Lea 1 record parsed
08:40 Lea :(
09:29 Lea bbiab
10:12 hdl Lea : No directory is a bad news.
10:12 hdl directory is the structure of your mrc file
10:13 Lea oh dear.... how can these people claim it's MARC21 compliant?
10:48 Lea if all else fails, I can get the data in CSV format. Any tips on importing that?
10:52 Lea hmm.. there is definately directory data there....

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