IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-01

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13:08 cm kados, are you in?
13:13 kados cm: yep
13:13 kados cm: sorry I didn't get back to you
13:13 kados cm: the solution is to just comment out the zebraop in
13:14 kados cm: lemme dig up a line
13:14 cm ah, okay.
13:15 kados in MARCaddbiblio
13:15 kados around line 731 or so
13:15 kados also, you'll want to update to the latest zebra when it comes out today
13:15 kados there was another indexing bug we discoverd
13:16 cm okay.
13:17 hdl hi kados
13:22 cm comment out the second line also?  i.e.:  return biblionumber;
13:31 kados no
13:32 cm okay.  thanks, i'll give it a shot.  :)
13:35 cm it seems to be working.  thanks much!
13:36 kados np
15:05 cm holy mackerel, kados, bulkmarcimport is a lot faster too...97,221 records in 1.48 hours!  woohoo!
15:06 kados cm: :-)
15:06 kados cm: now you can run:
15:06 kados -all
15:06 kados to index everything in zebra
15:07 cm very cool.  thanks for the pointer.  I had forgotten about that.
15:40 cm kados, it worked.  Nice job with that update script.  Very convenient.
15:41 kados cm: glad you like it :-)
15:42 kados I'll be expanding the functionality as needs arise
05:05 osmoze hello

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