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11:00 tumer its like saying popup=1 then no navigation menus to show
11:00 tumer hdl:i have to go car is waiting
11:01 hdl thx
13:05 kados hey johnb
13:05 kados johnb: NPL went live this morning:
22:56 thd chris: are you there?
22:58 thd russ: do you know if the National Library of NZ currently supports anonymous z39.50 access?
01:13 rach they are at library conference so not around much unti thursday
04:55 btoumi_away hi all
08:31 johnb Kados:  I see NPL went live.  We were doing searches.  Really like the new OPAC interface it looks really clean and has great functionality.  I was also told that it is easy to customize.
08:33 kados johnb: so far so good :-)
08:33 kados johnb: we had a meeting with NPL staff yesterday to go over the new features
08:34 kados johnb: they were pretty excited about the new OPAC
08:37 johnb Kados:  Looks real good to me.  I really like the clean design.
08:39 kados morning owen
08:39 owen Hi kados
08:50 _paul hello kados & johnb
08:50 _paul kados : what new features were you spoken about ?
08:52 kados _paul: the new searching features
08:52 kados paul: and the 'facets', etc.
08:52 paul (although yaz-client works, it's probably a synch problem)
08:53 kados cool
08:53 paul (will be cool when it will work, which is not the case atm ;-) )
08:54 kados will it use the koha.xml file to do the check?
08:54 paul yep.
08:54 kados excellent
09:13 paul kados around (with a minut for a quick question)
09:13 paul ?
09:14 paul i'm trying to query the database with koha, on a title that exist (in biblionumber=1)
09:14 paul I get :
09:14 paul prob with query rk=( Title-cover,ext,r1=dogmatique or Title-series,ext,r2=dogmatique or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,startswithnt,st-word,r3=dogmatique #)) ZOOM error 10014 "CCL parsing error" (addinfo: "Unknown qualifier") from diag-set 'ZOOM'
09:14 kados paul: that error means that one of the query's CCL qualifiers isn't defined in your
09:15 kados you probably want to disable field weighting
09:15 paul (the rk ?)
09:15 kados yep
09:15 paul how to do this ?
09:15 kados there should be a syspref
09:15 paul (and how to reintroduce it after ?)
09:16 hdl yes ?
09:16 kados paul:, line 3072
09:16 paul my is the CVS one.
09:16 kados            # FIXME: these should be sysprefs
09:16 kados            my $stemming = 1; my $weight_fields = 1;
09:16 kados so it seems they're not sysprefs yet :-)
09:17 kados paul: to disable field weighting just change to $weight_fields = 0;
09:17 paul alleluia !!!
09:18 hdl kados : it is not only rk but also Title-series and startswithnt...
09:18 paul (i'll point the commit if you want to report it to dev_week)
09:18 kados k
09:18 kados hdl: all of those are related to field weighting
09:19 hdl I thought we also had to make sure that Title-series are defined in .abs
09:22 hdl But I may have mistaken myself.
09:52 kados if you want to search on Title-series, it must be defined ;-)
09:59 hdl :D I knew you would say that.
10:27 hdl kados : how do you cope with that kind of zebra error : [request] Present ERROR 13 2 5+1?
10:28 kados I haven't seen it ... but a present error would mean that zebra can't retrieve the MARC
10:32 hdl And how SHOULD Koha act then ?
10:32 kados afaik it returns the error code

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