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11:10 owen Jochum: I'm not familiar with the exact process, but I imagine you could hack something together. You'd probably have to give your Z39.50 client a list of servers and tell it to grab records according to preference (pick from the first server if available, and then fall back on the others in turn).
11:11 owen It might be an interesting addition to Koha. However, since most libraries want to customize each record that they're getting via Z39.50, the one-by-one process isn't a hinderance.
11:11 Jochum Owen: Yes indeed that is the tricky thing, getting the local specific data like barcode and callnumber in the database.
11:12 Jochum Owen, thanks very much for your help appericiate it!
11:12 owen Come back another time and you may find someone here who actually knows what they're talking about ;)
11:14 Jochum :-) well, just appreciate someone responding to my question ;-)
11:14 Jochum have a great day!
11:14 owen Thanks, you too
05:03 chris hi toins
05:03 toins hey, hi chris  !
05:03 toins how are you ?
05:04 chris good thanks, been busy .. how are you?
05:04 osmoze hello
05:04 toins fine
05:04 toins hello osmoze
05:04 chris hiya osmoze
06:06 chris hi hpassini
06:14 hdl hi chris
06:14 paul hello chris
06:14 paul (& all)
06:16 chris heya hdl and paul
06:16 chris how are things ?
06:16 paul fine, thanks. SAN-OP still planning to go live with 3.0 in january.
06:16 chris excellent
06:16 paul so, hdl & toins & me are working hard to fix bugs & finish code cleaning.
06:17 chris yep ive been watching that
06:17 paul can I ask you some things about serials ?
06:17 chris i have a 3.0 running, it mostly works :)
06:17 chris sure can
06:17 paul http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]/koha/
06:17 paul (login test/test)
06:17 paul http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
06:18 paul I'm not sure it works as it should...
06:18 chris hmm lemme try
06:18 paul why does rollover/irregularity appear only if you choose Volume, Number, Issues and NOT if you choose "Number" ?
06:19 paul (i've choosen 1/week)
06:19 paul + I'm not sure to understand well how works the irregularity feature.
06:19 chris right
06:19 paul +should not the sample on the right always appear ?
06:19 paul (& yes, that's many questions ;-) )
06:20 chris number never rolls over
06:20 chris because then you might end up with 2 issues both called number 1
06:20 paul so, for a weekly issue, how can I say "nothing in july" ?
06:20 chris yeah we need that
06:21 paul so irregularity is not done for that ?
06:21 chris yep, you should get the irregularity, but not the rollover
06:21 chris that looks like a bug
06:22 chris let me check the version i have
06:22 paul + (last question I hope) could you explain what "routing lists" are doing ?
06:23 chris interesting 1/day works better
06:24 toins hi btoumi
06:24 chris yep thats definitely a bug, you should be able to do irregularites for all
06:24 paul you have it too, or it's a rel_3_0 specific problem ?
06:24 chris we have it too
06:25 chris for routing lists
06:25 chris often in corporate libraries, a serial arrives and then it gets sent to people
06:25 chris so person a, then person b, then person c
06:26 chris a routing list lets you set that up, basically it places a bunch of reserves
06:26 chris and makes a little slip you can print to put in the book
06:26 chris sorry not book, serial :)
06:26 chris probably not useful for public libraries
06:26 btoumi hi chris
06:26 chris hiya bruno
06:27 btoumi hi toins
06:27 chris paul: bob's (who wrote serials) wife had a baby girl on tuesday last week
06:28 paul kudos to him.
06:28 chris when his brain is back up to it, ill ask him about the irregularities :)
06:28 paul about this : I know since 2 weeks that our next baby (birth in late feb), the 4th one will be ... a boy. So, 4 boys at home (excluding me)
06:28 chris wow
06:29 chris ours will be a boy too
06:29 paul he will arrive in less than 2 months right ?
06:29 chris thats right
06:29 chris december 19
06:31 paul why ?
06:31 chris france vs nz in rugby
06:31 paul ah, right.
06:31 chris the 2 best teams in the world
06:31 chris should be a good game
06:32 paul no, I won't. But i'll look the match on TV probably.
06:32 chris :)
06:32 chris i like the 3.0 template
06:32 chris its nice
06:33 chris simple and clean
06:34 paul thanks to SAN-OP then, i did nothing about design. only css fixing & completing.
06:34 chris thanks arnaud and bruno then :)
06:34 paul on CorpSerialsModuleUserGuide.odt, there is a screen copy about "Claims" (last page)
06:34 paul is this feature included in CVS ? I don't remember seeing it
06:35 chris good question, let me check
06:35 chris http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]serials/
06:36 chris looks like its there, must just be a missing link maybe
06:42 btoumi chris:thanks specially to benjamin who works hard on this css ;=)
06:43 chris ahh cool
06:43 chris did I meet benjamin when we visited SAN-OP ?
06:47 paul chris : nope, it's a guy of the design & webmastering of the SAN
06:48 chris ahhh ok
07:19 btoumi chris :no
07:55 chris /me goes to bed
07:55 chris good night all
07:55 toins bye chris

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