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12:05 kados paul: I am now
13:04 cm kados: so is dev_week working with npl's templates?
13:07 kados cm: yep, the core functions work
13:08 kados cm: having trouble with something in particular?
13:08 kados cm: IMO, you guys should re-implement the ccfls templates in css and just use NPL
13:09 kados cm: so you don't have to maintain your own templates (quite a task!)
13:09 cm yeah! i agree.  don't know if Kyle will, though.  ;)
13:09 cm i am having trouble.  I updated yesterday, and I can't get search results anymore.
13:10 cm i'm using npl's opac template at the moment, & once I figured out how to get to the search page
13:10 cm (the links seem to be to /search instead of just 'search', so it was going outside of the cgi-bin)
13:10 kados cm: the search API was adjusted, you'll need to re-index
13:11 cm I did that yesterday, too.
13:11 kados ahh ... forgot to mention that
13:11 kados you'll need  ScriptAlias directive
13:11 kados ScriptAlias /search /cgi-bin/koha/search
13:11 cm in httpd.conf or somesuch?
13:11 kados in your opac virtual host apache conf
13:11 cm ok
13:12 kados then reload or restart apache
13:12 cm alright.  thanks.
13:12 cm I'm also getting this when I try searching:
13:13 cm You did not specify any search criteria. Can't call method "size" on an undefined value at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 2903.
13:13 kados yep ... you need to re-index with the new conf files I bet
13:13 cm ok.
14:49 cm kados: looks like I'm getting the same results. :/
14:50 cm you were talking about the config files in zebraplugin/etc & zebraplugin/zebradb, right?
14:52 kados cm: how large is your file?
14:53 cm 1069
14:53 kados the one you need is 39418
14:53 cm quite a difference!
14:54 kados :-)
14:54 cm is it in dev_week, or the ones tumer just committed?
14:54 kados looks like it's not in dev_week, I"ll commit mine now
14:54 cm ok
14:56 thd kados:[…]ication:resources is now posted.
14:57 kados cm: ok, update the zebraplugin/ file
14:58 kados thd: that document needs an attribution statement
15:00 kados thd: and it'd be worth posting a note to the list about it
15:00 kados thd: that looks like it was a ton of work -- nice job
15:00 thd kados: I know that attribution is not necessary but I thought that other people with different comments about the resources might add their own in parallel rather than always overwriting the existing one.
15:01 kados cm: I thought for sure I had already committed that ccl file ... I think paul and hdl have seen it already ... but I don't see it anywhere else :/
15:01 kados cm: you will need to update your record.abs, bib1.att, default.idx, and .chr files too to get all the benefits of the new API
15:01 thd kados: Somehow it does not look like much work but I know in fact it was about two weeks work.
15:03 cm thanks, kados.  what's the commit date on those? the 24th?
15:03 thd I had to inspect all the material I found to comment properly on the content and I had not seen much of the elementary material
15:05 kados cm: looks like Sep 18 to me
15:05 kados cm: top of bib1:
15:05 kados # $Id: bib1.att,v 2006/09/18 20:02:47 kados Exp $
15:07 thd kados: maybe we could add the nice template or whatever dokuwiki calls it for the namespace.  Although, the justification problem itself is not very evident with that exact content at my screen resolution.
15:07 cm i have the right one, then.  it's probably just the ccl.  Thanks!
15:08 kados thd: Stephen and I have been conspiring to switch to MediaWiki soon
15:08 kados thd: so your formatting problems will soon be resolved :-)
15:08 kados thd: MediaWiki is the wiki used by Wikipedia
15:09 thd kados: the template that I refered to makes DokuWiki look somewhat like mediawiki
15:12 thd kados: I have examined the pros and cons of DokuWiki vs MediaWiki and they are really very close if you take all the plugins into consideration.  MediaWiki will probably always be ahead for most features merely because of the popularity.
15:12 thd of Wikipedia
15:14 thd kados: The only significant deficit I found for DokuWiki is locking the whole page even if editing just a portion of the page and the lack of a scheme to resolve edit conflicts so that locking is required.
15:17 thd kados: I think the biggest advantage to MediaWiki is that more people will be likely to contribute if they are already familiar with the slightly different MediaWiki syntax.
15:38 thd kados: are you still there?
02:32 btoumi hi all
02:41 hdl chris around ?
02:46 toins hello all
09:03 cm kados: reindexing didn't work; I think it couldn't find the ccl file. I'm getting an error about it in the logs:
09:03 cm prob ZOOM error 10013 "CCL configuration error" (addinfo: "no 'cclqual' or 'cclfile' specified") from diag-set 'ZOOM' at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 2887., referer:
09:13 kados cm: right ...
09:13 kados cm: you probably need to update your koha.xml
09:13 kados cm: lemme check that I committed that
09:14 cm I think the one i'm using is from Aug 4.
09:14 paul hi kados & cm
09:14 cm hi paul.  :)
09:15 hdl hi kados & cm & tumer
09:15 tumer hi hdl paul cm &kados
09:15 cm hi hdl, & tumer. & kados too, of course
09:15 kados hehe
09:16 kados this is getting out of hand :-)
09:16 cm yup.  paul:  how's the weather in Marseille?
09:17 paul very nice, thanks.
09:17 tumer kados: in head i have used <ccl2rpn> in koha.xml for describing the ccl.proprties file may be u use the same?
09:17 paul today, my 1st son is 11 !!!
09:17 kados hmmm ... someone added # comments to koha.xml
09:17 tumer happy birthday junior paul
09:17 kados paul: congrats :-)
09:17 kados tumer: I had to create another element to do that
09:18 kados tumer: because zebra was complaining about an unknown element
09:18 tumer yes another elemet called <ccl2rpn>
09:18 tumer under config
09:18 tumer where koha elements are
09:18 kados but that's not quite ideal
09:19 tumer ?
09:19 hdl happy bday Simon
09:19 kados what I did was:
09:19 kados <serverinfo id="biblioserver">
09:19 kados    <ccl2rpn>/koha/etc/</ccl2rpn>
09:19 kados <user><password>
09:19 kados </serverinfo>
09:19 kados that way, the biblioserver can have a different ccl file than others
09:19 kados and you can put any Z39.50 server you want in the koha.xml and it'll work
09:19 tumer oh i see
09:20 kados I'll commit mine now
09:20 kados tumer: I also updated in dev_week
09:20 cm cool.  :)
09:20 kados tumer: Zconn_auth is no longer needed
09:20 kados cm: committed
09:20 tumer i havent been looking dev week
09:21 cm kados: thanks! i'll try it out.
09:21 tumer i use PQF in forms u know
09:22 kados :(
09:22 tumer i think you are passing parameters to it and using only one
09:22 kados tumer: ?
09:23 tumer zconn can do both isnt that it?
09:23 kados tumer: yes
09:23 tumer cool
09:23 kados and it can handle paramaters regarding the connection, including piggyback
09:23 kados which can make for very fast query so long as you don't need relevance ranking and stemming
09:24 kados or field weighting
09:24 dewey well, field weighting is really powerful!
09:24 tumer kados:i noticed cause you by mistake committed to head
09:24 kados I did?
09:25 kados is savannah acting up?
09:25 tumer kados: yes to
09:25 kados cuz I don't even have a head repo on my dev_week box
09:25 kados don't see how I could have committed to head
09:25 tumer well your name was on the change log
09:26 kados very weird
09:26 paul cvs goes booboo another time ?
09:26 kados paul: it seems like savanna cvs is confused :-)
09:27 tumer kados: the reason i am using PQF in forms is because its the fastest.
09:27 tumer kados: ut i created a form to accept any raw query in any format as well
09:27 kados tumer: yes, but you miss out on all the query transformations for field weighting, ranking, and stemming
09:28 tumer i dont have to just did not have time for it
09:28 tumer PQF supports that as well
09:29 kados tumer: it's not something that one or another query langauge supports
09:29 kados tumer: you have to take an incoming query, parse it into a multi-tree query, then hand it to zebra
09:29 tumer its zebra feature right?
09:29 kados tumer: no
09:29 kados tumer: it's something I wrote
09:29 kados tumer: to see it in action, search on 'it' here:
09:30 cm kados: it worked. thanks!
09:30 kados tumer: the books with 'it' as the only thing in the title come up first
09:30 kados cm: great!
09:30 kados ok... I will be back in 15 minutes
09:43 paul kados back ?
09:46 paul toins & hdl & paul would be pleased to ask a question to kados when he comes back...
10:02 paul kados : i've sent a mail on koha-devel, let us know when you are back
10:36 kados paul: I'll read your email
10:37 paul it's really strange : on this side of the ocean, you needed 66 mn to be back, not 15. Is it possible that there is a black hole or a 4th dimension line between us ?
10:37 kados paul: meeting went over scheduled time :-)
10:37 kados sorry about that :-)
10:38 paul it was just a joke ;-)
10:38 kados OK, I"ll respond on koha-devel
10:38 paul & don't be afraid, in France, it's the same. It's only in switzerland it seems that when someone tells you "it will last X hours", it last X hours :-D
10:39 kados hehe
10:39 paul (is switzerland as famous for their clocks in US as they are in France ?)
10:39 kados yes!
10:40 paul sounds like an explanation so...
10:51 kados paul: response sent
11:05 paul response to response sent
11:05 kados paul: in fact, intranet interface is done too ... but I haven't committed it :-)
11:05 kados paul: I will do so now
11:05 paul great news !
11:05 toins oh yeah !
11:05 paul so almost everything is done, really nice to read...
11:05 kados not to say there aren't gaps :-)
11:06 paul maybe we could give a hand for authorities ?
11:06 kados only the minimum requirements of liblime clients work
11:06 kados yes ... authorities need to be tested
11:06 hdl yes.
11:06 kados according to tumer, they work
11:06 kados but I haven't had a chance to test as NPL doesn't use authorities
11:06 paul right, but you heavily documented your code and not so  many things are missing for unimarc i think
11:06 paul on dev_week you commited some things on ?
11:07 paul or is it only on head ?
11:07 kados I don't know ...
11:07 paul tumer ?
11:07 dewey rumour has it tumer is here for a few seconds ;-) or debugging it very fast as it it in use
11:07 tumer what is committed to head regarding authoritiesmarc is dev_week stuff
11:08 tumer changes to ModBiblio and so on
11:08 paul thanks tumer. so it's not cleaned as right ?
11:08 tumer and cvs says kados did it
11:08 tumer nope
11:09 paul ok, it's clear now.
11:09 paul kados : there's no need for you to have this done on dev_week, right ?
11:09 kados paul: right
11:09 kados paul: but I may have done it while cleaning
11:09 kados paul: to make sure nothing was broken
11:09 kados I did many things last weeknd, can't remember all of them :-)
11:09 paul if you didi it, you didn't commit it.
11:11 kados hmm ... maybe it ended up in head
11:12 kados the version on my dev_week box is:
11:12 kados # $Id:,v 1.33 2006/09/24 20:00:51 kados Exp $
11:12 paul grrr...
11:12 kados wow ... in my entries file it is in head?!?!
11:12 kados wtf?
11:13 paul (toins neither)
11:13 tumer neither i
11:13 paul I also never recieved a mail for the commit you did yesterday with improved koha.xml file
11:13 kados really?!?!
11:13 kados I got one!
11:13 paul really !
11:14 kados something strange going on with our cvs?
11:14 kados ok, I've re-committed
11:14 kados let's see if it works
11:14 kados no!!!
11:14 kados it's still listed as HEAD
11:14 kados wtf
11:15 hdl Maybe is listed as HEAD in your CVS Entry file.
11:15 kados yes, but how?
11:16 kados it seems there are many differences
11:16 toins cat CVS/Tag ?
11:16 kados between dev_week and HEAD
11:16 kados maybe you guys can figure out which is best?
11:16 kados I can email you my version
11:17 kados well ... nothing is really changed I think
11:17 tumer head will not work with dev_week
11:17 kados tumer: right
11:17 kados tumer: so I'm sorry, I seem to have committed to head without meaning to
11:17 toins i ever some pb with cvs between rel_3_0 & head too
11:17 paul cvs has problems, we don't need this ... :-(
11:18 toins s/ever/ever have/
11:18 kados paul/hdl/toins: for dev_week to work with authorities, I think all that needs fixed is the subroutine calls need to be adjusted with the new changes
11:18 kados but I haven't tested
11:19 paul no prob, hdl will take care of it next week, ok HDL ?
11:20 hdl I note that.
11:20 paul ok, so, at the end of next week we will have a rel_3_0 with zebra working !
11:21 paul sound this challenge possible toins & hdl ?
11:21 paul (knowing i won't help you, as i'll be in Paris)
11:22 hdl This is challenging.
11:23 paul ok, i'll send a mail to SAN-OP now !
11:30 toins hi Sylvinho
11:30 paul tiens, un autre marseillais !
11:30 paul va sur #koha-fr pour le chanel en VF.
11:31 paul (or speak english if you stay here ;-) )
11:31 Sylvinho hi men
11:31 Sylvinho :p
11:31 toins wowo
11:31 toins wow
11:49 Sylvinho bye

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