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11:13 hdl kados : where is the database name entered in your koha.xml ?
11:14 hdl With Zconnauth it was supposed to be authorities.
11:14 hdl But now. I cannot find where to get name from with new Zconn.
11:15 hdl sorry.
11:15 hdl I found it.
11:58 paul CVS sucks...
17:36 hdl kados around ?
17:36 kados hdl: yep
17:37 hdl in AUTH count Usage.
17:37 hdl Tumer did great, as usual.
17:38 hdl But I cannot find out why Controlled-Subject-Index seems not to be used.
17:39 hdl Even when I try and create a new att such as : Koha-Auth-Number in bib1.att and use it in record.abs, it is not used.
17:39 kados hmmm
17:39 hdl Should I do something ?
17:39 kados yes
17:39 kados you need to define it in the cfg file
17:40 kados zebra-auth.cfg
17:41 kados hdl: in zebra-biblios.cfg we have:
17:41 kados recordId: (bib1,Local-number)
17:41 hdl You know : it is to count the number of biblios attached to one Authority.
17:41 kados hdl: does it make sense?
17:41 hdl I don't think so.
17:41 kados hmmm
17:41 kados I dont' understand then
17:41 kados what is Koha-Auth-Number?
17:41 kados is it the authid?
17:41 hdl You have biblios
17:42 hdl In biblios, you use authorities. and $9 stores authid for fields linked to authorities.
17:42 hdl right ?
17:43 hdl I want to count how many biblios use authid number 1234
17:43 hdl So I try and do find @attr 1=Koha-Auth-Number 1234
17:44 hdl But it always returns 0
17:44 kados that syntax is wrong
17:44 kados in bib1.att, what attribute is Koha-Auth-number linked to?
17:47 kados hdl: ?
17:47 hdl 8910
17:47 hdl sorry
17:48 hdl not too wrong.
17:48 hdl I managed som searches with this syntax.
17:48 hdl But anyway.
17:48 kados f @attr 1=8910 1234
17:48 kados try that
17:49 hdl find @attr 1=8910 1234 returns 0 count.
17:49 hdl (I already did) :)
17:50 hdl I am OK for a 0 result but not for used authorities.
17:56 hdl hi tumer.
17:56 dewey well, hi tumer is still strugling
17:57 tumer hdl still awake?
17:57 hdl tumer : yes.
17:57 hdl I was waiting for you :)
17:57 tumer did you sort authorities?
17:57 hdl Quite.
17:57 hdl remains some "minor" problems.
17:57 tumer any questions?
17:58 tumer shoot
17:58 hdl Yes AUTHcountUsage :
17:58 hdl You use GILS attribute 2057
17:58 hdl ControlledSubjectIndex.
17:58 tumer at devweek yes
17:58 hdl I tried this on my authorities and it always returns 0
17:59 hdl on HEAD : what do you use ?
17:59 hdl I explain what I did :
17:59 tumer have to check but that does not matter
18:00 hdl In record.abs I declared 686$9 as a Controlled-Subject-Index
18:00 hdl Controlled-Subject-Index:p and :s
18:01 hdl But then trying to make a search on one : it miserably fails.
18:01 tumer i am just checking the code
18:02 hdl I checked in GILS and it was OK.
18:02 hdl gils.att I mean
18:03 tumer you have to have the index (whatever it is) where the authid resides in MARC record to work
18:04 tumer so 686$9 is authid is it?
18:05 tumer the logic is in record.abs you have defined an index for authid to reside for biblio
18:06 tumer than AUTHcountusage just counts the authid in biblio
18:06 hdl how can I define an index for authid ?
18:06 tumer just a sec
18:07 hdl 686$9 for instance.
18:07 hdl But there can be manymore :
18:07 hdl 600$9 631$9 or 701$9 702$9 710$9
18:08 tumer in record abs i use melm 686$9 Authority-format-id (not gils by the way)
18:09 tumer i also use 001 Authority-format-id in authorities
18:09 hdl I saw Authority/format-id
18:09 hdl Is Authority-format-id a new attribute YOU defined ?
18:10 tumer but whatever you use gilss etc does not matter as long as you search on that -- yes Authority/format-id is correct
18:11 hdl what if authority-format-id is in many $9 subfields in biblios. Is it ok for index ?
18:11 tumer yes i do 650$9 100$9 etc its ok
18:11 hdl I can now well search on strings but it seems that cannot search on int.
18:11 hdl Is there something to do  ?
18:12 tumer yes you have tou use n instead of w or p
18:12 hdl Do I have to reindex the whole file before making a search ?
18:12 tumer when indexing numeric fields u say Authorityformat-id:n
18:13 tumer and yes have to reindex if anything changed in record.abs
18:14 hdl does adm-reindex biblios do the job ?
18:14 hdl (in yaz-client)
18:15 tumer you have to use zebraidx update ....
18:15 tumer i do not know adm-reindex
18:16 tumer do you have biblios indexed with authid in them?
18:17 hdl normally, yes
18:18 hdl how can we know how many non-null given subfields there is in our database ?
18:18 tumer in yaz you can search find @attr 1=Authority/format-id  "authid" where you put some value to authid
18:20 hdl if I want to count biblios which have not-null 686$9, is there a way ?
18:20 tumer if you say find @and @attr 1=_ALLRECORDS @attr 1=title "" it should give you all those with no title subfield
18:21 tumer check the zebra manual for _ALLRECORS for correct syntax and you will get it
18:24 tumer find @not @attr 1=_ALLRECORDS @attr 2=103 "" @attr 1=Title @attr 2=103 ""
18:25 kados hdl: you need zebra 2 to use ALLRECORDS
18:25 tumer find @not @attr 1=_ALLRECORDS @attr 2=103 "" @attr 1=Controlled-subject-index @attr 2=103 "" should give you all with null values (since you used controlled-subject-index)
18:25 tumer aha yes
18:26 tumer i suggest you upgrade to 2
18:26 tumer its better and more stable
18:26 hdl Is it seamless ?
18:26 tumer seamles??
18:26 tumer xcues my english
18:27 hdl Shall I have to throw all abs att files away ?
18:27 tumer no all stays the same
18:27 hdl is there a change in API ?
18:27 tumer nope more features
18:28 hdl yaz searches for authid still fails.
18:29 tumer what is your index name?
18:29 tumer controlled-subject is gils so you have to give that
18:29 tumer ie. @attrset GILS
18:31 tumer kados how did going live is going?
18:32 kados tumer: so far so good
18:32 kados tumer: I've discovered some holes in my API
18:32 kados tumer: that I'm patching up now
18:32 kados tumer: but on the whole, people are very happy
18:32 tumer best of luck
18:32 kados thanks
18:32 hdl I did that
18:33 tumer now and again check head as i may have filled those gaps foe head
18:33 hdl find @attr GILS 1=2057 160545
18:33 hdl OK tumer : thanks.
18:33 hdl I will give it a try.
18:34 hdl Is your new model useable ?
18:34 tumer hdl:dows it say blooming failure or just 0 results?
18:34 hdl simple 0 results.
18:35 tumer and you sure you have 160545 in records?
18:36 hdl yes.
18:36 tumer new model meaning <koharecord>? its in production with us
18:36 tumer very happy with it
18:37 tumer we now have a union catalogue with biblios only where no items reside as well
18:37 hdl I have at least 1 biblio in my catalogue
18:37 hdl items are in an other zebra base ?
18:37 tumer what does record.abs say ?
18:38 hdl Sorry ?
18:38 hdl what does record.abs say about what ?
18:38 tumer no one <koharecord> zebra for internal and opac use another for union cataliogue biblios only
18:39 tumer record.abs for biblios: melm 686$9
18:39 hdl melm 686$9Controlled-Subject-Index,C​ontrolled-Subject-Index:n
18:39 hdl melm 686$9Koha-Auth-Number,Koha-Auth-Number:n
18:39 hdl
18:40 tumer ok try @attr 1-2057 @attr 4=109 160545
18:40 tumer @attr 1=2057 that is
18:41 hdl unsupported use of attribute.
18:41 hdl I definitely need to update to zebra 2.0
18:41 tumer which attribute?
18:41 hdl 4=109
18:42 hdl no 2057
18:42 tumer so are you sure Controlled- is 2057?
18:42 hdl it did not tell such a thing before.
18:43 hdl I tried many times @attr 1=2057 and it silently failed.
18:43 hdl No Blloming failure
18:44 tumer use @attr 1=Koha-auth-Number @attr 4=109
18:44 hdl idzebra/tab/gils.att:att 2057         Controlled-Subject-Index
18:44 tumer forget numbers use names
18:46 hdl No success.
18:47 tumer definitely not indexed than
18:47 hdl I cannot do good job any longer.
18:47 hdl I will re-index tommorrow
18:47 tumer is it open for me to connect to zebra with yaz?
18:48 hdl no.
18:48 tumer k
18:48 hdl Not at the moment.
18:48 hdl High time to go to bed.
18:48 tumer and you can search other things on it?
18:48 tumer good nigth
18:48 hdl yes.
18:49 hdl titles and Authors are searchable.
18:49 hdl THANK YOU.
18:49 tumer email me yor record.abs and one record at
19:05 hdl tumer : I sent you my whole catalogue, 8.6 Mo. Sorry
19:06 tumer probably wont be able to get it due to proxy
02:55 hdl hi
03:46 slef hi all, hi alex
03:46 alex hi there
03:46 slef I want my broadband back :-/
03:47 alex dialup?
03:47 slef aye
03:47 slef at least I have a telephone line since yesterday... only took 3 weeks :-/
03:48 slef telephone network monopolies, doncha luv em?
03:48 alex mmmmm
03:53 alex so I'm considering my debian packaging...
03:54 alex thinking I'll just dump the bulk of the install in /usr/share/koha
03:55 slef should we use /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha?
03:55 slef and templates and stuff into /usr/share/koha
03:59 alex presumably we'd need /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha/opac and /usr/lib/cgi-bin/koha/intranet
03:59 slef sounds right
04:00 alex I don't know, I suppose putting cgis under /usr/lib/cgi-bin is more correct?
04:00 alex Is there debian policy about this?
04:00 slef there's a webapp policy, but I think it's only draft... think I emailed you or list with a link to it
04:01 slef there's also a perl policy linked from
04:01 slef which I suppose we should follow but IIRC it's pretty liberal
04:01 alex I guess we should really put the /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ somewhere appropriate
04:01 slef in summary: webapp policy is draft, so we could do whatever for now
04:02 alex yeah I looked at the webapp policy but it was fairly barbones.
04:02 slef ah yeah, C4 should follow perl policy
04:02 btoumi hi all
04:02 slef hi btoumi
04:02 btoumi hi slef
04:04 alex just looking through
04:04 alex perl stuff
04:04 alex find my domain name
04:05 slef aye, there's probably no good reason to do that in perl for the deb
04:05 alex yes I was thinking that
04:05 alex shell should be fine
04:05 alex set etcdir
04:05 alex find an auto install file
04:06 alex check not cvs layout
04:06 alex RC warning
04:06 alex checkabortedinstall
04:07 alex I really need to be reading at the same time
04:07 alex I wonder what checkabortedinstall does?
04:07 alex obvoiusly checks for an aborted install,
04:07 alex but what does it do if it discovers such?
04:08 alex ok, there's a description in
04:09 alex then if (-e "$etcdir/koha.conf") {
04:09 slef craps out, probably
04:09 slef maybe able to get summaries from the command: perldoc
04:10 alex ok this section is modifying koha.conf and putting the new versonnumber in?
04:10 alex maybe not
04:11 alex just doing some check of a previous version?
04:11 slef should be IIRC
04:11 alex and exiting if already installed?
04:11 slef koha.conf rewrite is later if at all... (might be in upgrader instead)
04:11 slef koha.upgrade even
04:12 alex ok, then does a welcome message to the user
04:12 alex check perl modules
04:13 alex some get.... functions, perhaps asking for user input for stuff
04:13 alex getapacheinfo
04:13 alex yep, this is all given if we assume debian/apache2
04:14 alex btw, I think I am going to target to apache2 and tell the user to sort it out manually if they want something different
04:14 slef I think we may be able to handle debian/apache and debian/apache-ssl in one framework, but maybe not in first package
04:14 alex yes
04:15 alex very much I want to get something that works even though it is not polished or flexable as it coul be
04:15 alex for a first stab
04:15 alex then let bus/requests from others determine where it shoudl be improved
04:16 alex bugs/requests I should say
04:16 alex getinstallationdirectories
04:16 alex this should all be a given for a debian package
04:16 alex getdatabaseinfo
04:17 alex mmm, this needs to be handled post install of course
04:17 alex getapachevhostinfo
04:17 slef that can be debconf'd
04:18 alex yes
04:18 alex webmaster email address, virtual hostname, and the ports
04:18 alex that the OPAC and INTRANET modules run on.
04:19 alex do we need an email address?
04:19 alex does the standard apache2 install have one we could use?
04:19 slef probably not.. it's only used for ServerAdmin
04:19 slef IIRC
04:19 slef Yes, apache2 should have one already
04:20 alex my vanilla apache2 install has - ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
04:21 alex I've been wondering about the setup of the virtualhosts
04:22 alex I'd like to get a "safe" "static" config that works as a base to go from
04:22 alex so i'm thinking
04:23 alex localhost:6722 for opac
04:23 alex and localhost:5642 for intranet
04:23 alex or *:6722 for opac
04:24 alex ocalhost:5642 for intranet
04:24 slef putting intranet on localhost seems a good idea
04:24 alex and of course telling people to change it.
04:24 alex if they need
04:26 alex I like having names like or and
04:27 alex as the virtualhosts, but this relies on dns/name resolution being set up correctly
04:27 alex and is liable to be problematic/difficult or impossible depending on the individual situations
04:28 alex Also I don't know if I would be allowed to include listen directives before the virtualhost directives to tell apache to listen on that port
04:29 alex and whether to automatically enable the virtualhosts
04:29 alex or tell the user to run a2ensite....
04:30 slef probably a final debconf question, defaulting to no
04:30 alex there is a ports.conf with a listen directive
04:30 alex I wonder if there is policy/procedure to modify that file
04:32 slef I think I'd put it in the vhost file
04:32 alex yes, seems sensible
04:33 alex updateapacheconf is next in
04:34 alex which creates the virtualhost conf after getting info from the user
04:34 alex presumably
04:34 alex so this would be largely static in my setup
04:35 alex installfiles is next
04:35 alex which installs the files and creates koha.conf
04:36 alex I want to move files at package build of course and create a koha.conf if necessary post install
04:37 alex BTW, is this script used on upgrade, or does it only generally cater for installs>
04:37 alex ?
04:37 slef installs
04:37 slef there's a koha.upgrade or similar nearby?
04:38 alex yes, there is a koha.upgrade
04:38 alex ok, but they share
04:38 alex makes sense
04:39 alex databasesetup
04:40 alex do we requre cmd line mysql client libs?
04:41 slef yes, at the moment
04:41 alex it looks like uses them rather than using perl db libs
04:41 slef this is one bit that I'm unsure about
04:41 slef should this be done from postinst or from a new web setup screen
04:42 alex so we'll requre a dependancy on mysql-clientxxx
04:42 slef probably postinst for the mysql connection
04:42 alex yes
04:42 slef then web setup for loading the database tables
04:42 slef as there are librarian questions like which MARC tables to load
04:42 slef s/tables/datasets/
04:42 alex this is where i am vague
04:43 alex is it ok to leave that stuff to the web-ui
04:43 alex ie it is possible to do that
04:44 slef it's possible, I think
04:44 slef maybe even a good idea
04:44 slef keep the deb install for sysadmin questions
04:44 slef and try to do all librarian stuff from the web
04:44 alex yes
04:44 slef but we're writing new code
04:44 slef hopefully it will be welcome ;-)
04:44 alex I'll just go through database setup
04:44 slef I guess kados is still asleep
04:45 alex this will be done in postinst (probably)
04:45 slef database setup is a bit screwy
04:45 slef at least last I looked
04:45 slef it loads an old SQL layout
04:45 slef then runs scripts from updater/updatedatabase to modify it
04:45 alex :)
04:46 slef this is something that has been on my 'I should tidy that up' desk for some time
04:46 alex why tidy up when we can load another layer of hacking?
04:47 alex my motto is why do today what I can put off till tomorrow :)
04:47 alex just kidding
04:47 slef it's actually avoiding some hacking
04:47 alex yes
04:47 slef as the updating will be needed for koha.upgrade
04:48 slef but it's not the way I'd choose to do it
04:48 alex no
04:49 alex I wonder if we should run this postinst database setup as a perl script which calls
04:49 alex just a small part of / koha.upgrade?
04:50 alex for the db setup?
04:51 slef not sure
04:51 slef I guess the sysadmin will need to fix problems with the schema
04:52 alex databasesetup itself only creates the db, user, access control
04:52 slef but picking which MARC data to load is a question for a librarian
04:52 alex next in comes updatedatabase, then populatedatabase, paradoxically
04:53 alex updatedatabase "Updates the Koha database structure, including the addition of
04:53 alex MARC tables"
04:53 tumer hdl:??
04:54 hdl yes
04:54 alex but this asks librarian questions: MARC21/UNIMARC....
04:54 slef yeah, I said it was screwy
04:56 alex then populatedatabase "Populate the non-MARC tables."
04:58 alex including setting up branches and printers?
04:59 alex then load more sql stuff
04:59 alex including the "This is a VERY important feature. By selecting the proper options..."
05:00 alex by this stage in the install my eyes had glazed over and I had no idea what I was supposed to be selecting
05:01 alex ok, so of databasesetup, updatedatabase and populatedatabase
05:01 alex databasesetup is the base db setup, no sql loaded
05:01 slef ITYM no data loaded
05:02 alex and it would be ideal if the rest could be done through the web ui
05:02 alex ITYM?
05:02 slef I think you mean
05:02 slef I think the tables and so on should be created in postinst
05:02 slef as the sysadmin will have to handle that if it fails
05:02 slef (do librarians often hack SQL?)
05:03 slef picking MARC, data, branches and printers should be web tasks
05:03 alex I don't know where the table structure gets loaded, I'll try and find it
05:03 slef I think we'll need to mysql_dump a few installer creations
05:04 alex that's another easy way out of course.
05:04 alex just mysqldump an install which is as vanilla as possible and do all further
05:05 alex tweaking by the user through the web-ui
05:06 slef Adding a "load this SQL file" function to the system screens is probably a good idea anyway
05:06 slef Is there a backup/restore tool already?  I forget.
05:06 alex ahh yes, you are right, system("$mysqldir/bin/mysql '-u$user' $database < koha.mysql");
05:06 alex appears in databasesetup
05:07 alex the first part of the db stuff before any q's are asked
05:07 alex so the table structure is there early on
05:08 alex do you mean mysqldump during postinstall?
05:08 alex or do you mean a koha dump script of some kind?
05:09 alex mysql cmd line client should be available in postinstall, we'll make it a dep.
05:09 alex however, the db server may not be online at this stage
05:10 alex so it would be good to have the db initial setup script as a utility external to postinst
05:10 alex so the admin has the ability to run it later if needed
05:11 alex I've found from practice that apt-get install mysql-server random-mysql-webapp
05:11 alex usually fails because the server is not running when webapp does it postinst
05:12 alex my big question is is koha able to run and present an intranet screen with the tables created but no data in it?
05:13 alex I guess I need to try it.
05:14 alex OK, I think I've got plenty to work on, I'll see what I get done in the next few days
05:14 alex Unfortunately I don't actually have any time for it.....:)
05:15 alex I'll post my postinstall/debian dir workings when I get something.
05:27 hdl tumer ?
05:27 dewey tumer is here for a few seconds ;-) or debugging it very fast as it it in use
06:04 tumer hdl:?
06:04 hdl yes
06:04 tumer i chaeched your records it works with me
06:04 hdl I installed zebra-2.0.2, reindexed.
06:05 hdl search for 686$9 works.
06:05 tumer and stop using att 89.. atrributes they are not portable anway
06:05 hdl But now, for authority search, I get a [warn] bib1.att:85: Local attributes not supported
06:06 tumer instead use names for anything not Bib-1
06:06 tumer so thats all use the same names
06:06 hdl tumer: but then, how can I give names ?
06:07 tumer ie.authid, linkid etc
06:07 hdl in record.abs ?
06:07 tumer yes search with @attr 1=koha-auth-number
06:07 hdl and find @attr 1=myname will work ?
06:07 tumer and do not define them in bib-1
06:07 tumer as long as record.abs have it yes
06:08 hdl COOL.
06:08 tumer and its the prefered method for zebra
06:08 hdl I thought it would be a nightmare to maintain 3 different files for search definitions.
06:09 hdl But then for, does it work all the same ?
06:09 tumer i think we have to publish a list of what to use for indexing and al use the same
06:09 hdl DEFINITELY.
06:09 tumer yes will work if you define names in it as well
06:10 hdl but LC and exotic classification would be out of reach.
06:10 tumer ie. auth=koha-auth-number
06:10 tumer no
06:10 hdl (not LC but exotic ones.)
06:10 tumer no check head for koha2index.xml see the names i used there
06:11 tumer you can use the same in record.abs
06:11 tumer i suggest we use global bib-1 for all bibliographic data and koha-fieldnames for anything else
06:12 hdl You removed a big pain in my neck with saying use names....
06:12 hdl Some important information to index cannot be found in Kohafields.
06:12 tumer also check koha_attr table which will remove some more pain
06:13 tumer hdl give me an example of what you mean?
06:14 tumer i search subjects with three differnt attributes lc-subject-heading, subject-heading, subject_subdivision
06:14 hdl imagine I am a multiple branches library
06:14 hdl And I want to trace modification and adding.
06:15 hdl Which library created that biblio.
06:15 hdl So I would use 801$b for instance.
06:15 hdl or 831$b
06:16 tumer i use similar for keeping catalogures id , circulation id, modifiers id
06:16 hdl I definitely will check your work out.
06:16 tumer so all you do is melm 831$b cataloguing-branch
06:16 tumer and serach on it
06:18 tumer koha_attr helps to define catalogures-branch to UNIMARC 831$b and also defines @attr 1=cataloguers branch also defines whether this field is searchable by OPACS as well etc..
06:20 tumer i have commitetd koha_attr table for MARC21 you can modify it for UNIMARC
06:29 hdl thx : will check after lunch
09:06 btoumi kados: are u around
09:10 kados btoumi: yep
09:10 btoumi sorry kados
09:10 btoumi hdl help me
09:11 kados k
09:11 btoumi perahps later i have question about zebra ;=)
09:11 kados :-)
09:35 paul kados : hello. did you get some sleep yesterday ?
09:35 paul how is NPL going ?
09:36 kados paul: so far very well
09:37 kados there are some outstanding bugs
09:37 kados some code was changed between 2.2.4 and 2.2.6/dev_week ... in borrower management, etc.
09:37 kados and the behavior is different than expected
09:38 kados but all in all, things have gone very well so far
09:44 paul kados :
09:44 paul it seems there are 2 new columns in items table :
09:44 paul cutterextra & onloan.
09:45 paul can you explain when & why you introduced them ?
09:45 kados paul: those were added by tumer
09:45 kados onloan keeps track of the date_due of an item
09:46 kados if it's not on loan it should be 0000-00-00
09:46 paul ok, so it's a "date" column
09:46 kados cutterextra has something to do with how NEU does call numbers
09:46 kados paul: it's not a date column
09:46 kados paul: as in mysql date
09:46 kados paul: because it needs to be readable by zebra
09:47 paul what fills it ?
09:47 kados it is filled with the cron job
09:47 kados
09:47 kados wait ...
09:48 kados it's updated on circ too
09:48 kados so ... I will explain
09:49 kados in dev_week, the authoritative items data is in the items table, not in the MARC record
09:49 kados so in circ, biblioitems.marc isnt' updated at all
09:49 kados only issues,reserves,items tables
09:50 kados then ... as often as you want, you can synchronize the items, biblioitems.marc and zebra
09:50 kados with
09:50 kados (which, I need to commit my new copy of)
09:50 kados (I'll do so now)
09:51 kados ok, committed
09:51 kados paul: misc/
09:52 kados it looks like -itemnumber is not implemented yet
09:52 kados I will do so soon
09:52 paul ok, understood.
09:53 paul what is onloan column in your SQL ?
09:53 paul (same question for cutterextra)
09:53 paul i'll add it to updater/updatedatabase
09:53 kados ahh ...
09:53 kados onloan IS a date ;-)
09:53 kados Cutterextra varchar(45)
09:54 paul kados : SAN-OP plans to have a database for tests at the end of the month. I hope we will score the goal, even if with a lot of stress...
09:54 kados my feeling is that it's not impossible
09:55 kados do they plan to use authorities in zebra?
09:55 paul mine too.
09:55 paul yep & hdl is working on them
09:55 kados I have more table changes that I can explain
09:56 kados can I paste them in?
09:56 kados to upgrade NPL I did:
09:56 kados alter table kohanew.biblio add frameworkcode char(4);
09:56 kados alter table kohanew.deletedbiblio add frameworkcode char(4);
09:56 kados update kohanew.biblio,kohanew.marc_biblio set biblio.frameworkcode=marc_biblio.frameworkcode where marc_biblio.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber;
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.biblioitems add marcxml text;
09:57 kados (though not used I think)
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.biblioitems add lcsort varchar(25);
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.biblioitems add ccode varchar(4);
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.items add onloan date;
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.items add Cutterextra varchar(45);
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.issues add issue_date date;
09:57 kados drop table if exists kohanew.marc_word
09:57 kados alter table kohanew.items modify binding tinyint(1) default NULL
09:58 kados (this was done with chris's approval)
09:58 kados alter table kohanew.systempreferences change value value text
09:58 kados alter table kohanew.systempreferences change explanation explanation text
09:59 kados NOOO! :-)
09:59 kados I will explain it in SQL
09:59 kados UPDATE biblioitems set ccode = itemtype;
09:59 kados UPDATE biblioitems set itemtype = "CIRC";
09:59 kados UPDATE biblioitems set itemtype = "NOCI" WHERE ccode IN ("REF","LH","JREF");
09:59 kados UPDATE biblioitems set itemtype = "AVID" WHERE ccode IN ("AV","AVJ","AVJN","AVNF","​DVD","DVDJ","DVDN","DVJN");
09:59 kados UPDATE biblioitems set itemtype = "AVBK" WHERE ccode IN ("AB","ABN","AC","ACN");
10:00 kados UPDATE biblioitems set itemtype = "NOCI" WHERE ccode IN ("REF","LH","JREF");
10:00 kados in many libraries, the 'material type' is not the same as 'circ rules'
10:01 kados and the only thing material type is used for is searching
10:01 kados so ... it's better to have ccode and itemtype, ccode is 'material type' and itemtype is 'circ rules'
10:01 kados paul: does that make sense?
10:03 kados hehe
10:03 paul yes, that really makes sense & seems highly interesting.
10:03 hdl already here.
10:04 paul read previous explanations about CCODE, that seems really interesting to me.
10:04 kados in fact, later this month, I must develop a solution for another library that needs two levels of 'circulation rules' ... one at record level and one at item level ... so I will be adding items.itemtype as well
10:04 paul couldn't you use ccode another way ?
10:04 kados and I may move biblioitems.itemtype to biblioitems.biblioitemtype (as it should have been already)
10:05 kados do you have an idea?
10:05 paul because if CCODE = itemtype, then you've got what you need.
10:05 paul if I don't mind
10:05 paul (i mean : the list of available Ccode = the list of itemtypes)
10:06 kados I don't follow
10:06 kados ccode != itemtype
10:07 paul differents fields, but if you set them to have the same values in them.
10:07 paul mmm... no I understand your problem
10:07 kados do you mean biblioitems.ccode and biblioitems.itemtype?
10:07 kados what we need is:
10:07 kados biblioitems.biblioitemtype (circ rules)
10:07 kados biblioitems.ccode (collection code)
10:07 kados (material type)
10:08 kados items.itemtype (circ rules)
10:08 kados items.itemtype overrides biblioitems.biblioitemtype
10:08 kados so you can set circ rules on the whole record ... and also on individual items
10:09 kados regardless of the collection code or material type
10:09 kados I consider what I did for NPL to be a poor hack
10:10 kados that I will fix in dev_week in late October or early november
10:10 kados paul: also, you may enjoy this:[…]meters-from-uris/
10:11 paul the other difficulty being to have something quick & easy to set for libraries that want something basic...
10:11 kados for such a library, they can just use biblioitem.itemtype
10:11 kados well ...
10:11 kados biblioitems.biblioitemtype
10:11 kados the rest are optional
10:14 kados paul: does that make sense?
10:14 paul yes, really
10:15 kados if I'm able to comprehend the code, I'll be working on this in a week or so
10:15 kados otherwise, I may ask for help ;-)
10:30 kados by the way, NPL's modest one-processor machine, with only 4 gigs of ram:
10:30 kados load average: 0.60, 0.41, 0.35
10:30 kados compared to rel_2_2 which runs at average of 6-7 throughout the day
10:30 kados and more during busy days ;-)
10:30 kados zebra++
10:31 kados removing_date_manip++
10:31 kados paul: it seems you undid what changes I made by removing date_manip
10:31 paul ???
10:32 kados I saw commit where date::manip was put back into rel_3_0
10:32 paul not from me, but from toins maybe.
10:32 kados I would prefer it be removed and any function that you need be reimplemneted
10:33 paul I agree we want to get rid of Date::Manip.
10:33 paul toins will investigate when he has a chance
10:33 kados Date::Calc is what I used in
10:33 toins kados, there are a lot of script which use ParseDate from Date::Manip
10:33 kados it has many nice features
10:33 kados toins: parsedate could be reimplemented in Date::Calc quite easily
10:33 toins yep sure
10:33 kados without all the overhead
10:34 kados even adding 'use Date::Manip' to your code means about 80% more proc for circ
10:34 kados based on my testes
10:34 toins i have put back Date::Manip only for test in circulation
10:34 kados tests even :-)
10:34 toins wow...
10:35 toins kados, do you still used in dev_week ?
10:35 kados toins: not for circ
10:35 toins ok
10:45 paul kados ?
10:45 dewey i heard kados was becoming a true Perl Monger...
10:46 paul why did you write :
10:46 paul alter table kohanew.biblioitems add marcxml text;
10:46 paul (though not used I think)
10:46 paul you don't use marcxml in dev_week ?
10:46 paul because we use it a lot in rel_3_0
10:46 paul (& we don't use raw marc)
10:47 kados I use biblioitems.marc
10:47 paul mmm... we will have to decide which one we use...
10:47 paul marcxml is nice, because it's easy to edit a wrong XML record
10:47 paul iso is nice because it's small
10:48 kados yep
10:48 kados I think in rel_3_0 marcxml is the right choice
10:49 paul that sound nice to my ears ;-)

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