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12:42 kados paul: are you present?
12:42 kados paul: do you have a french marc21 library now? or one in switzerland?
12:45 paul hi kados.
12:45 paul nope, I don't have a french marc21 library, but I have :
12:45 paul - 2 french unimarc library in switzerland
12:46 paul - 1 english unimarc library in nederlands
12:47 paul in switzerland, the libraries are 1 public & 1 specialized
13:05 kados ahh
13:05 kados so you have not yet encountered doublebyte characters :-)
13:05 kados it seems we have one remaining UTF-8 problem in Koha 2.2 series
13:06 kados mysql doesn't support collation of single-byte characters like 'a' to multibyte characters like 'aÌ?'
13:06 paul (note that, as all of them are unimarc & french, i've char encoding latin1,)
13:07 kados so for instance, a search on 'gabor' does not return results for 'GaÌ?bor'
13:07 paul ??? really ?
13:07 kados so it seems
13:07 paul there are many utf8_xxxx, can't one of them solve this ?
13:07 kados (note, this only applies to multibyte chars
13:07 kados I have tried utf8_general
13:08 paul maybe utf8_slovak or utf8_polish could help here ?
13:09 kados perhaps
13:09 kados but it's not ideal
13:09 kados because what if you have a catalog with five languages ?
13:09 paul right.
13:10 kados (I have ... it's WIPO ;-))
13:10 paul strange behaviour. It means there is no complete utf8 support in mySQL, isn't it ?
13:10 kados well, I have just discovered this problem
13:10 kados so I don't want to be too hasty
13:11 kados I was just wondering if you encountered it before
13:11 paul ok, i'm afraid i won't be helpfull in this matter...
13:12 kados and it seems that the 'collate' sql is quite slow
13:12 kados so it's not much help
13:12 kados ie, select distinct word from marc_word where word like 'ga%' collate utf8_polish_ci;
13:12 kados takes a very long time
13:12 hdl maybe tumer can help
13:12 hdl hi tumer
13:12 dewey hi tumer is still strugling
13:13 tumer nope only in zebra!
13:13 paul hello tumer
13:13 tumer hi all
13:13 kados hey tumer
13:13 tumer hi kados
13:14 kados select distinct word from marc_word where word like 'gabor%' collate utf8_polish_ci;
13:14 kados only returns 'gabor'
13:14 tumer kados why are you still using marc_word and not zebra?
13:14 kados :(
13:14 kados tumer: this is a legacy client
13:15 paul + we will have the same problem when searching for patron gabor in koha-zebra !
13:16 tumer you canu use map function in sort.chr file and it will return 'GaÌ?bor for gabor
13:17 tumer map (aÌ?) a will do it
13:19 tumer equivalent (aÌ?)a is even better
13:20 kados one solution is to simply avoid all multi-byte characters for mysql
13:20 kados and use the single byte equivilents
13:20 kados that's what I'm going to suggest I think for WIPO
13:28 tumer kados:Koha is now mobile!
13:28 tumer we have the ssytem running
13:28 paul great !
13:28 tumer we will officially launch next week
13:28 paul could you explain how you do this (technically)
13:29 tumer we have access to an operators gateway
13:29 tumer we can send and receive SMS messages by POST or GET methods
13:30 tumer so  i have written a module (currently only for renewals)
13:30 kados tumer: woot!
13:30 tumer it just parses a line like RN username password barcode
13:31 tumer RN meaning renew
13:31 tumer answers back with new renewed date or Return the book its reserved and so on
13:32 tumer koha automatcally sends overdue messages with SMS as well
13:32 tumer paul:is it clear?
13:32 kados neat
13:33 paul wow ! it's clear & really really easy !
13:33 paul to get access to operators gateway, you just ask them (& pay some money I think ;-) )
13:34 tumer yes! i will even earn money on it
13:34 tumer they like to have SMS traffic
13:34 paul ???
13:34 kados cool!
13:34 tumer and are wiling to share profits
13:34 paul you will get money to send SMS ???
13:34 tumer nope
13:35 tumer customers sending SMS
13:35 tumer the cost to them
13:35 tumer i get a share of that money
13:35 paul ah, ok, I understand. Don't you have a feature to send SMS when a return date is near ?
13:35 tumer i have that
13:36 paul (because for this, you pay, right ?)
13:36 paul so, it's something like :
13:36 tumer i managed to get them to accept for me to send that free as a contribution to thr library
13:36 paul - I send a SMS to patron1 => cost EUR0.10
13:36 paul - patron1 renew through SMS => you get EUR0.02
13:36 hdl kados : sorry to interrupt.
13:37 tumer paul yes very similar
13:37 hdl I get a loop. but how do I use ZOOM for outer catalogue and present ppl with results.
13:37 hdl ?
13:38 hdl It should be the same as with processz3950queue is it not ?
13:38 hdl And what about opensearch servers ?
13:38 hdl How does it work.
13:38 hdl ?
13:45 tumer hdl:whats the problem?
13:46 hdl the problem is that I am trying to allow outer catalog search as kados allowed in koha-2.4
13:47 hdl and I am nneither getting connected to outerservers nor getting reults from them with getRecords.
13:48 tumer check the code catalogue/ in head
13:49 kados tumer: I've got a question for you
13:49 tumer a very similar code runs in our OPAC in Advanced serach/Union catalogue
13:49 tumer kados:shoot!
13:50 kados I'm getting really sick of the old Z3950 daemon
13:50 kados do you think you could port the new stuff you did with ZOOM to rel_2_2?
13:50 kados I mean the Z39.50 client ...
13:51 tumer no problem; my should just work with little modifiation
13:52 kados it's the most troublesome part of koha 2.2 I think
13:52 kados for new users
13:52 paul tumer : it's not
13:52 paul it's processz3950queue
13:52 kados in fact, if we did this, I think we could release 2.2.7
13:52 paul (isbnsearch : toins modified it recently to use zoom as everywhere else)
13:52 tumer you do not need procesz3950 anymore
13:52 kados tumer: I'm speaking of rel_2_2
13:52 paul ???
13:53 kados tumer: because many libraries will still use it
13:53 paul is it modified in koha-zebra ???
13:53 kados tumer: I was asking if you could take your new stuff in HEAD and put it into rel_2_2
13:53 tumer kados and paul i am getiing confused!
13:54 kados tumer: to eliminate processz3950queue for rel_2_2
13:54 kados tumer: ok, I'll start over :-)
13:54 kados tumer: in rel_2_2, processz3950queue is still used
13:54 tumer in head there is no more Z3950 deamons
13:54 kados tumer: but in HEAD, it's not
13:54 kados tumer: I am asking if you could merge the HEAD code to rel_2_2
13:54 tumer that should be very easy to port to 2_2
13:54 kados tumer: so that we can release 2.2.7 with improved Z3950 client
13:55 kados I think we would get many 'points' from the community on this
13:55 tumer and OK i will do it on 2_2
13:55 kados as it's definitely the most asked question on koha list
13:55 paul huray for tumer !
13:55 kados tumer++
14:04 tumer hdl:sorry I meant z3950/ not (sorry paul as well)
14:04 paul maybe you should re-write your question for kados & tumer...
14:18 hdl kados, tumer : my question was to adapt kados intranet search facility to search multiple catalogs would it be z3950 servers or opensearch servers.
14:19 hdl I thought this facility was provided by kados on devweek
14:19 hdl But it seems it doesnot work yet on rel_3_0.
14:19 hdl So I was wondering how to get them work.
14:27 tumer hdl:i have a different code than kados's so its kados to answer
14:27 kados dev_week supports federated searching
14:27 kados but it's not completely finished
14:29 tumer hdl: you can see a sample at[…]a/ if it helps i'll send you the code
16:17 hdl kados : Did your primary and secondary server loops worked for you ?
16:18 hdl You told me it was not finihsed yet. But what is to be done ?
16:19 kados hdl: the results display
16:19 kados hdl: we would need a new framework for each federated source I think
16:20 kados hdl: honestly, I didn't think much about it ... except to allow federated search in the getRecords sub
16:20 hdl So this is HIGHLY experimental at present time is it not ?
16:22 hdl The fact is that each ZOOM connection need some options to be set, such as cclfile for instance.
16:22 hdl kados : but I thought that servers could all get into z3950servers table.
16:23 hdl With "position" (primary, 2dary, blank) and "type" (zed or opensearch)
16:24 hdl But the fact is that some information is still missing.
16:27 kados hdl: it is highly experimental
16:27 kados hdl: the opensearch does not work at all except on an uncommitted version of that I need to clean up
16:28 kados hdl: the framework would decide how to display the MARC record when retrieved
16:28 kados hdl: ie, what is mapped to koha fields in the template
16:28 kados hdl: but we may want a more flexible approach such as conversion to MODS or something
16:28 kados hdl: (IMO, using XML -> XSLT -> XHTML is the best approach
16:29 kados if you can spend some time understanding how it shouhld work)
16:29 hdl (I agree)
16:29 hdl (on XML->XSLT->XHTML)
16:29 kados too bad for me, I'm likely to be too busy in Nov/Dec for any development :(
16:30 hdl So I gues this shouldnot be part of Koha rel_3_0.
16:30 hdl It really nedds som more dev.
16:31 hdl IMO, we should have getRecords be splitted into parts so taht queries could be trated by types.
16:32 hdl Opensearch, z3950, ccl, and so on.
16:32 hdl Opensearch, rpn, ccl, and so on.
16:32 hdl This qould allow us to magically implement some new search engines  
16:34 hdl Maybe buildQuery should also be built in this aim.
16:35 hdl But it needs some development planning.
16:42 kados hdl: I agree
16:42 hdl hi _paul
16:43 hdl kados : I dont think you tried greenstone.
16:43 hdl did you ?
16:44 kados hdl: not carefully
16:44 hdl It present some cool features in integrating oai and word and any doc type through plugins.
16:44 kados yep
16:44 kados very nice features
16:44 hdl And maybe Koha could get some inspiration from it.
16:45 hdl migrating to Koha is quite a big burden for ppl.
16:45 hdl This is what we are paid for.
16:45 kados yep
16:45 hdl But I think taht if it would be easier, more and more persons would come to Koha.
17:24 thd kados: are you there?
21:43 tumer chris:around?
21:44 chris yep
21:44 chris sup tumer?
21:45 tumer how are you?
21:45 chris good thanks and you?
21:45 tumer do you have a dev_week running?
21:45 chris sure do
21:46 chris want me to test out your commits?
21:46 tumer i have just committed a new z3950 search to dev_week
21:46 tumer yes please
21:49 kados tumer: ahh, to dev_week? do I need to alter the db at all?
21:49 kados tumer: originally I meant rel_2_2 but dev_week will do ;-)
21:49 tumer no alteration to db
21:50 tumer sorry i am really confuesed with all this releases
21:50 chris Global symbol "$breedingid" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 125
21:50 tumer right
21:51 kados tumer: there are four now:
21:51 kados rel_2_2 is the 'stable' 2.2 series (next version in this series is 2.2.7)
21:51 chris seems to be working now
21:51 kados rel_2_2 will have a long life AFAIK
21:51 kados it's nice and simple for small libraries
21:51 tumer thanks chris
21:52 kados chris: did you commit?
21:52 kados ahh, see it now
21:52 chris yep
21:52 tumer kados: on Windows i cannot fork so the results appear one after the other you may change that
21:53 chris whats a known working z3950 server?
21:55 tumer try me on
21:57 kados hmmm, I'm getting a ton of errors in
21:57 chris weird
21:57 tumer i only added one line
21:57 kados lobal symbol "$i" requires explicit package name at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 73.
21:57 chris im not
21:57 kados maybe I'll synch up again
21:58 chris theres not even an $i on line 73 for me :)
21:58 kados yea, fixed now
21:58 kados musta been something I was mucking with :-)
21:59 kados tumer: nothing found for 'tom sawyer'
21:59 kados tumer: and some pretty good servers defined
21:59 kados nothing interresting in the log
21:59 kados and it still gives the 'Still ?? servers to search' message
22:00 kados but the page never reloads
22:00 chris hmm mine doesnt do that
22:00 chris lemme add some more
22:00 kados
22:00 tumer kados:can you please uncomment the warns in search pl
22:00 kados
22:00 kados voyager
22:00 kados will do
22:01 kados hang on, it's working now
22:01 kados sweet!
22:01 chris heh
22:01 kados wait
22:01 chris what was going on?
22:01 kados may have spoken too soon
22:01 kados it was me mucking around again ;-)
22:02 kados I just get a message 'still 7 servers to search'
22:02 kados no page reload
22:02 chris yeah that page isnt reloading
22:02 tumer the page dows not reload
22:02 kados and manual reload doesn't turn up anything
22:02 kados no?
22:02 kados does it use ajax?
22:02 tumer it just adds to the page
22:03 tumer no ajax
22:03 chris ah ha
22:04 tumer this works on IE but i am not sure on firefox
22:04 kados hmmm
22:06 kados nope, same deal
22:06 tumer chris:it just does a print $template->output after each server result
22:06 chris right
22:07 tumer it works for IE for me but i cannot test it on dev_week
22:08 kados IE for me acts the same
22:08 kados Bibliographic Records Found in   Title  Author  ISBN    
22:08 kados Nothing found
22:08 kados Still 7 servers to search
22:08 chris ill put some warns in and see where its getting to, its only doing the first server
22:08 kados just that page
22:09 tumer uncomment line 153 and you will see all zoom movements
22:09 chris yep it only does that once
22:09 chris im trying to figure out why
22:10 chris ah ha
22:11 chris i did this
22:11 chris $oConnection[$s]->connect($server->{name}, $server->{port}) || warn "cant connect";
22:11 chris cant connect at line 138.
22:11 chris so now i have to figure out why :)
22:13 tumer chris:comment out line 131 and 132 for user and password i do not have those
22:15 kados server->syntax?
22:15 kados would that be USMARC?
22:15 tumer replace with USMARC
22:15 kados I wonder if it should be MARC21 instead
22:15 tumer i have USMARC hardcoded
22:16 tumer and loc works
22:16 kados not yet for me
22:16 tumer in fact they all work with that but just incase for those UNIMARC
22:16 chris ah ha
22:16 chris telnet 7090
22:16 chris Trying
22:16 chris telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
22:16 chris that explains that at least
22:17 kados wtf?
22:17 chris probably a local firewall
22:17 kados 210
22:17 chris i can connect to it from home
22:17 kados right
22:18 chris so its a firewall blocking that port outbound on my dev box
22:18 chris so i cant really test im afraid
22:18 kados heh
22:18 kados well my test box isn't firewalled
22:18 kados loc is very slow though
22:19 kados but I have 7 servers defined
22:19 tumer chris:ROCK.LIB.ASU.EDU:210
22:19 kados s I'd think one of them would work
22:19 kados chris: work for you?
22:19 chris no ports will
22:19 kados chris: I could start it up on a port you aren't firewalled on
22:20 kados chris: 443 maybe?
22:20 chris hmm lemme see
22:20 kados 9999
22:20 kados is where it's actually at
22:21 tumer LIBRARY.MIT.EDU:9909 which is MIT is also working
22:21 chris ill test later but it looks to me like it should work if it could connect
22:21 kados did you change anything chris?
22:21 tumer currently i am searching,loc,ohio, MIT Oxford all working
22:22 chris nope kados, just stuck some warns in
22:22 kados huh
22:22 chris try uncommenting the warns in there and watch the logs
22:23 kados yea, doing that now
22:23 kados weird
22:24 kados I get Connect failed (10000) PASADENA P.L.:210 for all of them
22:24 chris right
22:24 chris have you tried commenting out the user and password bits?
22:24 kados yep
22:24 kados don't get an erro for loc
22:24 kados but no results returned
22:25 chris see about line 138
22:25 chris $oConnection[$s]->connect($server->{name}, $server->{port})
22:25 chris that line
22:25 chris try making it
22:25 chris $oConnection[$s]->connect($server->{name}, $server->{port}) || warn ("somthing went wrong: " . $oConnection[$s]->errmsg());
22:25 chris see if we can get some info
22:26 kados connection 0: event 10 (end) at line 158.0 error @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1   "mark": Connect failed (10000) PASADENA P.L.:210
22:27 kados no warning for the 'something went wrong'
22:27 chris interesting thats what fails for me (cos of the firewall)
22:27 chris but u get past that
22:27 tumer line 153 will give you more messages on connection
22:27 chris and then when it tries to search it dies
22:28 kados tumer: that warn is uncommented already
22:28 chris could do
22:28 chris $oResult[$z] = $oConnection[$z]->search_pqf($query);
22:28 chris into
22:28 chris $oResult[$z] = $oConnection[$z]->search_pqf($query) || warn ("somthing went wrong: " . $oConnection[$s]->errmsg());
22:28 kados but the error I'm getting is a connection prob
22:29 kados and I don't get it for loc strangely
22:29 chris well thats what zoom says
22:29 kados nothing
22:30 tumer why dont you try your own zebra server ?
22:30 chris so it gets past that, ie its doing the search
22:30 kados I'm not so sure
22:30 chris if you do it against just 1 server, ur one
22:30 tumer put a warn to $numresults
22:31 chris you hopefully will see it connect in the zebra logs?
22:31 kados hmm, it is inside that for loop
22:31 kados chris: good thinking
22:33 kados huh ... it doesn't connect
22:33 tumer very weird!
22:35 kados well, I can try to troubleshoot some more later
22:35 kados right now I should get some dinner
22:35 kados thanks tumer!
22:35 tumer let me know so i can do something if necessary
22:45 tumer chris i added the user and password to mine and it still works
22:49 chris right so its not that then, after work ill do some more testing, its probably somethng simple
22:49 tumer try[…]uing/ with id:0123456 pass:arman if u like
22:51 chris sweet that works just fine
22:52 chris very cool
22:52 tumer only thing different is after results i call for xml in head and for marc record in that version
22:53 tumer line by line same code
22:53 chris right
22:54 tumer so pls chek firewals etc and our settings
22:54 tumer gnight for now
22:54 chris yeah i know mine is firewalls, i cant test further than that until i change that
22:54 chris good night
23:43 kados something went wrong: No error at line 130.
23:43 kados that's this line:
23:43 kados $oConnection[$s]->connect($server->{name}, $server->{port}) || warn ("something went wrong: ".$oConnection[$s]->errmsg());
23:44 kados chris: if you cvs up I re-did the tabs so they're pretty
23:44 chris cool
23:44 chris but we still arent connecting for some reason eh
23:44 chris did you see tumers koha?
23:44 kados yea, for 'no error' :-)
23:44 kados no, didn't
23:44 chris its pretty cool
23:45 kados the template, or what?
23:45 chris the way the results come back
23:45 kados ahh, yea I've seen the OPAC
23:45 chris i meant the z9350 search
23:45 kados ahh, no I haven't
23:45 chris if you scroll back
23:45 kados but I know how it works
23:45 kados because I've done that myself
23:45 chris it has the link and username and password
23:46 kados just keep printing out to the browser
23:46 chris yep
23:46 kados if we wanted
23:46 kados we could use that technique for the federated search in koha
23:46 kados and some javascript could keep the results in the right places
23:46 kados so we could have asynchronous results I mean
23:47 kados which would be much faster to load
23:47 chris right
23:47 chris but first we have to figure out why its not connecting :)
23:47 kados and if we were smart about it it would still work in lynx
23:47 kados yea :-)
23:49 kados got it
23:49 kados warn ("server data",$server->{name}, $server->{port});
23:49 kados server dataNELSONVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY9999
23:49 kados nothing to connect to :-)
23:50 chris ahhh
23:50 kados hehe, now I get a 500 error :-)
23:50 chris so it should be $server->{host} insteadd eh?
23:50 kados yea
23:51 chris makes sense
23:51 kados database unavailable
23:51 kados hmmm
23:51 kados ahh, my fault
00:04 rhariram hi kados
00:05 kados hi rhariram
00:05 kados rhariram: what's up?
00:06 rhariram any clue on bug 1230
00:07 kados rhariram: sorry, I haven't had a chance to pursue it
00:08 kados rhariram: got a number of clients needing stuff done before I do my volunteer stuff ;-)
00:09 rhariram ok. no problem. could you give pointers on how to pursue it ?
00:11 kados if I recall, it's only happening in the koha tables, right?
00:11 kados not the marc_subfield_table?
00:11 kados it could be a problem with the table definition
00:12 kados or it could be a perl problem, something might be setting or unsetting the utf8 flag to perl and causing it to double-encode the field
00:12 kados that would be burried deep in the code somewhere and proabbly hard to spot/test
00:12 rhariram that right only in the koha tables and not marc_subfield_table
00:13 rhariram ok
00:31 rhariram kados: was just looking at the koha.mysql file. Table definitions look ok.
00:33 kados rhariram: is the column type the same for marc_subfield_table as the column you'r ehaving trouble with?
00:52 rhariram kados: yes. column type are the same. biblioitems.publishercode & marc_subfield_table.subfieldvalue are varchar
00:52 kados so next thing I'd check is the perl I guess
00:52 kados that could be really tricky :-)
01:00 rhariram i just saw that the marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber are not the same. So where does the info on the connection between the recs in the two tables get stored ?
01:01 kados marc_biblio
01:01 dewey somebody said marc_biblio was the old rel_2_2 table
01:02 kados dewey: no, marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:02 dewey ...but marc_biblio is the old rel_2_2 table...
01:02 kados dewey: no, marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:02 dewey ...but marc_biblio is the old rel_2_2 table...
01:02 kados dewey: no marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:02 dewey OK, kados.
01:02 kados good dewey
01:02 kados marc_biblio
01:02 dewey marc_biblio is the old rel_2_2 table
01:03 kados ahh
01:03 kados chris: is dewey broken?
01:03 kados dewey: no marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:03 dewey i already had it that way, kados.
01:03 kados marc_biblio
01:03 dewey marc_biblio is the old rel_2_2 table
01:03 kados heh
01:03 chris just tell him to forget
01:04 chris dewey: forget marc_biblio
01:04 dewey chris: I forgot marc_biblio
01:04 chris no marc_biblio?
01:04 dewey no marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:04 chris hehe if you had done
01:04 chris no, marc_biblio etc
01:04 chris it might have worked :)
01:04 chris marc_marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:05 chris damn
01:05 chris marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:05 chris marc_biblio?
01:05 dewey it has been said that marc_biblio is where you can find the relationship between marc_subfield_table.bibid and biblioitems.biblionumber in the 2.2 series of Koha
01:09 rhariram kados: where  in perl could I start looking? hows the utf8 flag defined?
01:14 bureado Greetings. I have a question. Is it possible to "retrieve" information from a public Z3950 server (I'm using the LOC one) just by providing the ISBN or Author name? Is it that "automagical"?
01:14 bureado (in Koha, of course :))
01:18 chris yes
01:18 chris is the short answer :)
01:19 chris the long answer is its kinda tricky in 2.2.6 you need to start up the z3950 daemon (all documented at and in the mailing lists)
01:20 chris but we have just gotten a much nicer version working, that will be in 2.2.7 in the near future
01:20 chris which is much easier to use
01:20 bureado I see. That's the missing part indeed.
01:20 bureado I'll check the docs. Thanks!
01:22 chris
01:22 chris is a good place to look
01:29 kados rhariram: that is a very complicated question :-)
01:30 kados rhariram: check the perl unicode documentation
01:34 rhariram have gone thru perl unicode documentation once in the past. will do it again
01:36 bureado ZOOM error 10007 "Timeout" from diag-set 'ZOOM'9546/9 : Processing author=Dewey at CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE unicorn MARC21 (2 forks)
01:36 bureado Maybe I made an sloppy ZOOM install, can anyone give me any pointers regarding this issue?
01:46 bureado Or maybe it's just timing out
01:47 chris could be
01:47 chris try telnet 2200
01:48 chris (assuming ur on a *nix box)
01:48 chris and see if it answers
05:20 btoumi hi all
05:25 btoumi chrtis are u around?
05:25 btoumi chris sorry
05:33 paul lot of  ppl on the chanel today,... even if it's quite
05:36 toins hello world
05:46 osmoze hello too
06:24 chris im around now
06:24 paul hello chris (the only non-french native atm)
06:36 chris who is hpassini? another person from SAN-OP?
06:36 paul yep.
06:36 paul helene passini
06:37 chris ahh cool
06:38 btoumi hi chris
06:39 hdl chris : did z3950 search work when committed ?
06:39 chris hi bruno
06:39 hdl It doesnot work for me.
06:39 chris it works in dev_week
06:39 hdl needs some refresh.
06:39 chris it should just keep loading
06:40 chris without needing any refreshes
06:40 hdl Joshua committed on rel_2_2
06:40 chris ahh hes committed there already cool
06:40 hdl But there are no ops on first load.
06:40 chris hmm
06:40 hdl So it just loads servers and the wait.
06:41 hdl So it just loads servers and then wait.
06:41 chris maybe missing a template
06:41 hdl Shoul I try to ask for a do_search ?
06:41 chris lemme take a look
06:42 chris give me a couple of seconds to get it installed
06:44 chris does it look like this when you do a z3950 search?
06:44 chris[…]umber=&title=test
06:44 hdl no.
06:45 chris looks like a template has been missed then
06:45 chris 2 seconds
06:45 hdl search.tmpl should be the one.
06:46 hdl sorry searchresults.tmpl
06:49 chris hmm that looks right in 2.2
06:49 chris the template looks the same as in dev_week
06:52 chris hmm does the template you have installed have the Search internet button on it?
06:57 hdl No.
06:57 hdl Thanks Chris.
06:57 hdl I got my first result.
06:57 hdl Big encoding problem.
06:57 hdl But I fixed it with processz3950queue.
06:58 hdl So it can be solved.
06:59 chris cool
07:00 chris yeah the is quite straightforward, so you should be able to fix it there
07:00 hdl chris : Do we know when marc::* wil be released ?
07:01 hdl Becuas it can be blocking for us.
07:01 chris i dont, joshua might
07:02 paul i have asked mike rylander for marc::file::xml, it should be done quickly
07:03 paul (ed summer is cpan maitainer, so mike will have to ask him)
07:05 chris right
07:06 paul but it seems we have a definite problem with MARC::Record
07:06 paul maybe fork a MARC::Record::Improved package ?
07:07 chris yeah, we might have to if no one is going to release a new version
07:07 paul seems that Andy stay silent when requested for new releases
07:08 chris yes
07:11 chris have we tried sending him a patch?
07:12 paul I tried nothing. Although the sf/CVS version is 2.0 & the cpan one more than 2 years old.
07:15 chris yeah i wonder why he's not releasing it
08:54 tumer kados:around?did you get my commits to work?

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