IRC log for #koha, 2006-09-29

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Time S Nick Message
18:41 thd kados: are you there?
19:03 thd kados: are you there?
19:04 thd dewey: are you asleep?
19:04 dewey thd: wish i knew
02:39 osmoze hello
07:54 toins morning kados
08:06 kados morning toins
08:59 toins hi tumer
08:59 dewey hmmm... hi tumer is still strugling
08:59 tumer hi toins
08:59 tumer i am over strugling dewey
09:00 tumer toins:is it you or paul working on acqui
09:01 toins tumer: we don't working on acqui...
09:02 toins i work on the opac, with the new search API
09:02 tumer cause i have heavily modified it in head
09:02 toins yep i know
09:02 toins i 've seen your commit
09:03 toins tumer: you think it's could be good to sync it with rel_3_0 ?
09:03 tumer i think so, its more real life scenario of ordering books
09:03 toins okay...
09:04 toins paul ?
09:04 dewey rumour has it paul is preparing to issue a release while the NPL templates are not working for the record editor now
09:05 tumer toins:also with the new search API check head as well, cause you will need to use a table for facets and i have already koha_attr table which i use
09:18 hdl hi
09:18 dewey privet, hdl
09:19 hdl tumer
09:19 hdl Just to say hello
09:26 tumer hi hdl
10:38 paul_away kados around ?

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