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11:51 btoumi nono?
11:54 btoumi nono are u around:
16:40 tumer paul:how did zebra go?
16:40 _paul hello tumer
16:40 paul quite well. My problem was an expat one
16:41 tumer oh yes lots of dependencies
16:41 paul expat was not installed, thus zebra was not compiled with xml support :-(
16:41 tumer and not complained while building?
16:42 paul yes, it was, but just a "grs-xml : no" during configure.
16:42 paul can easily be missed...
16:42 paul (hdl added a wiki page to warn for this)
16:42 tumer yes i think you should bug them
16:42 paul (& probably other zebra specific stuff will come...)
16:42 hdl hi
16:42 dewey hi, hdl
16:43 tumer hi
16:43 tumer paul: now working on a WAP version koha, anyone else worked on this before?
16:46 hdl tumer : does yaz query UDP or TCP ports ?
16:46 tumer tcp
16:47 tumer port 212 is globally reserved for z3950 and there is one for zebra as well
16:47 tumer 212/210
16:50 hdl Thanks tumer.
16:51 paul_away bye world.
16:51 kados hdl: I recommend a unix socket rather than tcp
16:51 kados hdl: it's much faster
16:51 paul a quick information for kados & tumer...
16:51 hdl kados : it is for external servers.
16:51 kados hdl: (ahh)
16:52 tumer hdl:search for a list i cannot remember the address but gives the whole use of ports
16:52 paul this week, i'm teaching koha v3 to SAN-OP. keep finger crossed...
16:52 tumer crossed
16:52 paul because I'm sure we will encounter bugs (we have 2 months to find them), but hopefully not too much
16:52 kados yep
16:52 kados so far NPL is very happy
16:53 kados minimal bugs in dev_week
16:53 paul otherwise, the 1st 14 users will be disappointed & they will be anxious for going live on january 1st...
16:53 kados so hopefully the same for rel_3_0
16:53 paul yep, but I know there are still alot of improvements to do, for SAN-OP on their zebra setup.
16:53 kados paul: I have a suggestion
16:54 kados paul: I suggest that we not release 3.0 officially until SAN is happy with it
16:54 kados my feeling is that an official release is too important to be buggy ...
16:54 paul (even if I may install a 2nd library, managed 100% by me with it in early january)
16:55 kados especially since zebra is so complex
16:55 paul an official release is important and THIS release is more than important...
16:55 kados it could be detremental to the project if it is complex AND buggy :-)
16:55 tumer i am probably setting up another library next mont with HEAD
16:55 kados paul: exactly
16:56 kados tumer: which one?
16:56 dewey rumour has it which one is that? :-)
16:56 paul note that SAN-OP don't uses acquisitions, so we won't test rel_3 acqui module...
16:56 tumer which??
16:56 dewey which is, like, really annoying or insane
16:56 paul which new library with HEAD ?
16:56 kados tumer: which library?
16:56 tumer a special library in Turkey
16:56 kados cool
16:57 tumer currently HEAD is as bugfree as rel2_2
16:57 paul don't you find too many bugs in HEAD ? because toins did many many many bugfixes on rel_3 that you should have in HEAD
16:57 paul ???
16:57 kados tumer: that may be just for the subset of functions that you use
16:58 tumer I have it running for 2 month only acquisitions not well tested
16:58 kados hdl: what is the status of authorities with zebra?
16:58 paul it's working (for UNIMARC at least).
16:58 tumer i have not been committing-since nobody uses it
16:58 kados cool
16:58 kados we need to discuss how to manage our commits better
16:59 kados I've a feeling there's a lot of duplicated work
16:59 tumer on head is now all necessary function for KOHA without Date::Manip. i am committing it now
16:59 kados tumer++
16:59 paul tumer : OK, but you should always comit, because toins follow all commits, and report what is needed/interesting on rel_3
16:59 paul it's a shame you did not previously, because toins is working on that for rel_3_0 too
16:59 kados paul: re: 2.2.7 ... did you see my email sent today?
17:00 tumer well i did paul
17:00 tumer this is additions
17:00 tumer and i still see lots of duplicated work
17:00 paul kados : the one about mySQL5 support ?
17:00 kados paul: yse
17:01 kados paul: yes even :-)
17:01 paul yes, i've read it. But my main concern is to have a mySQL4 AND mySQL5 compliance, which is not so easy, If toins is not lying.
17:01 kados ahh, I see
17:01 kados isnt' that what is for?
17:01 kados ie, there used to be a way to specify the db driver to use
17:01 paul so i'm waiting for chris commits to check if it's work is OK for mySQL 4 as well
17:01 kados ok
17:02 paul yes, but some SQL statements must be rewritten.
17:02 paul for example :
17:02 paul select X, Y from A,B where = B.yyy is no more correct if you should write :
17:02 kados join, I know
17:02 paul select X,T from A left join B on
17:02 kados it's a major change
17:02 kados and the behavior has changed too
17:03 paul and there's a LOT of such syntaxes all around koha !
17:03 kados yep
17:03 kados maybe there's a 'backwards compatible' for mysql5?
17:03 paul ok, guys, it's time for me to go with my wife...
17:03 kados paul: have a good afternoon
17:04 paul (it seems the SQL planner has be deeply modified)
17:04 paul_away this time, bye world.
17:05 paul_away a last note about 3.0 official release : kados, you're the release manager, so you'll decide when releasing :-D
17:06 kados paul_away: ok, good :-=)
17:06 kados paul_away: ciao
17:10 chris hmm with the changes i made to make it work under mysql5 they all work under mysql 4 too
17:10 chris its just rearranging the joins and adding some ()
17:11 chris to make it actually ansi compliant sql
17:11 kados chris: !! wtf are you doing up? :-)
17:11 kados kinda early, no?
17:11 chris its 9.11am
17:11 kados ahh, must be the daylight savings time ... always throws me oof
17:12 kados and time flew by today
17:12 chris the live server runs mysql5 the test server runs mysql4 and it works on both
17:12 kados sweet
17:12 chris but there may be something else i have missed
17:13 tumer chris:i saw the server->name server->host modif you did, thats becuase it never worked for windows and thats how i used it
17:13 kados how many queries have been changed roughly?
17:13 chris umm about 5 or 6
17:13 chris just in and
17:13 chris some of the left joins
17:14 tumer acquisitions and serials will need some change as well
17:14 chris its pretty much entirely to do with left joins
17:14 chris well rangitikei use those, so either i made those changes, or they didnt need them :)
17:16 tumer and from what i read only one change in behavour (we do not use) and which can be controlled by dbd::mysql anyway
17:16 chris yup
17:16 chris in terms of Koha i think its only the left joins that need to be changed
17:16 tumer yep from me too
17:17 tumer i will be doing it for head
17:17 chris cool
17:19 owen_ Hey chris, how's it going?
17:20 chris heya owen, busy but good
17:20 owen when's your little boy due?
17:20 chris december 19
17:20 owen Cool. We've got one arriving on Feb. 2 :)
17:21 chris woo congrats
17:21 chris heh
17:21 chris theres some bad ones on there
17:22 kados bbiab
17:23 chris heh
17:24 kados I was doing good last week ... taking lunch on time and such
17:24 kados but I got hit with a tidal wave of support requests this morning
05:07 Mordazy Hi all
05:07 Mordazy anybody here?
05:17 osmoze hello
05:17 dewey salut, osmoze
05:17 Mordazy hi osmoze, hi dewey
05:17 Mordazy are you proficient in importing things into Koha?
05:21 Mordazy I want to import bibl. records into breeding farm
05:21 Mordazy but don`t know what format the file should be...
05:22 Mordazy tried iso2709
05:22 Mordazy and .mrk file produced by MarcTools
06:22 osmoze is dead ?
06:23 mason oops
06:24 mason chris did some perl upgrading on the box today...
06:24 mason that could be why its down
06:25 osmoze bad chris ! no test before :p
06:28 mason hes probably in bed now, so ill get him to have a look in the morning
06:28 osmoze ok :)
07:03 chris nope i didnt touch bugzilla, or perl i just installed a perl module
07:03 chris so it wont be that
07:04 chris ill go see what the problem is tho
07:04 osmoze hum...Probleme of repository
07:17 chris its dead at the moment im afraid, for some reason someone has uninstalled bugzilla
07:18 chris the database is all there safe and sound tho, so nothing is lost, ill just have to wait until the morning and ask the sysadmin why he did it
07:18 chris and make him put it back
07:28 osmoze arf, bad :(

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