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08:33 kados paul: congrats on 2.2.6
08:34 kados paul: let's hope for 2.2.7 quite soon with even more bug fixes and translations ;-)
08:34 paul my question here being i don't think i'll have time to work on a move to NPL templates for french translation.
08:34 paul (hello kados)
08:35 kados no?
08:35 kados will all your libraries move to Koha + Zebra?
08:40 kados paul: should I post the release notes to savannah news?
08:40 kados paul: and also to the website?
08:40 paul good idea for sure !
09:50 kados paul: i've updated savannah and main page but it waits for russ to approve the changes
09:50 paul did you modify it (except for spelling, of course)
09:51 paul because in french, i've modified it a little to point some things that are interesting for french/unimarc libraries & removed the marc21 big bugfixes in biblio handling
10:07 kados paul: I didn't modify it
10:07 kados paul: btw: can we remove files easily from savannah?
10:07 kados paul: because i'd like to remove  koha-2.2.6RC2.tar.gz
10:07 paul remove, i' don't think so.
10:07 paul but overwritting, yes, it works.
10:08 kados good to know
10:08 paul so we could overwrite RC2 with a 0byte or a text file
10:08 kados good idea
10:08 paul the text file saying "VERSION OUTDATED" for exaple
10:08 kados excellent idea
10:08 kados paul: by the way, owen and I just discovered a rel_2_2 bug
10:09 kados paul: virtual shelves don't work :(
10:09 paul ??? I used them in a demo last week...
10:09 kados we confirmed it in default and npl templates
10:09 paul (with default as usual)
10:09 paul wow... really strange...
10:09 paul in OPAC or in librarian interface ?
10:10 kados both have different problems
10:10 kados in intranet Adding to an existing shelf works, but adding to a new shelf on the fly doesn't
10:10 kados in OPAC neither seems to work
10:11 kados paul: refer to this bug, filed for dev_week:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1225
10:11 toins kados, do you use koha under mod_perl ?
10:11 kados toins: yes
10:12 kados toins: at least NPL's production system uses it for the OPAC
10:12 toins that 's could be the problem with virtual shelves
10:12 kados toins: but we tested on a non-mod_perl box
10:14 kados can one of you confirm the same problem we're getting?
10:20 toins kados, on the intranet, using default template in english whitout mod_perl all seems good
10:22 owen toins, here are the steps I took to find the problem:
10:22 owen 1. search for a book
10:22 owen 2. click on the detail screen
10:22 owen 3. Click the 'add to shelf' button
10:22 owen 4. Type a name for a new shelf
10:22 owen 5. Click to add the item to the shelf
10:23 owen On our systems the addbookbybiblionumber popup just reloads without adding the item
10:31 owen After emptying the bookshelf and shelfontents table the bug is no longer occurring.
10:38 owen I think I figured out what's going wrong
10:38 owen 1. Try to add a book to a new private shelf "shelf1" when you're not logged in
10:39 owen The process seems to succeed, but when you check the shelves screen you'll see the shelf isn't listed
10:39 owen 2. Log in and try again to add a book to a new private shelf "shelf1"
10:39 owen The process fails because in fact the shelf "shelf1" /was/ created, but with a NULL owner.
10:40 owen Since you can't add a shelf with the same name as someone else's, the process fails (without displaying any errors)
10:42 owen This is problem, since many users will follow exactly the process above when trying to add something to a shelf for the first time: the virtual shelf popup doesn't require the user to log in, so they'll try it first without having logged in.
10:44 toins owen, when i do, step by step, what you say i haven't any problem....
10:44 paul hehe...
10:44 toins oups...
10:45 paul owen : MANY features works poorly if you login with the mySQL username & password.
10:45 owen ??
10:45 paul the null owner is typically one of them I bet
10:46 paul if you log in with the mySQL login/password, you are borrowernumber=0, and many features don't work
10:46 owen The issue is that if you're /not/ logged in, Koha will happily create a new private shelf with a NULL owner.
10:46 paul why the hell do you create a virtual shelf without being logged in ?
10:46 paul (I mean : "why can you do this")
10:47 paul if you can, then the bug is there !
10:47 paul (& iirc, i've seen something about this at bugzilla...)

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