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11:24 owen paul: on our system we're going to hide the 'add to shelf' button from users who aren't logged in. Shall I make the same change to the default templates in rel_2_2?
12:03 paul owen : yes, I think it's the best solution
12:03 owen paul, do you have time for another question?
12:04 paul a quick one, yes.
12:04 paul a complex one, no
12:04 paul throw it anyway ;-)
12:04 owen I asked recently about modifying to check whether the user was logged in or not. hdl said "you can test C4::Context->userenv and $userenv->{userid}"
12:05 owen Can you expand on that recommendation?
12:05 paul what kind of "expand" ?
12:05 hdl I can :
12:05 owen Hi hdl
12:06 paul it was a quick question :-D
12:06 hdl If C4::Context->userenv is not null and C4::Context->userenv->{userid} ne ""
12:07 hdl then a user is logged in. (Needs to be tested for privileged user on db)
12:08 hdl That should be enough to test if user is logged in.
12:08 hdl BEWARE : this verification works provided that you do the test *AFTER* get_template_and_user
12:09 owen what I'd like to do is display one thing on if the user is logged in, and another if they are not
12:09 hdl then
12:09 hdl you can
12:10 hdl After a gettemplateanduser call
12:12 hdl if (C4::Context->userenv && C4::Context->userenv->{'userid'} ne ""){$template->param(myparam=>C4::Co​ntext->userenv->{'userid'});}else{}
12:13 hdl A code as such would answer your demand.
12:13 kados owen: you should be able to try this on 101
12:14 owen yeah, that's my plan
12:14 kados cool
12:15 hdl OR this one :"if (C4::Context->userenv && C4::Context->userenv->{'userid'} ne ""){$template->param(myparam=>C4::Cont​ext->userenv->{'cardnumber'});}else{}"
12:15 hdl change userid into cardnumber
12:15 dewey hdl: that doesn't look right
12:16 hdl what's up dewey
12:16 owen dewey is a Perl expert now?
12:19 hdl kados : can you tell me more about your and especially about limit type to ... ?
12:19 hdl What is it related to...
12:20 hdl in record.abs
12:20 hdl in your database ?
12:20 hdl Is it itemtype ?
12:20 hdl Where (and why) is it hardcoded.
12:20 hdl ?
12:28 owen hdl: that IF seems to evaluate as false whether or not the user is logged in
12:39 hdl owen : can you send me a version of the code henridamien at koha hyphen fr dot org
12:39 hdl ?
12:40 hdl did you try with cardnumber ?
12:40 owen Ah, cardnumber worked
12:41 owen Thanks, I'll see what I can do with this.
12:48 kados hdl: the type and subtype limits are related to MARC21 fixed fields
12:48 kados hdl: it's perhaps the most complex part of the search API
16:19 owen Hi cm
16:22 cm Hi.  Did you get the email i just sent you?
16:24 owen Yes
16:24 owen kados told me that updatedatabase was out-of-date for dev_week
16:25 cm i thought it might be but was hoping it wasn't.  ;)
16:25 cm good thing for backups!
16:25 owen Yeah, I'm not sure what the solution there is.
16:26 owen I think a lot of what's in dev_week isn't expected to be used in an automated installation process
16:27 cm yeah.  I noticed in rel_3_0 that some of the new fields have moved to biblioitems (IIRC) but in dev_week they're in their own table, at least in the changes created by updatedatabase.  Where are they in your database?
16:29 owen I'm not following 3.0 very closely at the moment so I'm not sure what you're referring to
16:30 cm hmm...I think I was looking at the different versions of updatedatabase to compare what they do.
16:35 kados cm: dev_week's updatedatabase is not safe to use
16:35 cm for example, the 3.0 script puts the ccode field in biblioitems, but in the dev_week version, it looks like there's a whole table dedicated to categorycode, which I'm assuming is the same thing.  It didn't create a ccode field in biblioitems.
16:36 cm kados: yep, I found that out. It broke issuing.
16:36 cm I can fix that easily enough, though.
16:37 kados cm: are you going Winebego -> rel_2_2 -> dev_week?
16:38 cm rel_2_2 from cvs or 2.2.5, whichever the last release prior to yesterday's was?
16:38 kados the release is just a snapshot of cvs on a particular day
16:39 cm I was going from Winnebago -> 2.2.5 -> dev_week
16:39 kados 2.2.5 or rel_2_2 ?
16:39 cm 2.2.5
16:39 kados hmmm
16:39 cm I think I ran the updatedatabase from rel_2_2 when I installed, though.
16:39 kados ahh, yea, that's what I was after
16:39 cm ok.  :)
16:40 kados so at some point your have a rel_2_2 database
16:40 kados that's good
16:40 cm yeah.
16:40 cm it's missing some fields, though, isn't it?
16:40 kados yep
16:40 kados lemme update the wiki
16:40 cm is there an sql script to add them?
16:40 kados I'm checking
16:40 cm cool.
16:43 kados cm:[…]_the_sql_database
16:44 kados cm: I'll update that section
16:44 cm Okay, excellent!
16:51 kados cm: the problem is that the upgrade process from rel_2_2 is different depending on your situation
16:51 kados like in your case, everything is already in utf-8, so you can ignore all of that stuff
16:52 cm ok.
16:52 kados cm: ok, that link is up to date
16:52 kados cm: not much changed
16:52 cm cool beans.  Thanks very much!
16:53 kados np, let me know if you have questions
16:55 cm you know i will.  :D  looks pretty straightforward.  Think I'll save it for tomorrow morning.  Have a good night.
16:55 kados you too
03:11 btoumi hi all
03:15 toins morning all

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