IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-02

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14:37 bureado Greetings from Venezuela.
10:19 Jochum Dear Koha friends, I've sent an email to the mailing list a week ago or something, but didn't get a reply to my question, so thought I just bug you here if that's alright.
10:19 Jochum Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my email, but I'd like to download multiple MARC records from a list of ISBN numbers (above 2000) by using the Z39.50 client of Koha.
10:20 Jochum Is it possible to do that, or can I only query for one ISBN at the time?
10:37 owen Jochum, I'm not the expert, but I don't think that's possible via the Koha interface.
10:47 Jochum ah.. yes, I think indeed not possible from the webinterface but I though perhaps you can run the scripts from the command line
10:49 Jochum reading the file processz3950queue is says that is can be run from the console as well.
10:56 Jochum I'm quite new to Koha and library systems in general, but looks like the Z39.50 client puts the request first in the database (z3950queue table) and then queries the remote Z39.50 servers right? So my thinking is then that there might be a way to populate the z3950queue table and run the search after that.

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