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21:04 rach kados, clicking on the items coming up on that page gets me a 404 - The requested URL /cgi-bin/koha/ was not found on this server.
21:06 kados rach: yea, looks like owen hard-coded those links ...
21:06 kados to the old location
21:09 kados hmmmm
21:11 rach yep dns looked like the prob to me
21:40 kados finally fixed :-)
21:41 kados damn cisco routers
22:01 rach you get that
02:56 thd good morning btoumi
04:23 thd hdl: do you know ENSSIB?
04:23 hdl Quite ?
04:24 hdl quite. Why ?
04:24 thd hdl: are they using Koha?
04:24 paul_ hello world.
04:24 thd hello Paul_
04:24 paul_ enssib is using koha as 1 of the 2 ils they show to their students ;-)
04:25 paul (the other one being their internal ils, don't remember it's name atm)
04:26 thd paul: In their standard catalogue they have records which have both MARC 21 008 field but no UNIMARC 100, the rest as UNIMARC and all encoded in MARC-8
04:27 thd hdl: do you remember what software they use for their standard catalogue?
04:29 hdl No.
04:29 thd paul, hdl: do you know of any other libraries with amalgamated record formats?
05:03 thd paul: maybe they are using BiblioMondo PortFolio software but I see nothing on the BiblioMondo website or elsewhere describing amalgamated record syntax support.  Only independent record syntax support
08:01 kados hi everyone
08:02 paul hi kados.
08:02 paul was the week end fine ?
08:02 paul (and did NPL goes live this morning ?)
08:02 kados very very busy :-)
08:02 kados yes, NPL is live
08:02 kados
08:03 kados the OPAC layout still has some problems in some browsers
08:04 paul few quick questions...
08:04 kados sure
08:04 paul * how do you achieve "popularity" ordering ?
08:04 paul * the limit type to: is not related to itemtypes afaik. couldn't it be ?
08:04 toins hi kados
08:04 kados popularity is 'how many times something was checked out'
08:05 kados items.issued has the count
08:05 kados (even in Koha 1.2)
08:05 kados limit type can be anything
08:05 kados for NPL it's itemtype at the moment
08:05 paul it's the untranslatable problem we have spoken of isn't it ?
08:05 paul (the hash of hash...)
08:06 kados but I prefer to use the MARC fixed fields
08:06 kados it's part of the untranslatable problem ;-)
08:06 kados but I think tumer has solved it at least partly
08:06 kados in head
08:07 paul I hope to have something working correctly for unimarc at the end of this week
08:07 kados excellent!
08:07 paul (I don't mean a fully stable rel_3_0 of course ;-) )
08:07 kados :-)
08:07 paul however, I think we will discard the CCODE hack & speak of it later on koha-devel.
08:08 paul (so, even with a stable rel_3_0 you could not install it at NPL i'm afraid)
08:08 kados (why not?)
08:08 kados ahh
08:09 kados it shouldn't break anything
08:09 kados later this month I will need to get item-level circ rules working for another client
08:09 paul maybe we could reintegrate it if you explain how it works. because for instance SAN-OP sees circulation broken.
08:09 kados broken?
08:09 paul seems no circ is possible
08:09 kados circ is definitely not broken ;-)
08:10 kados otherwise, how could NPL go live? :-)
08:10 kados CCODE has nothing to do with circulation
08:10 kados it's just an authorized value
08:10 paul we speak of rel_3_0 here, and not of dev_week. Maybe toins missed something in branch synch
08:10 paul that is used for what ?
08:10 paul (I thought it was related to circ rules)
08:11 kados ok, I will explain briefly but then I must head to a meeting
08:11 paul ok, great
08:11 kados originally NPL had many many itemtypes ... like 39 or so
08:11 kados but really, those were just 'collections' ... most had the same circ rules
08:12 kados so for this upgrade, we created CCODE to store the old itemtypes
08:12 kados and now they only have 4 itemtypes
08:12 kados which are actually related to circ fules
08:12 kados rules even
08:12 kados so we just moved biblioitems.itemtype into biblioitems.ccode and created new biblioitems.itemtype values
08:13 kados make sense?
08:13 paul yep.
08:13 paul so CCODE should not affect circ in any sense ?
08:13 kados correct
08:13 kados I haven't modified any circ code
08:13 paul strange... because it seems circ is broken in rel_3_0. I'll investigate, thanks
08:14 kados ok, now I must head to NPL meeting :-)
08:14 kados cheers all
08:14 paul bye & read you later
10:09 hdl tumer around ?
10:10 hdl dewey : seen tumer ?
10:10 dewey tumer was last seen on #koha 3 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes and 1 seconds ago, saying: k [Fri Oct  6 04:53:14 2006]
10:10 hdl thx
10:10 paul pour une fois que tumer sert à quelque chose ;-)
10:11 paul s/tumer/dewey/
10:11 toins dewey, seen toins ?
10:11 dewey toins was last seen on #koha 0 seconds ago, saying: dewey, seen toins ? [Tue Oct 10 03:11:25 2006]
10:50 hdl hi tumer
10:50 dewey it has been said that hi tumer is still strugling
10:50 tumer[A] hi hdl
10:50 hdl how are you ?
10:50 tumer very busy
10:51 hdl Are you still using the same field/subfield for authtype, linkid and authid ?
10:51 tumer doing trials with SMS messaging
10:51 hdl Is it successful ?
10:51 tumer hdl:for authorities yes
10:52 hdl I thought you suggested 001 for authid didnot you ?
10:52 tumer in authorities i do not use fixed field/subfield
10:52 tumer i myself use 001 for authid
10:52 tumer field 750$8 for linkid
10:53 hdl I agree on that point. This seems to me a good solution.
10:53 tumer all user definable at koha_attr table
10:53 hdl (authid)
10:53 tumer yes even authid
10:53 hdl But I saw on Authorities you commited :
10:54 hdl ##Both authid and authtypecode is expected to be in the same field. Modify if other requirements arise
10:54 tumer that is old code
10:54 hdl So I wondered If you still required such a thing.
10:54 hdl (I thought it might be :) )
10:54 hdl But was unsure of that.
10:55 tumer i have to clean that warning
10:57 hdl what does nonav stand for in your code ?
10:57 hdl$myindex&nonav​=$nonav&authtypecode=$authtypecode
10:57 hdl no navigation between authorities ?
10:57 tumer i use the same templates for popup in taht case i do not show the menus

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