IRC log for #koha, 2006-10-17

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03:03 btoumi hi all
04:34 lloyd_p01 zoomkoha is 2.3?
04:43 hdl quite.
04:43 hdl hi
04:45 lloyd_p01 hey
04:46 lloyd_p01 we are looking at running koha here, in a huge setup.. we have trials and such running
04:46 lloyd_p01 looking at the above URL, liblime best way to go?
04:46 lloyd_p01 or maybe better to go ourselfs?
04:52 hdl are you from uk ?
04:53 lloyd_p01 yeah
04:54 lloyd_p01 we're looking at 4 librarys for pilot/phase1.. 25 librays in east of england for phase2
06:32 lloyd_p01 when is it actually out?
07:24 hdl koha-2.3 is already in production at  NPL Athen's County Library.
07:26 tumer[A] hdl:which version of DBD-Mysql u are using? I amhaving problems with the new one
09:10 paul hi owen
09:10 owen Hi paul
09:10 paul what's the status of NPL templates for rel-2-2 ?
09:11 owen I think there are a few updates that need to be made, since changes to the default template have been made in the last week
09:11 owen I can probably get to them today
09:11 paul yep, & I said to kados that i'll wait until everything is synched
09:11 paul Ok, thanks, then i'll be able to release tomorrow morning
09:13 hdl hi owen

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