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14:04 paul kados around ?
14:04 kados paul: yep
14:04 paul do you have some minuts to help me digging a problem ?
14:04 kados sure, what's up?
14:05 paul my zebra update don't work anymore. I'm sure it was working 2 weeks ago.
14:05 paul If I modify a record, I get no error in zebrasrv log (i think), no error in apache log, but
14:05 paul the update is not done in zebra.
14:05 paul (it's OK in SQL part)
14:06 paul my zebra logs says :
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [session] Session - OK 18 tcp:::1 16429
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] User perm for perm.kohaadmin: rw
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [request] Auth idPass kohaadmin -
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [request] Init OK - ID:81/81 Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:1.92/2.1.36
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] function: 1
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Waitaction: 2
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Received DB Update
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] action
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] specialUpdate
14:06 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] database: biblios
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log][app2] zebra_register_open rw = 1 useshadow=1 p=0x80b3fa0,n=,rp=(none)
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] enabling cache spec=/home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/shadow:4G
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] cache_fname = /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/shadow/cache
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] profilePath=.:/home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblio​s/tab/:/usr/local/share/idzebra/tab/:./tab/ cwd=/home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] record 0 type XML
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] 1930 bytes:
14:07 paul <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
14:07 paul <record
14:07 paul  xmlns:xsi=""
14:07 paul  xsi:schemaLocation=" http://www.l ...
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [warn] extract error: no such filter
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] zebra_update_record returned res=0
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] zebra_end_trans
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] sorting section 1
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Iterations . . .     36
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Distinct words .     18
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Updates. . . . .     15
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Deletions. . . .      1
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Insertions . . .      2
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log][app2] zebra_register_close p=0x80b3fa0
14:07 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Records:       0 i/u/d 0/0/0
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] user/system: 0/1
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [request] Extended Service: Update (done)
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] function: 1
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] Waitaction: 2
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] adm request database biblios
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] adm-commit
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] enabling cache spec=/home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/shadow:4G
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] cache_fname = /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/shadow/cache
14:08 paul 18:05:47-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [log] commit start
14:08 paul 18:05:48-03/11 zebrasrv(18) [request] Extended Service: Admin (done)
14:08 paul ah, I see 1 warning : "extract error : no such filter"
14:08 paul but it seems something is done, as zebra counts 18 distinct words isn't it ?
14:10 kados hmmm
14:10 kados no such filter maybe a problem
14:10 kados I haven't seen it before
14:11 paul i'm sure it worked something like 2 weeks ago, because i have an updated biblio in my DB
14:14 paul + the xml is 1930 bytes long & zebra says it is 1930bytes long, so the xml is correctly transmitted
14:14 paul >>>>>> zebra_update_record returned res=0 may be something problematic too...
14:19 osmoze bye
15:15 hdl yes
17:08 tumer hi paul
17:08 paul hello tumer
17:08 paul did you see my zebra problem below ?
17:08 tumer did you test the new z3950?
17:08 tumer yes I saw it
17:08 paul nope, I didn't get a chance, but hdl tried (& got some problems afaik)
17:09 tumer did you try updating from command line
17:09 paul do you have any idea ?
17:09 paul how can I do that ?
17:09 tumer with zebraidx?
17:09 paul I already have 1000 biblios, added with zebraidx.
17:09 paul note that I did not tried today.
17:09 paul and as it worked before, I should try again to reindex to see if it works still.
17:09 tumer do one recerd and see what it says
17:10 paul in fact, I have had one idea : the only change I see is a migration from mandriva 2006 to mandriva 2007.
17:10 paul maybe there's something I modified in zebra files & that I have forgotten.
17:10 tumer any differnt versions of yaz around?
17:10 paul (I still have the mdv2006 / directory on my disk, so I'll investigate this)
17:11 paul (but can't be sure)
17:11 tumer cause your log looks as if it actually works
17:12 paul yep, except for the warning (that hdl don't have)
17:12 paul -because for him it works-
17:12 tumer with the new z3950 i have realised one question
17:13 tumer the z9950servers adding says Server:  Host: Port
17:13 tumer so I thought Servers is the address
17:13 tumer Host is the name
17:13 tumer but it seems you all use it the other way
17:14 tumer thats why it was not working when firdt committed
17:14 tumer so i think its best to be clear on the templtaes
17:14 tumer Display Name: Host Port will be more clear
17:15 paul you're right
17:16 tumer anad as for zebra its very temremental
17:16 tumer it does not like being moved around
17:17 tumer you may have to reindex
17:24 hdl tumer : i tested the new z3950  and fixed the little problems.
17:24 tumer what problems you had?
17:25 hdl template problem.
17:25 tumer and works now?
17:25 hdl Yes.
17:25 tumer ok
17:26 hdl But I don't think users will like chechking servers at each use.
17:26 tumer but i think you should change the variable host to read name
17:26 tumer all they have to do is just click search
17:26 hdl They are more likely to say... Well, we always check all servers...
17:26 tumer all the prechecked servers will be searched
17:27 tumer ours dont
17:27 tumer they all have diffent preferences
17:28 tumer that part of the template can be easily removed also
17:29 hdl yeah.
17:31 tumer if you add to your addbiblio.tmpl it will bypass i think
17:38 hdl the problem is that it also kind of modify datas (add / or so)
17:39 tumer ???
17:39 hdl I had the surprise that / was considered as null data if alone.
17:40 hdl our pl files never considered / as endofline or null char.
17:41 tumer well end of line chars differ on windows.Does this work for you?
17:41 hdl Now it is ok.
17:42 hdl But I was just surprised.
17:44 tumer The good thing is KOHA can now say its fully WINDOWS compliant as well
17:56 tumer hdl:BTW i have another field opacshow in z3950servers table in HEAD that way I can give the OPACs a similar list to do Z3950 searches as well
17:57 tumer you or toins if you like add it to rel-3
18:26 paul hdl / tumer ?
18:27 tumer paul:?
18:27 paul a quick question :
18:28 tumer yep
18:28 paul - I have reindexed, but it changes nothing : the zebraidx works, but update from koha d'ont work
18:28 tumer and logs the same with error?
18:29 paul - it works for hdl, so I think it's not koha, but on zebra side. he sended me it's config files, and the only interesting diff I can find is
18:29 paul (yes, same logs)
18:29 paul he has :
18:29 paul melm 001Local-Number:n
18:29 tumer i dont think its koha either
18:29 paul melm 001Identifier-standard:w
18:29 paul (mine)
18:29 paul is Local-Number used specifically ?
18:29 paul (I don't think, but I dig...à
18:29 paul )
18:30 tumer local-number for biblionumber
18:30 paul yes, I know, but I call it "Identifier-standard"
18:30 tumer what does your zebra.cfg says for recordid
18:30 paul recordId: (bib1,Identifier-standard)
18:30 paul so it's correct ;-)
18:30 tumer yes it is
18:31 paul (+ the batch zebraidx with iso2709 files is OK)
18:31 paul so, it's a iso2709 / XML question (as zebraop uses XML, and zebraidx uses iso2709)
18:31 tumer well i am not sure
18:32 tumer try to use zebraidx with an xml file
18:32 paul how can I do that ?
18:33 tumer zebraidx update somexml.xml
18:33 paul ho, very complex :-D
18:34 paul 22:33:36-03/11 zebraidx(18153) [warn] no filter for grs.xml /home/paul/tmp/test.xml 0
18:34 tumer the xml file has to be in the zebradb folder to work or you write record/somexml.xml
18:34 tumer i mean give path as well
18:34 paul ???
18:35 paul I did : zebraidx -c /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/bib​lios/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg  update ~/tmp/test.xml
18:35 tumer your zebra.cfg what recordtypes are defined write to me
18:35 paul recordType:grs.xml
18:36 paul + iso2709.recordType:grs.marcxml.record
18:37 paul (hdl has the same, the main diff being he is zebra2 & i'm zebra 1.3)
18:37 tumer very weird
18:39 paul so, you don't have any idea ?
18:39 tumer your error looks like it cannot read the grs.xml but why i dont know
18:39 paul where is the grs.xml file supposed to be ?
18:39 tumer your tabs folder is the same as hdls
18:40 paul I don't have grs.xml in tab
18:40 paul (either mine or /usr/local/share/idzebra/tab)
18:40 tumer well there is no such file i think it should be built in
18:40 paul am i supposed to have something here ?
18:43 tumer it looks you have a problem with your zebra
18:44 tumer with zebraidx you should be indexing iso or xml just by putting the iso flag in or not
18:45 paul I should try to reinstall zebra 2 youthink ?
18:45 tumer i recommend it
18:45 tumer but you have to reindex after that
18:45 paul yes, I know
18:45 tumer i mean on a clean db
18:46 paul yep : zebraidx init is enough ?
18:47 tumer i also go and manually delete any lock/ fields and shadow fiels left if there is any
18:48 tumer fields/files
18:50 tumer modulePath: ../../index/.libs
18:50 tumer zebra.cfg should have a new line now modulePath pointing to modulePath: ../../index/.libs
18:51 tumer wherever your zebra/index is
19:01 paul tumer :
19:01 paul - zebraidx worked
19:01 paul - I can search
19:01 paul - when I edit/save, I get : ZOOM error 224 "ES: immediate execution failed" (addinfo: "update_record failed") from diag-set 'Bib-1'
19:01 paul & I still have :
19:01 paul 23:00:21-03/11 zebrasrv(2) [warn] No such record type: grs.xml
19:02 tumer damn!
19:02 paul + other new errors :
19:02 paul mmm... it's a multi-zebra setup problem I bet
19:03 tumer what multi-zebra?
19:03 paul zebra 1.3 AND zebra 2.0 on the same computer
19:03 paul I have to link some things differently
19:03 tumer do you have another server running?
19:03 paul nope
19:04 tumer just the biblioserver
19:04 paul but I did not uninstall zebra 1.3 before installing 2.0
19:04 paul yep
19:04 tumer it should not matter
19:04 tumer oh you have to recompile zoom
19:04 paul right !
19:05 tumer zebra 2 uses yaz 2.1.36+
19:05 paul I have it already
19:06 tumer and zebra is using the same yaz?
19:06 paul yep
19:06 tumer so thats not it
19:06 paul mmm... how to reinstall a cpan package...
19:07 paul recompile
19:07 tumer do an install on it will ovwrrite
19:07 paul nope, as it says it's already installed
19:07 tumer make +make test + make install should do it
19:08 paul no, because with cpan, you don't make +make install
19:08 paul you just write :
19:08 paul perl -MCPAN -e 'install package_name'
19:08 paul and it takes care of everything
19:08 paul (downloading, make, makeinstall, dependancies...)
19:09 tumer perl -MCPAN -e 'install package_name'
19:09 tumer cant you say perl -MCPAN -e uninstall package_name'
19:09 tumer i dont use those u see I compile them myself
19:11 tumer the 224 error i only get if its a broken xml or the biblionumber is missing
19:12 paul i'm really tired, i go to bed. I'll investigate later.
19:12 paul thanks for your help & see you later tumer
19:13 tumer good luck sorry i cannot help more

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